Eshhad Quarterly Trend Report: April – June 2017

Eshhad documented 24 incidents in the second quarter of 2017. Of the 24 incidents documented, 21 incidents were against Christians, one incident targeted a Shi’a Muslim, and two incidents that involved both Sunni Muslims and Christians.

This quarter, 81 people were killed in sectarian violence compared to 15 deaths the previous quarter; the highest recorded during any quarter since Eshhad began documenting (Figure 1).

Notable developments from the report include:

  • In the second quarter of 2017, seven of the 27 incidents documented occurred in Minya and four in Cairo. Only one incident was recorded in Arish, North Sinai.
  • This quarter, an equal number of incidents were recorded under the incident type abductions and disappearances, bombings, and shootings.
  • Abductions and disappearances continue to be the highest documented incident type overall since August 2013.
  • Non-state actors carry out a vast majority of sectarian incidents. Of the 534 total incidents recorded since Eshhad began documenting, state actors directly carried out 75 of the incidents (14%) and non-state actors carried out 459 (86%).
  • Seven of the 21 incidents perpetrated by non-state actors were claimed by either the Islamic State in Egypt or Wilayat Sinai, compared with ten incidents last quarter.

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