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6/4/13Seven Copts Attacked on the Way to Deir al-Moharraq, Assiut6/4/13ChristianUnknownAssaultIndividual0700QusiyyahAssiutEgyptSeven Coptic Christians were assaulted on their way to visit the Moharraq Monastery in Qusiyyah, Assiut. They were rushed to the Assiut University Hospital amid rising tensions surrounding the Monastery.
7/6/13Coptic Priest, Mina Aboud Sharween, Killed in Front of Church in Arish7/6/13ChristianUnknownShootingIndividual1000ArishNorth SinaiEgyptFather Mina Aboud Sharween was shot dead in Arish, North Sinai
8/12/13Archangel and St. Anthony Church Attacked After Dispute Over a Speed Bump Escalates8/12/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningShootingHouse of Worship0700al-WastaBeni SuefEgyptA dispute arose between Fawzy Abu Saad Rizkallaha and a Muslim neighbor over the placement of a speed bump in front of Fawzy's home. The conflict escalated and Archangel and St. Anthony Church was partially burned, Fawzy's house was shot at, and several other homes were destroyed. The names of the homeowners are: Hanna Abdel Malak, Rushdie Korani Makarios, Diwan Nasrallah Abadir, Said Kamel Said, Sedki Asaad, heirs of Ayub Abdullah, Emad Attia Elias and Nasr Zarif Nasr.
8/14/13Coptic High School for Boys in Minya Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningEducational Institution0000MinyaMinyaEgyptCoptic High School for Boys in Minya Burned
8/14/13Franciscan School Burned in Suez Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningEducational Institution0000SuezSuezEgyptMembers of the Muslim brotherhood attacked and burned down a Franciscan School, the Church of the Good Shepherd, several cars, as well as an army tank using molotov cocktails. The church is part of the School. The nuns and teachers at the school claimed that although they tried contacting the police they were left without the presence of any security forces.
8/14/13Stones Launched at St. George Church in Alexandria8/14/13ChristianUnknownAttempted AttackHouse of Worship1000MontazaAlexandriaEgyptStones launched at the Great Martyr Mar Girgis Church in Alexandria (St. George). Ramy Zakaria allegedly was killed during this event. Seventy-one alleged members of the Muslim Brotherhood were arrested and referred to the Alexandria Criminal Court. The first hearing was 24 September 2014, which was adjourned until 20 October 2014.
8/14/13St. George Church in Arish, North Sinai Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000ArishNorth SinaiEgyptSt. George Church in Arish, North Sinai attacked
8/14/13Church and Monastery of the Good Shepherd Burned in Molotov Attack8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000AssiutAssiutEgyptMembers of the Muslim brotherhood attacked and burned down a Franciscan School, the Church of the Good Shepherd, several cars, as well as an army tank using molotov cocktails. The church is part of the School. The nuns and teachers at the school claimed that although they tried contacting the police they were left without the presence of any security forces.,-schools,-institutions,-shops-torched-by-the-Muslim-Brotherhood-in-the-last-three-days-28764.html
8/14/13Angel Michael Church in Assiut Attacked and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000AssiutAssiutEgyptAssailants threw stones and lit fire to the Angel Michael Church in Assuit
8/14/13St. George Coptic Orthodox Church in Assiut Attacked and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000AssiutAssiutEgyptSt. George Coptic Church in Assiut was attacked and burned. The video has been downloaded and preserved with Eshhad.
8/14/13Al-Eslah Church in Assiut Attacked and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000AssiutAssiutEgyptAl-Eslah Church was attacked and burned on Yousra Raghib street in Assiut.
8/14/13Adventist Church in Assuit Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000AssiutAssiutEgyptAssailants lit fire to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Assuit
8/14/13The Altar in St. Therese Church in Assiut Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000AssiutAssiutEgyptAssailants attacked St. Therese Church in Assiut and burned it down. Videos and photos preserved and downloaded.
8/14/13Apostles Church in Assiut Attacked and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000AssiutAssiutEgyptAssailants attacked Apostles Church in Assiut and burned it down.
8/14/13Holy Revival Church in Assiut Attacked and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000AssiutAssiutEgyptAssailants attacked Holy Revival Church in Assiut and burned it down.
8/14/13Qusiyyah Diocese and Church Surrounded 8/14/13ChristianUnknownAttempted AttackHouse of Worship0000QusiyyahAssiutEgyptH.G. Bishop Thomas of Qusiyyah, Assiut reported that militants had surrounded the diocese of Qusiyyah and had thrown stones and chanted hostile cheers but there was no further damage.
8/14/13St. John’s Church Attacked and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000AbnoubAssiutEgyptSt. John's (Mar Yohanna) Church attacked and burned in Assiut.
8/14/13Attempted Attack on the Coptic Orthodox Diocese in Abu Tig, Assiut8/14/13ChristianUnknownAttempted AttackHouse of Worship0000Abu TigAssiutEgyptAttempted attack on the the Abu Tig Diocese in Abu Tig, Assiut.
8/14/13Attempted Attack on St Fatima Basilica in Heliopolis, Cairo8/14/13ChristianUnknownAttempted AttackLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000HeliopolisCairoEgyptAttempted attack on St Fatima Basilica in Heliopolis, Cairo,-schools,-institutions,-shops-torched-by-the-Muslim-Brotherhood-in-the-last-three-days-28764.html
8/14/13Two Floors in the Virgin Mary Orthodox Church Burned in Giza8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000KerdasaGizaEgyptTwo floors of the Virgin Mary Church in Kerdasa, Giza was burned. UPDATE August 6, 2015: Lawyers for those found guilty in the 2013 attack on the Virgin Mary church in Kerdasa have filed an appeal on behalf of 44 of the 71 defendants, stating that they were charged with crimes they did not commit. The Court of Cassation has not decided whether it will accept the appeal or not. Originally the Giza Criminal Court, headed by Judge Mahammed Naji Shehata, had given life sentences to all 69 defendants, and ten year sentences to 2 underage defendants, on charges of breaking into and burning the church.
8/14/13Church of the Virgin Mary Surrounded and Attacked with Stones in Kafr Abdou8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000October 6 CityGizaEgyptThe Virgin Mary Church surrounded and attacked with stones in Kafr Abdou, October 6 City in Giza.
8/14/13The Virgin Mary Church in al-Nazlah, Fayoum Attacked and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000Yousif al-SadeekFayoumEgyptThe Old Virgin Mary Church in al-Nazlah, Fayoum Attacked and Burned
8/14/13Amir Tadros Church and Monastery Attacked and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0100Yousif al-Sadeek/IbshwayFayoumEgyptAmir Tadros (Amir Tawadros/St. Theodore) Church Attacked and Burned. Monastery was attacked and burned down. Brotherhood supporters seemed to have prevented the fire brigade from entering.
8/14/13Franciscan Church Burned in Suez Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000SuezSuezEgyptThe Franciscan Church was burned on Road July 23, Suez
8/14/13Archangel Michael Church Attacked and Set on Fire in Giza8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0001KerdasaGizaEgyptAttackers set the Archangel Michael Church on fire while people were inside, however no one was trapped, and all escaped through the back door. Some youth attempted to fight off the attackers and were beaten, however no one was seriously injured. There was no security present and attackers allegedly prevented fire trucks from reaching the church. Later a man named Saber Farahat was accused and arrested for this crime.
8/14/13Church of the Virgin Mary and Father Abraam Burned in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000Deir MawasMinyaEgyptAlleged burning of the Church of the Virgin and St. Abraam by "brotherhood" and "Isalmists" in the village of Abu Mawas in Minya. The church was "demolished."
8/14/13St. Mina Church in Minya Attacked and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0001MinyaMinyaEgyptSt. Mina Church in the south of Minya burned along with a medical center.
8/14/13Baptist Church Attacked and Set on Fire in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000Beni MazarMinyaEgyptBaptisit Church in Beni Mazar, Minya was attacked and set on fire. There is little information on the perpetrators.
8/14/13Deir Mawas Bisopheric Attacked and Partially Destroyed in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000Deir MawasMinyaEgyptThe Bishopric of Minya confirmed that the church of St. Mary, which serves as the Bishop's residence in Dier Mawas, was attacked and partially distroyed.
8/14/13Jesuit Fathers Church and School Attacked With Stones in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000MinyaMinyaEgyptThe Jesuit Fathers Church, which also houses a school, was attacked with stones.
8/14/13St. Mark Catholic Church Attacked with Stones in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000MinyaMinyaEgyptSt. Mark Catholic Church attacked and stones thrown at it.
8/14/13St. Joseph Nunnery Burned in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000MinyaMinyaEgyptSt. Joseph Nunnery Burned in Minya
8/14/13Evangelical Church in Beni Mazar Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000MinyaMinyaEgyptEvangelical Church in Beni Mazar, Minya Burned
8/14/13Anba Mousa Church Burned in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000MinyaMinyaEgyptAnba Mousa Church burned
8/14/13Apostles Church and the Medical Center Associated with the Church Burned in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000MinyaMinyaEgyptThe Apostles Church and the Medical Center Associated With the Church Burned
8/14/13Attempted Burning of Salvation of the Souls Church in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownAttempted AttackHouse of Worship0000MinyaMinyaEgyptAttempted burning of the Salvation of the Souls Church in Minya
8/14/13Attempted Burning of St. John's Church in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownAttempted AttackHouse of Worship0000MinyaMinyaEgyptAttempted burning of St. John's Church in Minya
8/14/13Attempted Attack on Virgin Mary Church in Qena8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000QenaQenaEgyptAn attempted attack on the Virgin Mary Church was prevented by security forces. The church had been attacked with molotov cocktails.
8/14/13St. George Church and the Diocesan Office Attacked and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000SohagSohagEgyptSt. George Church and the Diocesan Office attacked and burned by unknown assailants
8/14/13Virgin Mary and Father Abram Church Attacked and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000SohagSohagEgyptVirgin Mary and Father Abram Church Attacked and Burned
8/14/13St. Mark Church and Community Center Attacked and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000SohagSohagEgyptSt. Mark Church and the community center were attacked and burned in Sohag.
8/14/13Virgin Mary Church in Sohag Attacked and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000SohagSohagEgyptVirgin Mary Church in Sohag Attacked and Burned
8/14/13St. Saviours Anglican Church in Suez Attacked and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000SuezSuezEgyptSt. Saviors Anglican Church in Suez was attacked and burned.
8/14/13Good Shepherd Monastery and Hospital Attacked and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000SuezSuezEgyptThe Holy Shepherd Monastery and Hospital was attacked and burned by unknown assailants.
8/14/13Greek Orthodox Church Attacked and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000SuezSuezEgyptThe Greek Catholic Church was attacked and burned by unknown assailants.
8/14/13Amir Tadros Church in Minya Fully Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000Minya MinyaEgyptThe Amir Tadros Church in Minya City was looted and fully burned and destroyed. Reports that the police did not take any action to prevent the violence.
8/14/13Church of the Virgin Mary Burned in al-Mansoureya, Giza8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000ImbabaGizaEgyptThe Virgin Mary Church in al-Mansoureya, Imbaba, Giza was attacked and burned by unknown assailants.
8/14/13Church of the Virgin Mary Burned in al-Omraneya, Giza8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000GizaGizaEgyptThe Virgin Mary Church in al-Omraneya, Giza was attacked and burned by unknown assailants.
8/14/13The Reformed Church (Nahdet al-Qadasa) in Assiut Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000AssiutAssiutEgyptThe Nahdet al-Qadasa church was attacked and burned in Assiut
8/14/13Abu Seifein Church Attacked in Ezbet al-Nekhl, Cairo8/14/13ChristianUnknownAttempted AttackHouse of Worship1Many00Ezbet al-NekhlQalyubiaEgyptChurch attacked in Ezbet al-Nekhl in Cairo. Fawzy Moreed was shot to death in the attack.
8/14/13Attempted Attack on the Church of the Virgin Mary in Maadi, Cairo8/14/13ChristianUnknownAttempted AttackHouse of Worship0000MaadiCairoEgyptAttempted attack on the Virgin Mary Coptic Church in Maadi by a march of protestors; Muslim neighbors helped to intervene to protect the property
8/14/13St. Mina Church in Giza Attacked and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000GizaGizaEgyptSt. Mina Church in Giza attacked by unknown assailants.
8/14/13The Martyrs Church in Sol Village in Atfeeh, Giza was surrounded and attacked with stones8/14/13ChristianUnknownMobbingAttempted AttackHouse of Worship0000AtfeehGizaEgyptThe Martyrs Church in Sol Village in Atfeeh, Giza was surrounded and attacked with stones
8/14/13Church of the Virgin Mary Attacked With Stones in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000Minya MinyaEgyptChurch of the Virgin Mary Attacked With Stones
8/14/13Third Evangelical Church Burned and Looted in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000Minya MinyaEgyptThird Evangelical Church Burned and Looted
8/14/13St. George Catholic Church Attacked in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship1000Deir MawasMinyaEgyptCoptic Catholic church of St. George in Delga was accosted and burned down by an angry mob. The priest of the church, Fr. Ayoub Joseph called on authorities for help with no response. Fr. Ayoub stated that the thugs murdered one of his parishoners, Eskandar Doss.
8/14/13Attempted Attack on St. Mina Church in Beni Mazar, Minya 8/14/13ChristianUnknownAttempted AttackHouse of Worship0000Beni MazarMinyaEgyptAttempted attack on St. Mina Church in Beni Mazar, Minya. A fire was contained but the church was looted. This is the third attack on the church: one in 2006 and two in 2013.
8/14/13Franciscan School and Church Burned in Beni Suef Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000Beni SuefBeni SuefEgyptThe Franciscan School and Church was burned in Beni Suef
8/14/13Angel Michael Church in Tanta, Gharbeya Attacked8/14/13ChristianUnknownAttempted AttackHouse of Worship0000TantaGharbiyaEgyptRocks thrown at Angel Michael Church on Hekma Street in Tanta, Gharbiya, but were chased off by the police. They then returned with firearms to attack again but were met with a local group of Christian youth who had gathered to protect the church. They then left.
8/14/13Evangelical Church on Army Road in Suez Attacked and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000SuezSuezEgyptThe Evangelical Church in Suez was Attacked and Burned
8/14/13St. George Church in al-Wasta Beni Suef Attacked8/14/13ChristianUnknownAttempted AttackLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000al-WastaBeni SuefEgyptOn August 14 2013, a group of protestors attempted to assault St. George's church in Beni Suef but were prevented by local residents. Five days earlier, "a Christian organization" in Al-Wasta was torched. The "Christian organization" referred to is Archangel Church which was partially burned down along with the homes of 7 Christians in the village. Four of the homes were completely burned down. This incident occurred due to a dispute over the placement of a speed bump by a Christian in front of his home which angered a Muslim neighbor. The names of the homeowners are: Hanna Abdel Malak, Rushdie Korani Makarios, Diwan Nasrallah Abadir, Said Kamel Said, Sedki Asaad, heirs of Ayub Abdullah, Emad Attia Elias and Nasr Zarif Nasr.
8/14/13Evangelical Church in al-Zorby, Fayoum Attacked and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000TamiyaFayoumEgyptThe Evangelical Church in al-Zorby Village, Fayoum was attacked and burned
8/14/13Amir Tadros Church in Daseya, Fayoum Attacked and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000FayoumFayoumEgyptThe Amir Tadros Church in Daseya, Fayoum was attacked and burned
8/14/13Church of the Virgin Mary Attacked in Tameya, Fayoum8/14/13ChristianUnknownAttempted AttackHouse of Worship0000TamiyaFayoumEgyptThe church was attacked but residents of the village confronted the assailants. Molotov cocktails were thrown at Reverend Raphael Sami's home.
8/14/13New Church of the Virgin Attacked in al-Nazlah, Fayoum8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000Yousif al-SadeekFayoumEgyptAttackers burned several cars outside of the church as well. "Dozens" of muslim brotherhood members attacked two churches in the village of Youssef El Sedik. Villagers tried resisting but were unable to stop the attackers. Contents of the churches were smashed. Members of the Muslim Brotherhood attacked the church and smashed up the inside as well as destroyed the water pipes. There was a "complete absence of the army and police."
8/14/13Attempted Attack on the Diocese of St. Paul in Tanta8/14/13ChristianUnknownAttempted AttackHouse of Worship0000TantaGharbiyaEgyptAn attempted attack on St. Paul Church in Tanta, Gharbeya was thwarted by local residents and police efforts
8/14/13Karmet al-Rosul, Coptic Diocese in Atfeeh Giza Attacked8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000AtfeehGizaEgyptThe Coptic Diocese (Karmet al-Rosul Church) in Atfeeh, Giza was attacked and lit on fire
8/14/13Unsubstantiated Rumors of Attack on Father Maximus Church in Alexandria8/14/13ChristianUnknownRumorHouse of Worship0000MontazaAlexandriaEgyptRumors that St. Maximos and St. Domadious Church in al-Asafra, Alexandria was attacked turned out to be false. A local group of residents formed a popular committee to guard the church. Some sources claim that stones were thrown at the church while others refute that claim.
8/14/13Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Suez Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000SuezSuezEgyptThe Good Shepherd/Holy Shepherd Church in Suez attacked and burned by unknown assailants
8/14/13The Virgin Mary Church in Saf, Giza attacked with stones8/14/13ChristianUnknownMobbingAttempted AttackHouse of Worship0000GizaGizaEgyptThe Virgin Mary Church in Saf, Giza attacked with stones
8/14/13The Priest of the St. George Church in Beni Suef Attacked with Stones8/14/13ChristianUnknownAssaultIndividual0100al-WastaBeni SuefEgyptThe priest of the St. George Church in Beni Suef was attacked with stones
8/14/13Eskandar Doss, 60 Year Old Copt, Killed; Body Found Tied to a Tractor in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownShootingIndividual1000Deir MawasMinyaEgyptEskandar Tous, 60-year old Copt, was killed in Delga and his body was found tied to a tractor. He was buried in the local cemetery.
8/14/13Seven Christians Detained on the Cairo-Aswan Agricultural Road8/14/13ChristianUnknownDetention/ArrestIndividual0007SohagSohagEgyptSeven Christians detained on the Cairo-Aswan Agricultural Road
8/14/13Magdi Adli Wahba Killed and his Wife Injured8/14/13ChristianUnknownShootingIndividual1100TahtaSohagEgyptMagdi Adli Wahba killed and his wife injured, Naglaa Fayez on their way from Tama District to Shatoura Village
8/14/13Bible Society in Assiut Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningInstitution0000AssiutAssiutEgyptThe Bible Society on al-Gomhorreya Street in Cairo was attacked and burned,-schools,-institutions,-shops-torched-by-the-Muslim-Brotherhood-in-the-last-three-days-28764.html
8/14/13The Library of the Bible Society in Cairo Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyInstitution0000AbdeenCairoEgyptThe Bible Society on al-Gomhorreya Street in downtown, Cairo was attacked and burned.
8/14/13Young Mens Christian Association in Minya Attacked Twice Fully Destroying the Property8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningInstitution0000MinyaMinyaEgyptThe YMCA in Minya was attacked twice. First, three men approached the YMCA the first time and shattered the glass. The second time a man on a motorcycle drove by and threw a molotov cocktail at the entry of the center and a several men shot a machine gun at the Copts in the YMCA. The Copts ran to a neighboring house and the attackers poured gasoline all over the floor in the Center and lit it on fire. Prior to burning it, the attackers looted the Center stealing 250 chairs, television sets, a cupboard, and two network receivers. Total losses are estimated at 3 million Egyptian pounds.
8/14/13Offices of the Evangelical Foundation & Oum al-Nour Attacked and Burned in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningInstitution0000MinyaMinyaEgyptAssailants attacked and burned the offices of the Evangelical Foundation.,-schools,-institutions,-shops-torched-by-the-Muslim-Brotherhood-in-the-last-three-days-28764.html
8/14/13Soldiers of Christ Orphanage Attacked and Burned in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningInstitution0000Minya MinyaEgyptAssailants burned the Soldiers of Christ Orphanage in Minya City.
8/14/13Jesuit Association Attacked and Burned in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningInstitution0000Minya MinyaEgyptAssailants burned the Jesuit Association Center in Minya City.
8/14/13Orthodox Orphanage Attacked and Burned in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningInstitution0000MinyaMinyaEgyptOrthodox orphanage was attached and burned
8/14/13Friends of the Bible (Coptic NGO) Attacked and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyInstitution0000FayoumFayoumEgyptThe Coptic NGO, Friends of the Bible, was attacked and burned.
8/14/13Jesuit Theatre Attacked in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyInstitution0000Minya MinyaEgyptThe Jesuit Theatre Attacked
8/14/13Bible Society in Minya Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningInstitution0000MinyaMinyaEgyptBible Society in Minya Burned
8/14/13Coptic-owned properties and homes attacked on al-Gomhorreya Street in Assiut, Assiut8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000AssiutAssiutEgyptCoptic Stores and homes were attacked by unknown assailants on Al-Gomhorreya Street in Assiut, Assiut.
8/14/13Coptic homes and stores attacked on al-Qutla Street in Assiut, Assiut8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000AssiutAssiutEgyptCoptic homes were attacked by unknown assailants on al-Qutla Street in Assiut, Assiut.
8/14/13Twenty Coptic Stores in Minya Burned by Assailants8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000MinyaMinyaEgyptApproximately twenty stores were targeted in Minya, either burning or looting.
8/14/13Church-Owned Dahabeya Nile Boat Attacked and Burned in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningPersonal Property2000MinyaMinyaEgyptAssailants lit the church-owned Dahabeya Boat in Minya on fire. Two men were killed, one Copt - Bishoy Mikhail, and one Muslim - Ihab Ali Ahmed as they were hiding in the bathroom from the angry mob.
8/14/13Assailants Burn the Restaurant of the Mermaid Boat in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningPersonal Property0000MinyaMinyaEgyptAssailants burned the restaurant of the Mermaid Boat
8/14/13Funeral Home of the Deir Mawas Diocese Burned in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningPersonal Property0000Deir MawasMinyaEgyptFuneral Home of the Deir Mawas Diocese Burned
8/14/13House of Priest Samuel Aziz (Priest of Anba Mousa Church) Burned in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningPersonal Property0000Minya MinyaEgyptHouse of Priest Samuel Aziz (Priest of Anba Mousa Church) Burned
8/14/13Priest Samuel Luka's Car Attacked in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000MalawiMinyaEgyptPastor Samuel Luka's car (Priest of the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph Church) was attacked on August 14, 2013 in Minya.
8/14/13Christian-owned Homes, Stores, and Pharmacies Attacked and Looted in Minya8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property1000MalawiMinyaEgyptSeveral Christian-owned homes, stores, and pharmacies were attacked and looted in Malawi, Minya.
8/14/13Coptic homes and stores in Qusiyyah, Assiut Attacked8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000QusiyyahAssiutEgyptAfter an attack on the Qusiyyah Diocese, the assailants to homes, a pharmacy and some stores owned by Copts, which were also looted.
8/14/13Coptic-owned Shops, Pharmacy, and Hotel Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0300LuxorLuxorEgyptThree buildings were burned down on Karnak Temple Street: 1. a department store called "Santa Clause"; 2. the Horus Hotel, and a third building nearby. There was also a burnt down police car. There were no police or army personell present. There were roumers that the men who attacked the buildings were not from Luxor, but from a nearby town "coming in to create meyhem." Three people were allegedly injured during the attacks.
8/14/13Coptic Stores and Homes in Sohag Looted and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyArson/BurningPersonal Property0000SohagSohagEgyptOne estimate provided to Youm7 is that there were 8 homes, 17 stores, and 23 minibuses that were attacked
8/14/13Funeral Home Belonging to the Virgin Mary and Father Abram Church Attacked and Burned8/14/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningPersonal Property0000SohagSohagEgyptFuneral Home Belonging to the Virgin Mary and Father Abram Church Attacked and Burned
8/15/13False Rumors of an Attack on the Moharraq Monastery in Qusiyyah, Assiut8/15/13ChristianUnknownRumorHouse of Worship0000QusiyyahAssiutEgyptRumors of attacks on the Monastery only; no actual damage done.
8/15/13St Damiana Church in Tameya, Fayoum Attacked and Burned8/15/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000TamiyaFayoumEgyptSt. Damania Church attacked and burned in al-Sorby Village in Fayoum
8/16/13Attempted Attack on St George Church in Hadayek Helwan in Cairo8/16/13ChristianUnknownAttempted AttackHouse of Worship0000Hadeyek HelwanCairoEgyptAttempted attack on St. George Church in Helwan, Cairo that was thwarted by local organized vigilante group.
8/16/13St. George Church in Tanta - Attempted Attack Thwarted8/16/13ChristianUnknownAttempted AttackHouse of Worship0000TantaGharbiyaEgyptAssailants attacked St. George church by throwing rocks but were chased off by the police. They then returned with firearms to attack again but were met with a local group of Christian youth who had gathered to protect the church. They then left.
8/16/13Attempted attack on St Demiana Church8/16/13ChristianUnknownAttempted AttackHouse of Worship0000Kafr al-SheikhGizaEgyptAssailants attacked St. Dimyana's Church with firearms but were turned back by security forces who "hunted them through the streets" and arrested them.
8/16/13Evangelical Church in Malawi, Minya Set on Fire8/16/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000MalawiMinyaEgyptAssailants surrounded and attacked the Evangelical Church in Malawi, Minya, allegedly setting it on fire. The extent of the damage is unclear.
8/16/13Good Shepherd’s Church and School in Malawi, Minya Set on Fire, Looted8/16/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000MalawiMinyaEgyptAssailants surrounded and attacked a school that belongs to the Good Shepherds Church in Malawi, Minya, allegedly setting it on fire. The extent of the damage is unclear.
8/16/13The Coptic Diocese in Malawi, Minya Surrounded by Assailants8/16/13ChristianUnknownMobbingHouse of Worship0000MalawiMinyaEgyptAssailants surrounded and attacked the Catholic Church in Malawi, Minya, allegedly setting it on fire. The extent of the damage is unclear.
8/16/13Abu Halqa Church Attacked by Unknown Assailants, One Dead8/16/13ChristianUnknownShootingLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0100TahtaSohagEgyptUnidentified assailant shot live fire in front of the Al Halaqa Church in Tahta, Sohag injuring one person. Marco Emil Attia, age 23, was shot in the head and killed.
8/16/13Virgin Mary Church in the Zawya Village in Menoufiya Attacked8/16/13ChristianUnknownAttempted AttackHouse of Worship0000TalaMenoufiaEgyptFire erupted but security forces were able to contain it. Unclear of how the fire started.
8/17/13St. Mark School in Maghagha, Minya Attacked and Looted8/17/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyEducational Institution0000MaghaghaMinyaEgyptTwo schools in Maghagha Minya were attacked and looted: San Mark and Tawfik School.
8/17/13Tawfik School in Maghagha, Minya Attacked and Looted8/17/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyEducational Institution0000MaghaghaMinyaEgyptTwo schools in Maghagha Minya were attacked and looted: San Mark and Tawfik School.
8/17/13Looting and Burning of the Virgin Church in Boulaq Al-Dakrour8/17/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000GizaGizaEgyptAttempted attack and attempted seige on the Virgin Mary Church; thwarted by residents and police.
8/17/13Attempted Burning of the Coptic Diocese (St. George Church) in Giza8/17/13ChristianUnknownMobbingAttempted AttackHouse of Worship0000GizaGizaEgyptAttempted attack on St. George Church, army intervenes injuring 12 of the attackers/protesters in front of the church.
8/17/13St. George Church in Malawi Attacked8/17/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship01200MaghaghaMinyaEgyptChurch was attacked and burned down along with the homes of several neighboring Copts as well as two schools: St. Mark and Tawfik School.
8/17/13Abu Seifein Church in Malawi Attacked8/17/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000MaghaghaMinyaEgyptChurch was attacked and burned down along with the homes of several neighboring Copts as well as two schools: St. Mark and Tawfik School.
8/17/13Evangelical Church in Minya Attacked and Burned8/17/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000MinyaMinyaEgyptEvangelical Church in Minya city was attacked and burned
8/17/13Attempted attack on Menyet Shebeen Church in Qalubiya thwarted8/17/13ChristianUnknownAttempted AttackHouse of Worship0000Shebeen al-QanaterQalyubiaEgyptAttempted attack on Church that was thwarted by local organized vigilante group.
8/17/13Christian Homes in Maghagha, Minya Attacked8/17/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000MaghaghaMinyaEgyptCoptic homes were allegedly attacked with weapons in Maghagha, Minya.
8/17/13Christian Homes in Delga, Minya Attacked, Including Father Angelos8/17/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000Deir MawasMinyaEgyptSeveral christian homes were attacked in Delga, Minya
8/18/13Evangelical Church Ransacked, Looted, and Burned in Malawi, Minya8/18/13ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000MalawiMinyaEgyptEgyptian Evangelical church ransacked, looted, and burned in Malawi, south of Minya
8/18/13Attack on the Pentecostal Church in Malawi, Minya Thwarted by Police and Locals8/18/13ChristianUnknownAttempted AttackHouse of Worship0000MalawiMinyaEgyptAttempted attack thwarted by police and residents
8/19/13Monastery of St. Fana Seiged in Minya8/19/13ChristianUnknownMobbingHouse of Worship0000MalawiMinyaEgyptThe Monastery of St. Fana in Malawi was allegedly under siege by "extremists elements from the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafist." Another source denied the siege actually took place, instead, sources say that the monastery was threatened but not attacked. However, Copts United reports that security forces dispersed the attackers of the Monastery on August 19th and reports the acknowledgement by the monastery of the aid of the army and security in the disbursement. On August 16, after a string of attacks in Malawi, Copts called on the police to intervene with an alleged march towards the monastery.
8/19/13Pastor Shenouda's Car of St. George in Port Said Attacked8/19/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyIndividual0000Port SaidPort SaidEgyptPastor Shenouda's car, pastor of St. George in Port Said, smashed and damaged on August 19, 2013.
8/31/13Four guard police injured in a drive by shooting at the Abu Seifein Church8/31/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyShootingHouse of Worship0400Port SaidPort SaidEgyptUnknown assailants fired birdshot at 4 policemen guarding the Church in a hit-and-run incident.
9/2/13Coptic Homes Looted in Beni Suef9/2/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000al-WastaBeni SuefEgypt"Rami Ramzi, a Coptic activist in the city of al-Wasta in Beni Suef, stated that a group of unidentified men stormed Coptic businessman Essam Magdi Nassif’s house, as well as his brother’s house, looting both."
9/14/13Archeological Monastery Looted and Destroyed in Minya9/14/13ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000MalawiMinyaEgyptContinual looting and destruction of ancient monasteries considered archeological sites in Ansena mountain. Looters use homemade dynamite and other explosives in search of treasure.
9/14/13Two Copts killed after refusing to pay jizya9/14/13ChristianUnknownProtection MoneyPersonal Property2000Sahel SelimAssiutEgyptEmad Lotfy Demian (Egyptian Democratic Party) and his cousin Medhat Sedki Demian were shot by a thug after Emad refused to pay him a royalty (and what some sources refer to as "jizya").
9/28/13Homemade bomb explodes outside of Latin Church in Suez9/28/13ChristianUnknownBombingHouse of Worship0300SuezSuezEgyptHomemade bomb explodes outside of Latin Church in Suez on Saad Zaghloul St. According to Middle East Heart ( three injured.
9/30/13Bishop Makarios Targeted by Gunmen in Minya9/30/13ChristianUnknownShootingPersonal Property0000Abu QurqasMinyaEgyptBishop Makarios, General Bishop of Minya, was targeted by gunmen while he was driving his car. Bishop Makarios was conducting a visit to give his condolences to the family of a deceased in a village inside Abu Qurqas. The shooters continued to shoot at him even as he drove away. He was eventually able to avoid what he labelled to be a "terrorist attack" when he arrived at the Diocese of Minya.
10/7/13Refaat Hanna, Kidnapped Copt, Returned Home in Minya10/7/13ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010Deir MawasMinyaEgyptRefaat Hannah Gabriel (age 65), kidnapped on Sept 7 was returned to his home after a week of being held. A random of 100,000 EGP was paid to secure his release.
10/7/13Ashraf Boulos Aziz Retrned Home After Being Held by Kidnappers for a Week10/7/13ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010Beni MazarMinyaEgyptAshraf Boulos Aziz was returned home after a ransom of 100,000 EGP was paid.
10/15/13Unidentified masked gunmen kidnap 24-year old Victor Mamdouh Fadly10/15/13ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010al-GhanayemAssiutEgyptUnidentified masked gunmen kidnap 24 year old Copt Victor Mamdouh Fadly in al-Moshaya village in Assiut.
10/15/13Masked Gunmen Kidnap 5 Year Old Coptic Boy from Minya10/15/13ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010Deir MawasMinyaEgyptMasked gunmen have kidnapped 5 year old Abanoub Magdi Saber while he was in his family's field in Delga, Deir Mawas, Minya.
10/19/13Unknown Gunmen Kidnap Deir Mawas Doctor from Minya10/19/13ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010Deir MawasMinyaEgyptUnknown gunmen kidnapped 57-year old Dr. Nady Yassa Tanius, manager of the Deir Mawas Hospital, as he drove home to Malawi. His kidnappers have contacted his family and demanded LE 1 million in ransom money.
10/20/13Masked Men Fire at Virgin Mary Church in al-Warraq, Five dead10/20/13ChristianUnknownShootingHouse of Worship51800al-WarraqGizaEgyptMasked men fired at church-goers outside of al-Warraq's Church of the Virgin Mary after a wedding ceremony. At least one of the masked men opened fire from an automatic weapon, killing and injuring a number of those gathered close to the church door. Both men fled thereafter; 5 were killed and at least 18 were injured in the attack.
10/20/13Unknown Gunmen Kidnap 14 Year Old Coptic Girl from Minya10/20/13ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010MinyaMinyaEgyptUnknown gunmen kidnapped a 14-year old Coptic girl named Mariam. She was kidnapped in broad daylight when unknown assailants stopped the local passenger truck she was riding from Manahra to Abu Kerkas and took her from her mother and sister as she screamed. Attackers attempted to kidnap Mariam's sister as well, but were unsuccessful as the remaining passengers resisted.
2/1/14Morcos Ibrahim Ayoub Kidnapped from Minya, Age Ten2/1/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010MalawiMinyaEgypt10-year-old Marcos Ibrahim Ayoub was allegedly abducted by a mob from his father's farm in the village of ElBarsha
2/3/14Two Christians Kidnapped in Malawi, Minya2/3/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0020MalawiMinyaEgyptTwo Coptic men from Deir El Malak and El Bayadeya were allegedly kidnapped while replacing flat tires on their truck. The kidnappers demanded an unknown ransom from both of their families.
2/5/14Copt Kidnapped in Towa, Minya2/5/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010MinyaMinyaEgyptKirollos was kidnapped in Towa, Minya while driving a truck home. His family has received calls asking for a ransom to secure his release.
2/8/14Attack on Two Coptic Women in Privately Owned Store2/8/14ChristianUnknownStabbingIndividual1100Kom OmboAswanEgyptMadeleine Wagih, 35, was stabbed and killed allegedly by Mahmoud Mohamed Ali Hamid, a man preparing to plead insanity. She was stabbed in the neck after the attacker entered the pharmacy where she worked. The attacker then left the pharmacy and proceeded to attack 18-year-old, Marian Kamal Shafik yelling "you Christians deserve more than that!". It was the second attack of the night.
2/26/14Shi'a Man Sentenced to Five Years for "Contempt of Religion"2/26/14Shi'aState ActorJudicial VerdictDetention/ArrestIndividual0000CairoCairoEgyptAmr Abdallah, who allegedly stated that he is Shi'a in investigations, has been sentenced to 5 years in jail for "contempt of religion." Abdallah, who is allegedly the son of Egypt's former Ambassador to Sudan, was detained for attempting to enter Al-Hussein Mosque in Gamaliya and for cursing the companions of the Prophet.
3/5/1462 Year Old Man Attacked by Extremists in Minya3/5/14ChristianUnknownAssaultLooting/Destruction of PropertyIndividual0100Deir MawasMinyaEgyptOn March 5, seven extremists in Delga, Minya attacked 62-year old Kamil Salih Gad al-Rab and looted his home. The men stripped al-Rab of his clothes, beat him on the back, shot him in the foot, and dragged him in the street. The extremists first demanded that al-Rab hand over his land to them a week prior and when he rejected, they planned the attack on him. Al-Rab is currently recovering in the hospital and is reportedly handcuffed to the bed, despite his status as a victim.
3/17/1435-year old Coptic man kidnapped in Fayyoum3/17/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010FayoumFayoumEgypt35-year-old Coptic Malak Michael Naim has been kidnapped at gunpoint for ransom in Fayoum, while riding a taxi cab. The kidnappers have demanded LE 2 million for his release. Naim's brother was also kidnapped two years ago.
3/19/144 Year Old Kidnapped in Malawi, Minya3/19/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010MalawiMinyaEgypt4 year old Coptic child Peter Nagi Farah was kidnapped this morning when walking to school with his older sister on Ibrahim Khalil Street in Malawi, Minya. After failing to also capture the sister, the assailants drove away in a car.
3/20/14Coptic Farmer Kidnapped in Malawi, Minya3/20/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010MalawiMinyaEgyptCoptic farmer Mishael Angly Gabrah was kidnapped by unknown assailants while working on his land in Tenda village in Malawi, Minya.
3/24/14Two Schools Burned in Minya3/24/14ChristianUnknownArson/BurningPersonal Property0000MinyaMinyaEgyptMaspero Youth Union report that two Coptic schools were burned in Minya after the court sentenced 529 Egyptians to death on Monday. Allegedly the defendants were charged with attacking 'personal property,' which is believed to include Coptic homes, churches, and schools.
3/28/14Mary Sameh George killed outside Amba Paul/Antonious Church in Ain Shams3/28/14ChristianUnknownShootingIndividual1000Ezbet al-NekhlQalyubiaEgyptMary Sameh George was stabbed to death today outside of the Amba Paul and Antonious Church in Ain Shams during pro-MB protests that were ongoing in the area.
3/28/14Gunmen Attack Coptic-owned Electric Supply Store3/28/14ChristianUnknownShootingPersonal Property0200Ain ShamsCairoEgyptSeveral gunmen opened fire on a Coptic-owned electric supply store in the al-Matariyyah area of Cairo. Although unrelated to the shooting, the attack was widely believed to be part of an effort to incite attacks on Copts in southern Cairo. Two brothers suffered serious injuries, but despite their shop being gutted by bullet fire, they were not killed. No arrests were made in the killing. All information taken directly from Morning Star News.
4/1/14Attempted burning of Virgin Mary Church in Mansheet Nasr4/1/14ChristianUnknownAttempted AttackArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000Mansheyat NasrCairoEgyptOn Monday (April 7) a Muslim tried to set fire to the Virgin Mary Church in Mansheyat Nasr, on the outskirts of Cairo, by pouring gasoline on the one of the church buildings. Copts at the building turned him away, but he returned later with an unspecified weapon. Thabet of the Maspero group said three people were seriously injured and needed hospitalization. All information taken directly from Morning Star News.
4/1/14Teacher Killed in Marzouk, Minya4/1/14ChristianUnknownShootingIndividual1000MatayMinyaEgypt1. Ashraf Alahm Atef Hanna was shot in the head on April 1 by the 16-year-old Muslim brother of one of his students. 2. The teacher caught one of his students smoking in class. When the teacher told the boy to stop smoking, the Muslim student cursed at the teacher and insulted him in front of class. The teacher responded by striking the student, allowed under school guidelines, and the boy stormed out of the class in anger. 3. The student later returned to the school with his family, which area residents said has ties to local Islamic extremist groups. The group chased the teacher through the school, and after catching him, they beat him and shot him once in the head. He was taken immediately to a hospital, where he lay near death for a week. 4. Authorities arrested at least four members of the family, including Mohamed Naser Mustafa, the one alleged to have shot Hanna. Information taken directly from Morning Star News.
4/17/1460 Year Old Maher Hanna al-Qomos Kidnapped in Minya4/17/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010MalawiMinyaEgypt60-yr old Maher Hanna Al-Qomos was kidnapped at gunpoint in Malawi, Minya on April 17. He was returned to his family on April 22 only after they paid a ransom of LE 20,000.
4/19/14Personal Conflict Leads to Church Attack, Death of a Copt4/19/14ChristianUnknownClashesShootingIndividual1100Ezbet al-NekhlQalyubiaEgyptA personal conflict between a Muslim and Christian, although initially settled in a reconciliation session, escalated into clashes when St. George Church was attacked in Zaraneeb in Ezbet al-Nekhl. One man in his twenties named Romani Milad was killed and at least another injured.
4/22/14Bomb defused outside of Virgin Mary Church in 6 October4/22/14ChristianUnknownBombingHouse of Worship0000October 6 CityGizaEgyptA bomb found 100 meters from the Virgin Church in 6 October has been defused in October 6 City in Giza.
9/1/14Killing of a Copt in North Sinai9/1/14ChristianGunmenShootingIndividual1000ArishNorth SinaiEgyptHany Samir Kamel, 37 years old, was shot in Arish by gunmen believed to be members of an Islamic Jihadist Movement.
9/16/14Coptic Woman Abducted in Minya9/16/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual00112SamaloutMinyaEgyptA couple hundred Christian protesters clashed with police in southern Egypt after holding a demonstration on Tuesday in front of a police station demanding authorities locate an abducted housewife, a security official said. MCN reports that her "husband Sameh Aran accused his former partner in business Samy Ahmed of abducting her. He filed a police report at the Samalout police department to the Samalout administrative court. The next day, the director of the investigation at the police department told the husband that his wife had willingly decided to leave the house with his partner." Later, several villagers "gathered in front of the police station to put pressure on the security forces to move and return the woman. Dozens of Coptic youth protested in front of the Gabal al-Tayr police station, summoning the security leaders. Some security leaders discussed the incident with the protesters and promised to investigate. However, security forces acted in violence against the Christian citizens, arresting and detaining 12 of them." Most recently, the 12 detainees were released on bail of 5,000 EGP each; charges have not been dropped though. Many copts had been detained from their homes at night. Their homes were raided and their furniture, televisions, and car windshields were smashed. Dozens were arrested but only 12 were transferred to prosecution who were later released on bail.
9/21/14Four Copts Injured in Personal Dispute in Minya, 6 More Arrested9/21/14ChristianDisputeAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0406Beni MazarMinyaEgyptFour Copts were injured in sectarian attacks between two Muslim and Coptic families due to neighborhood disputes. Six Copts and two muslims were arrested following the violent clash.
9/23/14Copt Killed After Being Abducted 9/23/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual1010al-BadariAssiutEgyptEhab Karam, a Coptic dentist was killed on Tuesday, 23 September 2014, in al-Badari, Assiut, after he was abducted by unknown persons. Karam had been stopped by the kidnappers while he was going home, he had a dentist office in the town of al-Badari.
9/27/14Two Bombs Explode Outside of Amir Tadros Church in Minya9/27/14ChristianUnknownBombingPersonal Property0000MinyaMinyaEgyptTwo bombs exploded outside of the Minya police station, a Coptic secondary school, and the Amir Tadros Church
10/6/14Sound Bomb Explodes near Evangelical Church in Minya10/6/14ChristianUnknownBombingHouse of Worship0000MinyaMinyaEgyptA sound bomb has exploded near the Evangelical Church in Minya. No casualties or injuries were immediately reported.
10/19/14Police Place Coptic Christians in Minya on House Arrest10/19/14ChristianPoliceHouse ArrestIndividual0020MinyaMinyaEgyptTwo Coptic males were arrested after intervening to stop a man from harassing a girl as she left a wedding. Ghattas Ayad Ibrahim tried to stop the sexual harassment and later was arrested along with his brother after Muslims lodged a complaint with the police. The police forced several Coptic families to stay in their homes and closed their shops.
11/15/14Coptic-Owned Pharmacy Attacked and Pharmacist's Father Killed11/15/14ChristianUnknownShootingPersonal Property1000TahtaSohagEgyptAssailants attacked a pharmacy in Tahta, Sohag, belonging to Dr. Robert Gamal, and killed his father who had been at the pharmacy. The pharmacist Dr. Robert Gamal was subject to a kidnapping attempt last month.
11/28/14Bomb Explodes near St. Abanoub Church in Beni Suef11/28/14ChristianUnknownBombingHouse of Worship0000al-WastaBeni SuefEgyptA bomb exploded near St. Abanoub Church in al-Wasta, Beni Suef today. Another bomb was deactivated and four molotov cocktails were found nearby. No injuries were recorded.
11/28/145 Coptic-Owned Stores Burned in Minya11/28/14ChristianUnknownArson/BurningPersonal Property0000MalawiMinyaEgyptFive Coptic-owned stores were burned down and targeted by unknown assailants in Malawi, Minya.
12/19/14Sign ripped off of school newly-named after Christian martyr12/19/14ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000ZagazigSharqiyaEgyptThe sign was ripped off of a school newly-named after Christian martyr Kirollos Fadel in Sharqiya.
12/22/14Church of Virgin Mary and Pope Kirollos to be Demolished12/22/14ChristianGovernor of AlexandriaDemolitionHouse of Worship0000AmiriyaAlexandriaEgyptThe governor of Alexandria has decided to order the demolition of the Church of the Virgin Mary and Pope Kirollos in al-Amiriya, Alexandria for its alleged violation of construction laws.
12/23/14Egyptian Coptic Doctor and Wife Killed, Daughter Killed Later12/23/14ChristianUnknownShootingForced ConversionIndividual3000SirteSirteLibyaIn Sirte, Libya, a Coptic Egyptian doctor (Magdy Sobhy Tawfiq) and his wife were killed by unknown assailants. Their daughter Kathryn was kidnapped thereafter. The attack was not a typical robbery as the money and jewelry of the murdered victims were found untouched. For this reason, some sources suggest that it was a purely sectarian event. The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement regarding the murder and kidnap; however, no progress has yet been made in returning Kathryn Magdy Sobhy to her home. UPDATE on December 25: Kathryn Magdy Sobhy has been found killed with a bullet to her head. The family leaves behind two young orphaned daughters.
12/30/14Four Bombs Defused Near Beni Suef Church and Courthouse12/30/14ChristianUnknownBombingHouse of Worship0000Beni SuefBeni SuefEgyptFour bombs were defused near the Morqosiyya Church (Mokbal area of the city of Beni Suef) and the Court of Appeals in Beni Suef.
12/30/14Seven Egyptian Copts kidnapped by Ansar al-Sharia in Libya12/30/14ChristianAnsar Al-ShariaAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0070AllAllLibyaMembers of Ansar al-Sharia have kidnapped seven Egyptian Copts in Libya while they were trying to return back to Egypt. The seven Copts are all originally from Samalout in Minya; Ansar Al-Sharia has demanded ransom for the return of the individuals from their families; the families have asked that President Sisi intervene to resolve the matter. The names of the kidnapped individuals are: Samuel Wilson, Ezzat Beshry Nasif, Loga Nagaty Anis, Essam Bidar Samir, Malak Farah Ibrahim, Sameh Salah Farouq, and Gaber Munir Adly.
12/30/14Sound bomb explodes outsie of Nazla Church12/30/14ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000Yousif al-SadeekFayoumEgyptA sound bomb has exploded outside of Al-Nazla Church in Fayoum, injuring one man in the process.
12/31/14Bomb defused outside of Tadros Church in Fayoum12/31/14ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000FayoumFayoumEgyptA bomb was defused outside of Tadros Church in Dasiya Village in Fayoum.
1/3/15Thirteen Coptic Egyptians Kidnapped in Libya1/3/15ChristianIslamic StateAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual00130SirteSirteLibyaThirteen Coptic Egyptians were kidnapped from their homes in Sirte, Libya by unknown assailants, just days after the kidnap of 7 other Copts in the city and the murder of 3 Copts as well. According to reports, the militants asked for ID's and separated Muslim residents from Christian residents, ultimately kidnapping the Christian ones. The names of the kidnapped Copts are: Maged Solaiman Shehata, Abanoub Ayyad Ateyya, Yusuf Shukry Yunan, Hany Abdel-Messeih Saleeb, Kirollos Beshry Fawzy, Milad Makeen Zaky, Tawadros Yusuf Tawadros, Samuel Estafanous Kamel, Beshoy Estafanous Kamel, Mina Fayez Aziz, Malak Ibrahim Sinewt, Girguis Milad Sinewt, and Bishoy Adel Khalaf.
1/6/15Assailants Fatally Shoot Police Guarding Minya Church1/6/15ChristianUnknownShootingIndividual2000MinyaMinyaEgyptAssailants threw fireworks around the central Virgin Mary Church on Mahmoud Abdel-Razeq Street in Minya. Thereafter, they shot and killed two policemen guarding the Church just hours before the commencement of Coptic Christmas celebrations.
1/6/15Unknown Assailants Shoot at Minya Pastor1/6/15ChristianUnknownShootingIndividual0000MinyaMinyaEgyptUnknown assailants have shot at the Pastor of a Minya Church. Thereafter, they promptly fled the scene.
1/8/1523 Year Old Copt Kidnapped in Malawi1/8/15ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010MalawiMinyaEgyptA 23 year old Copt named Simsim Sadik Fahmy has been kidnapped by unknown assailants in Malawi, Minya. Eyewitnesses report that the assailants stopped his car during his return home from work and forced him out of the vehicle at gunpoint. The kidnappers have contacted the family asking for ransom money in return for his release.
1/8/15Fire in St. George Church in Qena1/8/15ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000QousQenaEgyptThe St. George Church burned in Hegaza Village in Qena. The perpetrator of the attack has not yet been identified.
1/13/15Christian Man Shot by Unknown Assailants in Luxor1/13/15ChristianUnknownShootingIndividual1000Naga HassnLuxorEgyptA Christian man by the name of "Abu Shaheed" (38-year-old Shaheed Nesemis Saroufeem) was shot to death by unknown assailants riding a motorcycle in Naga Hassan in Luxor. There are fears that the incident may awaken sectarian violence similar to what took place in the very same region in 2013. Hasan Baghdad was arrested on Wed, January 14. Abu Shaheed was a cousin of a Christian who was killed along with hree other Copts in July 2013 (see
1/13/15Clashes between Copts and Muslims in Kom Wali1/13/15ChristianCopts and MuslimsClashesIndividual0Several00MatayMinyaEgyptMinya security forces controlled clashes between Coptic Christians in the village of Monshaat Menbal and Muslims in the village of Kom Wali, Matay, Minya. One cafe was trashed during the violence and Ghandi Nageh, a Christian, along with several others from the village were injured. The conflict was sparked when two drivers were passing through the market gate at the same time, each supported by a group from the village.
1/16/15Bomb explodes near Mar Mina Church in Helwan1/16/15ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000HelwanCairoEgyptA car bomb detonated in the area near the St. Mina Church in Helwan. Two cars parked nearby were damaged and some of the glass on the eastern side of the Church was also destroyed.
1/21/15Car of St. George Church Pastor Burned by Unknown Assailant1/21/15ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000al-WastaBeni SuefEgyptAn unknown assailant burned the car of a St. George Church Pastor in al-Wasta in Beni Suef. It is thought that the car was specifically targeted as a number of cars were parked nearby and were left unharmed.
2/3/15Michael Mounir Arrested for Contempt of Religion2/3/15ChristianStateBlasphemyDetention/ArrestIndividual0001BelqasDaqahliyaEgyptMichael Mounir Beshay has been detained for 4 days pending investigation for "defamation of religion" charges after allegedly sharing a video that insults the Prophet Mohamed. Muslim youth had gathered around Beshay's home in Daqahliya to burn his home; policy cordoned the home and took Beshay into custody. He was sent to the Office of the Prosecutor on charges of contempt of religion and the dissemination and promotion of rumors. On February 21, a misdemeanor court postponed the hearing until February 28. Case number 2906/2015. (Case No. 2906, Year 2015). UPDATE on April 30, 2015: He was sentenced to 1 year in prison and an LE 1,000 fine, with an appeal scheduled for May. UPDATE on May 23, 2015: He was released on LE 2,000 bail. UPDATE on July 30, 2015: Beshay's defamation of religion sentence has been decreased down to 6 months after an appeal.
2/12/15ISIS Executes Twenty-One Egyptian Copts in Libya2/12/15ChristianIslamic StateBeheadingIndividual21000SirteLibyaOriginally kidnapped in early January, ISIS published the pictures on February 12, 2015 of the kidnapped Copts in orange jumpsuits indicating that the 21 kidnapped Copts may have been killed. The article published alongside the photos, found in Dabiq Issue 7 on page 30, explains that this is in response to the "torture and murder" of Kamila Shehata and Wafa Constantine. ISIS further explains that the attack on the church in Baghdad that led to 100 dead, about five years ago, was revenge for Kamila and Wafa (cannot be independently confirmed at this point), but that they were able to access the Copts when ISIS expanded in Libya. On Feb. 15, a video was released of the execution following announcements by the Libyan authorities that the abductees were still alive. A caption on the 5-minute video read: "The people of the cross, followers of the hostile Egyptian church." The names as announced by Anba Ermia. 1. Milad Makeen Zaky 2. Abanub Ayad Atiya 3. Maged Solaiman Shehata 4. Yusuf Shukry Yunan 5. Kirollos Shokry Fawzy 6. Bishoy Astafanus Kamel 7. Somaily Astafanus Kamel 8. Malak Ibrahim Sinweet 9.Tawadros Yusuf Tawadros 10. Girgis Milad Sinweet 11. Mina Fayez Aziz 12. Hany Abdelmesih Salib 13. Bishoy Adel Khalaf 14. Samuel Alham Wilson 15. Worker from Awr village 16. Ezat Bishri Naseef 17. Loqa Nagaty 18. Gaber Munir Adly 19. Esam Badir Samir 20. Malak Farag Abram 21. Sameh Salah Faruq. UPDATE on November 28, 2016: Egyptian prosecution said that Egyptians involved with ISIS were involved in the killing of hte 21 Christians in 2015 in Libya.
10/27/13Sherif Gaber Given One-Year Prison Sentence for Contempt of Religion2/16/15Non-ReligiousStateJudicial VerdictIndividual0001IsmailiaIsmailiaEgyptAn Ismailia Misdemeanor Court sentenced Sherif Gaber to a year in prison or bail of one thousand pounds on charges of contempt of religion for promoting atheism on a page on Facebook called "The Atheists." He was first arrested in 2013 when teaching staff and other students reported him to the university's President, Mohamed A. Mohamedein, who personally filed a legal complaint against him to the local prosecution. Retrial in the next few weeks could increase the sentence to over two years. He is currently seeking asylum to avoid hard sentencing.
2/23/15William Michael Farag Killed by Three Gunmen in Arish2/23/15ChristianAnsar Bayt Al-Maqdis (reportedly)ShootingIndividual1000ArishNorth SinaiEgyptWilliam Michel Farag, a 53-year-old Egyptian Copt, was shot at his store at 8 am by three gunmen in Arish, Sinai, Egypt. Allegedly, the attackers were intending to kidnap Mr. William, and as he tried to escape, they shot him dead. Unconfirmed report that Ansar Beit al-Maqdis is behind the shooting.
2/24/15Naglaa al-Emam Detained for Contempt of Islam2/24/15ChristianStateDetention/ArrestCriminal InvestigationIndividual0001The 5th DistrictCairoEgyptNaglaa el-Emam, a convert from Islam to Christianity, was detained Tuesday by the prosecution at the Supreme State Security at El Tagamu El Khames when she went to inquire about the arrest order filed against her. Sources say that she was refused a defense lawyer. She was charged in the same case of convert Bishoy Armia, formerly Mohamed Hegazi, who was tried six months ago.
2/25/15Arab Contractors' Project Threatens to Demolish Wall of Anba Makayros Monastery in Fayoum2/25/15ChristianArab ContractorsLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000FayoumFayoumEgyptA new project by the Arab Contractors to build a main road connecting a number of governorates threatens to demolish the wall of the Anba Makayros Monastery in Fayoum. Church officials are currently meeting with relevant government officials and representatives of the Arab Contractors to propose alternative plans in order to preserve the monastery. Over 50 monks and residents of the monastery have conducted a sit-in outside of the monastery to express their rejection of the plan and prevent the Arab Contractors employees from the demolition.
2/26/15Coptic Man Kidnapped in Sahel Selim in Assiut2/26/15ChristianAshraf Halaka and gangAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010Sahel SelimAssiutEgyptA Coptic man named Wasfy Heshmat Mateen who owns an electronics store has been kidnapped in Sahel Selim in Assiut. His kidnappers have demanded an LE 1,000,000. The family has informed police of the incident. At least two Copts have been kidnapped and killed prior to this incident in Sahel Selim by a gang led by Ashraf Halaka. UPDATE on March 6, 2015: Mateen's wife received a call from the alleged kidnappers that her husband would be killed if his ransom was not paid.
2/27/15Twenty-Seven Coptic Families Forced to Leave North Sinai2/27/15ChristianUnknownDisplacementIndividual0000ArishNorth SinaiEgyptTwenty-seven to thirty Coptic families have been forced to temporarily leave their homes in North Sinai due to mounting threats and targeting. According to Abaoub Girgis, a North Sinai-based lawyer and coordinator of the peninsula's Coptic Coalition, said that some families received threats on their phones. "The coalition statement also said that news about two killed Christian residents and torched homes in North Sinai, as well as circulated rumors of escalated attacks against Copts has increased fears among families, many of whom headed to Cairo and other governorates."
3/2/15Body of Beheaded Egyptian Copt Found in Libya3/2/15ChristianUnknownBeheadingIndividual1000MechiliDernaLibyaThe body of a beheaded Egyptian Copt named Mansour Saad Awad has been located in Mechili on the Desert Road in eastern Libya. Awad had been working at a poultry farm.
3/2/15Locals Prevent Coptic Church From Being Renovated in Samalout, Minya3/2/15ChristianLocalsPrevention of RenovationPersonal Property0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptCoptic homes were attacked and stones were thrown at them after they went to the police station to file a complaint of harassment in the village. After obtaining a permit to expand and renovate a church in Samalout, Minya in 2004. Some local Muslim extremists in the village prevented the building and renovation and the Christians reported it to security. Security forces asked that the Copts resort to "reconciliation meetings," which they refused at first. Eventually, some Copts went to visit senior families in the village and were presented with conditions that required Muslim supervision at certain stages of the renovation, and required that the Church be only one level with no minarets. Further, the conditions expected the Pastor and Christian villagers to sign an endorsement not to try to obtain permits to restore the church in case of any damage and also that the conditions will be registered at the Real Estate Department in order to make it legal obligation and valid for life of the current or future church leaders. On March 5, 2015, protests by Muslim villagers were held in protest against the renovation of the Church. The Diocese in Samalout has halted renovation to prevent from escalation of the situation.
3/6/15Egyptian Copt Reportedly Killed in Libya After Detention and Torture by Libya Dawn3/6/15ChristianLibya DawnTortureIndividual1000TripoliLibyaAn Egyptian Copt by the name of Emad Youssef Rizk has reportedly been killed after being detained and tortured by the Libya Dawn group in Tripoli during an attempt to return to his Minya, Egypt, home.
3/8/15Luxor Gang Imposes Royalties on Copts and Seizes Property3/8/15ChristianLuxor GangProtection MoneyLooting/Destruction of PropertyIndividual0000LuxorLuxorEgyptA Luxor gang made up of five individuals from Al-Madamud and Al-Ziniyya villages are forcibly collecting royalties from Coptic residents and seizing their property. Despite the knowledge of the police, little has been done to stop the gang, which has been at large for over one year.
3/9/15Unknown Assailants Shoot at Franciscan Church in Kafr Al-Dawwar in Beheira3/9/15ChristianUnknownShootingHouse of Worship0100Kafr al-DawarBeheiraEgyptUnknown assailants driving in a jeep fired shots at the Franciscan Church and School in Kafr al-Dawwar in Beheira today. They fled the scene quickly thereafter; a police sergeant was injured in the events.
3/14/15Killed Coptic Man Found in Ibrahimiyya Pond in Malawi, Minya3/14/15ChristianUnknownAssaultIndividual1000MalawiMinyaEgyptA dead Coptic man has been found in the Ibrahimiyya Pond in Malawi, Minya. The family has reportedly identified him to be Mina Ageeb Abd El-Sayed Asaad, a man who is in the third decade of his life and suffers from some mental impairment. His body was found with numerous wounds to the head, neck, and forearm.
3/23/15Student Kidnapped in Sohag3/23/15ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010TahtaSohagEgyptA 23-year-old Coptic student named Marianne has been kidnapped in Tahta, Sohag. She was abducted when she was on her way to Sohag University. Her family has received a call from the alleged abductors demanding an LE 100,000 ransom.
3/26/15Violence Mounts against Copts in al-Galaa in Samalout, Minya in Opposition to Construction of New Church3/26/15ChristianNeighborsMobbingIndividual0200SamaloutMinyaEgyptViolence has reportedly mounted against the Coptic community in al-Galaa village in Samalout in opposition to plans to construct a new Church. Residents Gerges Farag and Ishak Abdallah have been among the victims of random mob violence.UPDATE on April 6, 2015: Security forces have detained 38 (20 Copts & 18 Muslims) after sectarian violence.
3/26/15Two Coptic Young Men Kidnapped in Gabal Al-Tayr, Samalout, Minya3/26/15ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0020SamaloutMinyaEgyptTwo Coptic young men: Kirollos Gerges (age 21) and Ashraf Sideek (age 30) were kidnapped from Gabal al-Tayr in Samalout, Minya. The two men were last seen walking around the village in the middle of the night; days thereafter, their kidnappers answered a phone call from the family and demanded that a ransom be paid and that the police not be informed.
3/27/15Protesters Surround Virgin Church in Al-Aour, Minya and Torch Car3/27/15ChristianResidents of al-AourMobbingLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0700SamaloutMinyaEgyptProtesters demonstrating to reject plans for the construction of a Church to honor the Egyptian Christians killed in Libya surrounded the Virgin Church in Al-Aour, Minya and torched a neighboring car. The protesters also partook in aggressive chants and attempted to violently storm the home of one of the victims' family members.
3/28/15Homemade Bomb Found Near Diocese of Samalout3/28/15ChristianUnknownBombingPersonal Property0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptA homemade bomb has been found near the Diocese of Samalout in Minya. The bomb squad was able to defuse the bomb before it exploded.
3/31/15Bomb Defused outside of Catholic Church in Assiut3/31/15ChristianUnknownBombingPersonal Property0000AssiutAssiutEgyptA homemade bomb planted by unknown assailants was defused by the bomb squad outside of the First Catholic Church in Assiut.
4/1/15Unknown Assailants Set Fire to Morqosiyya Church's Food Storage Unit in Beni Suef4/1/15ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000Beni SuefBeni SuefEgyptUnknown assailants riding a motorcycle set fire to the food storage unit of the Morqosiyya Church in Beni Suef.
4/1/15Coptic Christian Tortured in al-Shorouk Police StationongoingChristianPoliceTortureDetention/ArrestIndividual0001CairoCairoEgyptA Coptic Christian citizen named Guirguis Kamal, a 30-year-old supervision and quality engineer, was tortured in al-Shorouk police station in Cairo. Several charges were reportedly fabricated against him to force him give up a complaint he made against the relative of a police officer who works in the same police station. The incident has taken place over the last three months, with repeated arrests and instances of torture.
4/4/15Eleven Injured in Renewed Clashes in al-Galaa in Samalout, Minya4/4/15ChristianUnknownMobbingIndividual01100SamaloutMinyaEgyptIn renewed and ongoing clashes over the construction of a new church in al-Galaa village in Samalout, Minya, eleven were been injured. Clashes began when unknown assailants began throwing rocks at Coptic female students.
4/4/15Minya Security Forces Attack Building Affiliated with Maghagha Diocese in Mayana4/4/15ChristianSecurity ForcesLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000MaghaghaMinyaEgyptMinya security forces have allegedly attacked the St. Joseph the Righteous building affiliated with the Maghagha Diocese in Mayana Village in Minya. Security forces allege that the building was constructed without a permit. Forces also confiscated the contents of the building, including even Holy books.
4/5/15Unknown Assailants Shoot at Archangel Raphael Church in Agami4/5/15ChristianUnknownShootingHouse of Worship0304AgamiAlexandriaEgyptUnknown assailants have shot at the Archangel Raphael Church in Agami. One police officer and three worshippers were injured in the attack; Ahmed Mohsen Dawood, Abd al-Moneim al-Gawhary (55-years-old), and Mohamed Ali (51 years-old).
4/8/1535 Year Old Coptic Woman Missing from Samalout in Minya4/8/15ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptSoma Makram Zaky (age 35) was reported missing from Hassan Basha village in Samalout, Minya. Her family reports that she has been missing since Monday at 5 am. The family spent 5 hours trying to submit a report to the police officer who doubted their story and implied that he thought her to be in an extra-marital relationship.
4/8/15Coptic Teacher and Four Highschool Students Detained for Four Days for Filming Video Defaming Muslim Prayers, Now Serving Time4/8/15ChristianStateBlasphemyLegal ActionIndividual0005Beni MazarMinyaEgyptGad Youssef Yunan, a 32 year old Coptic English language teacher, was detained for 4 days pending investigation for his alleged involvement in filming and disseminating a video mocking the Islamic State (The video is available here: He is facing charges of inciting sectarian violence and defamation of religion. Four high school were also detained for contempt of Islam after they participated in the video. Colonel Essam Zain and Major Essam Abou al-Fadl executed the arrest after the commissioner officer in Bani Mazar received a complaint from Muslims in the village, al-Nasriah. UPDATE on April 18, 2015: The judge denied the appeal to the 15-day detention of the 4 students. UPDATE on May 20, 2015: The teacher was released on bail but was displaced from his home village, al-Nasriah, Beni Mazar following a reconciliation meeting. The 4 students remain in detention. The Misdemeanor Court in Beni Mazar extended the custody of the 4 students for another 45 days; they have already been in custody for 45 days. UPDATE on June 8, 2015: The four students were released on bail after having paid LE 10,000 each. UPDATE on October 13, 2015: The court adjourned the students' court hearing until October 22. The students did not attend this hearing; they face possible charges of defamation of religion, furthering sectarian strife, and disseminating an offensive video. UPDATE on October 24, 2015: The court adjourned the students' hearing until December 3. UPDATE on October 25, 2015: The court adjourned the teacher's hearing to December 6. UPDATE on December 31, 2015: The Beni Mazar Misdemeanour Court has sentenced the teacher to three years in prison and an LE 200 bail. The teacher's lawyer reported that he was not given adequate time to defend his client in court, that he was not allowed to show the video in question during the defense, and that the teacher was not present at the hearing. The lawyer stated that he will appeal the ruling once the ruling in the case against the 4 students comes out on January 28 of this year. UPDATE on January 29, 2016: The case of the 4 students has been adjourned until February 4. UPDATE on February 4, 2016: It was announced that the verdict in the case against the 4 students would be issued on February 25, 2016. UPDATE on February 25, 2016: The court has sentenced three of the students to five years in prison for blasphemy charges, and referred the fourth to a punitive juvenile institution. The five year sentence is the maximum sentence. EIPR has condemned the sentence here: UPDATE on March 11, 2016: The four students' lawyer has stated that the Beni Mazar Misdemeanour Court has rejected his request to post bail; posting bail would allow the students to remain free while their appeal process is ongoing.
4/9/15Security Prevent Building of Church of Angel Mikhail in Abukorkas, Minya4/9/15ChristianPolicePrevention of RenovationHouse of Worship0000Abu QurqasMinyaEgyptThe Abu Qurqas security authorities have stopped the reconstruction of the church of Angel Mikhail. Security forces confiscated two cars and a bulldozer.
4/10/15Muslim Militants from al-Nasriah village in Minya Attack Coptic Homes4/10/15ChristianUnknownBlasphemyLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000Beni MazarMinyaEgyptA group of Muslim extemists from al-Nasriah village in Bani Mazar, Minya attacked a number of houses owned by Copts in the village, also throwing stones at Copts after Friday prayers following the arrest of Gad Youssef Yunan and the five Coptic minors who had been accused of insulting Islam. Muslims from the village protested on Thursday, April 9th. Some Copts refused to leave their homes to avoid any clashes between the two sides, especially after news spread that a number of Muslims came from neighboring villages. A number of security forces led by General Hisham Nasr arrived to the village and secured Copts while leaving the church.
4/11/15Extremists Prevent Copts in Sohag From Praying at the Virgin Mary Church4/11/15ChristianUnknownMobbingHouse of Worship0000GahinaSohagEgyptA number of extremists in the village Taleyhat in Gahina markaz in Sohag prevented Copts from praying inside their church, St. George Church. the source of the conflict is allegedly that the extremists believe that the Church is trying to get the necessary legal documents to build beacons and domes on the church, which currently is just a one floor without any externally visible religious symbols or signs. Several police reports have been filed by the Copts who had been prevented from entering the church.
4/11/15Mohamed Naser Warns of Christian Charity Organizations Proselytizing and Controlling the Economy4/11/15ChristianMohamed NaserIncitementIndividual0000AllAllEgyptMohamed Naser, TV broadcaster on Turkey-based "Egypt Now" (مصر الان) warns that Christian organizations are evangelizing and proselytizing Muslims, claiming that this has already begun in Upper Egypt. Further, Naser warns that in certain areas (he thinks it might be in Dahab) Muslim store-owners are selling their shops because they are going out of business and that Christians are buying the stores in order to take over the economy.
4/12/15Bomb Explodes near the Evangelical Church in Zagazig4/12/15ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000ZagazigSharqiyaEgyptA bomb has exploded near the Evangelical Church in Zagazig
4/12/15Bomb explodes near St. George Church in Zagazig4/12/15ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000ZagazigSharqiyaEgyptA bomb has exploded near the St. George Church in Zagazig.
4/14/1524 Year Old Disabled Coptic Man Tortured at Minya Police Station4/14/15ChristianStateTorturePolice ActionIndividual0001MinyaMinyaEgyptA 24-year old disabled Coptic man named Rady Aziz Sadiq is being held at the Minya Police Station, tortured on a regular basis, and barred from receiving outside food (even on the occasion of the Easter holiday). He is being held for events which his brother was originally charged in. He was recently charged with resisting arrest and assaulting security forces, despite reports from his family that he is completely innocent.
4/15/15Ministry of Religious Endowments to Form Groups to Spread Awareness On the Threats of Atheism, Shi'a, Bahá'ísm, and Other Controversial Topics4/15/15MultipleGovernmentIncitementIndividual0000AllAllEgyptThe Ministry of Religious Endowments has decided to form special groups to spread awareness on controversial community issues in Egypt’s mosques. During a meeting with his deputies from different governorates on Tuesday, Religious Endowments Minister Mohamed Mokhtar Goma’a said those groups will hold small monthly gatherings between the evening prayers in mosques. “The groups will include one Quran reciter, one chanter and two speakers,” ministry spokesman Mohamed Abdel Razek told Daily News Egypt. “The gatherings aim at spreading awareness on the threats of atheism, Shi’a, Baha’ism expiation, killings, and drug addiction.”
4/18/15Abanoub Zareef Yusuf, 18 Year Old Copt, Missing for 6 Days4/18/15ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010SamaloutMinyaEgyptAbanub Zareef Yousef (age 18) went missing from his home in Samalout, Minya and has been missing since. At the time of recording this incident, he had been missing for six days.
4/21/15Slain Body of Coptic Woman Found in Ibrahimiyya Pond in Minya4/21/15ChristianUnknownStabbingIndividual1000MinyaMinyaEgyptThe body of 50-year-old Coptic woman Gameela Hanna Bassilious has been found with fatal stab wounds to the neck and chest in the Ibrahimiyya Pond in Minya.
4/23/15Body of Kidnapped Coptic Child, Age Two and a Half, Found in Minya4/23/15ChristianUnknownKillingIndividual1010SamaloutMinyaEgyptThe body of Shenouda Salah Sidhom (age 2.5) was found by Minya police. Shenouda was kidnapped seventeen days ago by a gang that had demanded an initial ransom of LE 400,000. Despite negotiations with the father of the child and an agreement to pay an LE 20,000 ransom, the gang refused to hand over the child.
4/25/15Unknown Assailants Shoot at al-Nazla Church and Guards in Fayoum4/25/15ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000Yousif al-SadeekFayoumEgyptUnknown assailants riding a motorcycle have fired shots at Al-Nazla Church and the guards outside the Church in Fayoum. No injuries were reported.
4/28/15Home of ISIS Victim Attacked by Unknown Assailants in Minya4/28/15ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptThe home of Coptic victim of ISIS (Samuel Alham) in al-Aour village in Minya was attacked by unknown assailants with molotov cocktails, leading to a significant fire in his home, threatening the lives of Alham's family members.
4/29/15Coptic Businessman Subjected to Attempted Kidnapping in Minya4/29/15ChristianUnknownAttempted AttackAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0000MinyaMinyaEgyptCoptic businessman Mina Mashriqy Ghattas was subject to an attempted kidnapping in Nazlat Ebeid in Minya. Ghattas was driving his car on a side road when assailants driving a car attacked him and attempted to force him to stop; when he refused, they shot at him. He was able to escape.
4/29/15Seventeen Year Old Coptic Woman Disappeared in Assiut4/29/15ChristianAllegedly, Ahmed Mahmoud El-BannaAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010AssiutAssiutEgypt17 year old Coptic woman Mary Emil Habib disappeared in Mosha village of Assiut on April 29; she was last seen at school and once she disappeared, her mobile phone was turned off. Five days later, Ahmed Mahmoud El-Banna was arrested for allegedly being involved in the kidnapping.
4/30/15Sharqiya Preschool Shut for Shi'a Teachings4/30/15Shi'aGovernmentGovernment ActionInstitution0000Kafr SaqrSharqiyaEgyptA preschool in Sangaha in Kafr Saqr, Sharqiyya has been shut by the authorities for allegedly teaching Shi'a religious principles. The legal registration status of the preschool is still being contested.
5/2/1517-Year-Old Coptic Girl Missing in Agami5/2/15ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010AgamiAlexandriaEgyptMarina Magdy Fahim (age 18) has been missing from her home since May 2, 2015 after she was last seen leaving her home to attend a private lesson. A member of the Maspero Youth Coalition in Alexandria, Ramy Kashow, filed a police report in the al-Amiriya Police Station 1.
5/3/158 Year Old Coptic Child Kidnapped and Mother Attacked in Naga Hammadi5/3/15ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010Naga HammadiQenaEgyptFour armed assailants have kidnapped 8 year old Coptic child Antonious Hany Khalaf while he was walking to school with his mother. While attempting to protect her son, the mother was also heavily beaten and attacked by the assailants.
7/31/12Bishoy Kamel Arrested for Allegedly Defaming IslamOngoingChristianGovernmentBlasphemyJudicial VerdictIndividual0001SohagSohagEgyptCoptic Christian teacher Bishoy Kamel was arrested in Sohag after allegedly sharing cartoons on Facebook that reportedly defamed the Prophet and Islam and insulting then-President Morsi. Kamel stated that the page had been hacked and that he had not posted the content in question. UPDATE on September 18, 2012: The Sohag Misdemeanour Court sentenced Kamel to three years in prison for insulting the Prophet (defamation of religion), two years for insulting then-President Morsi at the time, and one year for insulting a plaintiff lawyer. UPDATE on September 27, 2013: The Sohag Misdemeanour Appeals Court affirmed the sentence against Kamel in its entirety. UPDATE on May 22, 2014: The Misdemeanour Appeal Court in Sohag acquitted Kamel of the charge of insulting the President, but affirming all other sentences, resulting in a four year prison sentence and an LE 10,000 fine. UPDATE on July 25, 2015: The Court of Cassation agreed to hear Bishoy Kamel's appeal. UPDATE on October 9, 2015: Bishoy Kamel released from prison. UPDATE on March 13, 2016: The Court of Cassation acquitted Kamel of the the defamation of religion charge he had faced.
5/4/15Storage of Coptic Farmer Burned Down and Plants Destroyed in Beheira5/4/15ChristianNeighborsArson/BurningPersonal Property0000Kafr al-DawarBeheiraEgyptThe storage facilities of Coptic farmer Atfy Gameel were burned down and his plans were destroyed on his farm in Kafr El-Dawwar in Beheira. Gameel accuses of set of two neighboring Muslim brothers who have caused problems for him and his farm over the last year. The police has refused to record Gameel's complaint, thus impeding his ability to press charges.
5/5/15Armed Assailants Attempt to Kidnap 27 Year Old Coptic Man in Minya5/5/15ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010MinyaMinyaEgyptThree armed assailants dressed as policemen attempted to kidnap 27 year old Coptic Paulus Abdul-Messieh in Nazlat Ebeid in Minya. The kidnappers claimed they were enforcing a court judgment; once Abdul-Messieh resisted, he was attacked and injured in the head. The kidnappers fled the scene once the mayor's son arrived at the scene. This is the second attempted kidnapping of a Copt in Nazlet Ebeid in a single week.
5/6/15Egypt's Ministry of Social Solidarity to Investigate Alleged Shi'a NGOs5/6/15Shi'aMinistry of Social SolidarityCriminal InvestigationInstitution0000AllAllEgyptThe Ministry of Solidarity decided to form a committee to investigate the validity of some NGO’s who allegedly perform Shi'a practices. The head of the central administration of the NGO’s within the ministry, Khaled Sultan, told Youm7 that the committee had been formed upon a decree from Minister Ghada Waly, and if there is any NGO that preforms or promotes Shi'a Islam, either the board or the whole NGO will be dissolved upon consultation with the NGO's Federation.
5/6/15Complaint Filed to Close Shi'a Channels in Egypt5/6/15Shi'aMinistry of Social SolidarityCriminal InvestigationInstitution0000AllAllEgyptThe Coalition of the Companions and Family of the Prophet, announced that a complaint had been filed to the General Prosecutor requesting that approximately twenty-two Shi'a channels on satellite tv, NileSat be closed.
5/12/15Clashes Ensue in al-Galaa, Minya after Muslim Accuses Christian of Harassment5/12/15ChristianNeighborsClashesIndividual0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptClashes erupted in al-Galaa village in Samalout, Minya after Muslim resident Omar Mohamed Younes accused Christian resident Amgad Abdeed of attempting to harass his wife. A report was filed at the police station and a reconciliation appears to have been held.
12/4/13Noted Convert to Christianity Bishoy Armia Arrested, Facing ChargesongoingChristianGovernmentAssaultBlasphemyIndividual0100Qesm TorahCairoEgyptOn December 4, 2013, noted convert to Christianity Bishoy Armia was arrested in Minya. Authorities claimed he was contributing to a ‘false image’ that there was violence against Christians in Minya. Bishoy Armia had first made headlines in 2007 as the first Egyptian Christian convert to file a lawsuit to try to change his religious status on his ID card. In June 2014, Armia was sentenced to five years in prison and fined LE 500 for "depicting Christians as suffering from sectarian oppression" and reporting the "misinformation." On the date of the appeal hearing (July 20, 2014), the court ordered his release after his lawyer filed a complaint stating that bail had not been appropriately set. Just one day later however, he was re-arrested on blasphemy charges brought years earlier. On December 28, 2014, an appeals judge found Bishoy not guilty of two charges relating to the Minya arrest, but sentenced him to one year in prison on another charge. Despite having spent more than one year in detention, he was not released and he was held without an opportunity to post bail because of blasphemy charges that had been belatedly brought. UPDATE on June 5, 2015: Armia has been subject to beatings while in detention at Tora Prison. His lawyer has submitted a complaint to the Prosecutor-General stating that his client is being beaten because of his conversion to Christianity. UPDATE on February 23, 2016: The Cairo Criminal Court extended the pretrial detention of Armia for 45 days, despite the fact that he has spent more than the maximum two years in pretrial detention.
5/12/15Shi'a Doctor Sentenced to 6 Months for Contempt of Religion5/12/15Shi'aGovernmentJudicial VerdictIndividual0000TalkhaDaqahliyaEgyptShi'a doctor Mahmoud Abdel Khaleq Mahmoud Dahroug has been sentenced by the Talkha Misdemeanor Court in Daqahliya to six months in jail for contempt of religion and being in possession of books that incite religious sectarianism and threaten national security. Said-books were allegedly found in his home. Another two Shi'a citizens, Taha Marzouk Abdel-Hamid and Karim el-Borai Abdullah, were also arrested as they attempted to visit Dahroug's home, though they have since been released.
5/15/1518-Year-Old Copt in Beni Suef Accused of Defamatory Posts5/15/15ChristianNeighborsBlasphemyCriminal InvestigationIndividual0000EhnasiyaBeni SuefEgypt18 year old Coptic Maher Fayez Habeeb Hanna has been detained in Mayana Village in Beni Suef after accusations that he posted material defamatory to Islam and the Prophet on his Facebook. UPDATE on May 18, 2015: Hanna's detention has been extended after the expiration of a preliminary 4-day investigatory detention. UPDATE on June 4, 2015: Hanna's lawyer reports being harassed for choosing to represent his client. Additionally, Hanna's family has been forcibly removed from the village & remaining Coptic families face verbal harassment and alienation. UPDATE on June 11, 2015: Hanna's detention has been extended for 15 days. Although his family has returned to the village, they have been unable to visit their son during his detention. UPDATE on June 28, 2015: Hanna's detention has been extended for another 45 days. UPDATE on August 6, 2015: The court has set August 9 as the next hearing in Hanna's case. UPDATE on August 9, 2015: The court has decided to extend the detention of Hanna for an additional 15 days. UPDATE on October 3, 2015: The court has extended Hanna's detention for another 15 days. UPDATE on October 13, 2015: Court has extended Hanna's detention another 45 days. UPDATE on November 15, 2015: Hanna has been released from detention after having spent the maximum period in pretrial detention without being referred to trial.
5/16/15Bomb Explodes near Gate of St. George Church in Tamiya, Fayoum5/16/15ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000TamiyaFayoumEgyptA bomb has exploded near the gate of the St. George Church in Tamiya, Fayoum. Some of the glass on the Church's building was destroyed, but no injuries were reported. Authorities also worked to defuse a second bomb in the same location.
5/18/15Four Copts Kidnapped while Driving to Gabal al-Tayr Monastery5/18/15ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0040SamaloutMinyaEgyptFour Copts were kidnapped while driving to Gabal al-Tayr Monastery in Minya to attend the Samalout Festival of the Virgin. The kidnappers demanded 1 million Egyptian pounds in ransom. Two were from Beni Mehdi village and two from Minya City.
5/24/15Coptic Pharmacist Kidnapped while Driving Home from Warraq5/24/15ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010GizaEgyptA Coptic pharmacist by the name of Saad Aziz Wassef has been kidnapped while driving home from his pharmacy in al-Warraq. Unknown assailants attacked his car, threatening him with gunshots. UPDATE on 5/29/2015: After the family of Wassef and the police were able to capture the go-between arranging for the payment of ransom between the kidnappers and Wassef's family, Wassef was released by the kidnappers in Kerdasa who feared being discovered by the police. It is reported that Wassef was beaten, tortured, insulted, and denied food while kidnapped.
5/24/15Coptic Homes Attacked with Molotov Cocktails in Beni Suef in Wake of New "Defamatory" Facebook Posts5/24/15ChristianNeighborsBlasphemyClashesPersonal Property0000al-FashanBeni SuefEgyptCoptic homes in al-Fashan village in Beni Suef have been attacked with rocks and molotov cocktails, leading to a number of home fires and the destruction of at least one car. The attacks have occurred in the wake of allegations that Coptic resident Ayman Yusuf Tawfik has posted defamatory content to Islam on his personal Facebook page.
5/29/15Coptic Farmer in al-Galaa, Samalout Beaten and Injured5/29/15ChristianNeighborsAssaultIndividual0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptGamal Haleem, a farmer in al-Galaa village in Samalout, was attacked by a group of Muslim residents while he was farming his land. He was injured in his skull, back, and neck in the wake of the attack which came during a time of heightened sectarian tension around the building of a new church in the village.
5/31/15Unknown Assailants Shoot at Evangelical Church in Sanoris, Fayoum5/31/15ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000SanorisFayoumEgyptThe Evangelical Church of Sanoris, Fayoum has been targeted with gunshots by unknown assailants. No injuries were reported.
6/10/15Coptic Storeowner's Clothing Store Set on Fire in Beni Suef6/10/15ChristianAllegedly MBLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000al-FashanBeni SuefEgyptThe clothing store of Coptic storeowner Ibrahim Ishaq in al-Fashan village in Beni Suef has been set on fire by assailants. Ishaq blames members of the Muslim Brotherhood for the attack which he argues is in retaliation for his decision to report the whereabouts of some of their members to security forces. Ishaq has reported receiving threats before via Facebook.
6/14/15Unknown Assailants Throw Molotov Cocktails at Coptic Home in Beni Suef6/14/15ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000EhnasiyaBeni SuefEgyptThree individuals have attacked the home of Coptic resident Gameel Mansa with molotov cocktails in Mayana Village in Beni Suef, causing a small fire and some damage to the home.
6/16/15Coptic Man Kidnapped by Unknown Assailants in Deir Mawas, Minya6/16/15ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010DelgaMinyaEgyptA 65-year-old Coptic farmer by the name of Eissa Henry Sharmoukh has been kidnapped by unknown assailants in Deir Mawas, Minya. His kidnappers have demanded an LE 1 million ransom.
6/19/1528 year old Christian man killed after scuffle between Azhar students6/19/15ChristianAhmed Abdullah BazClashesIndividual1000Kafr al-SheikhGizaEgyptAfter a scuffle between a Muslim Azhar student and another Christian man, Alber Ramzy, who was not involved in the scuffle but standing off to the side, was attacked by the Muslim Azhar student and hit over the head. He died in the hospital and while in surgery, after sustaining fatal injuries for 72 hours
6/21/15Freedom and Justice Party Facebook Account Shares Link Suggesting Church Complicity in Taraweh decision6/21/15ChristianFJPIncitementIndividual0000AllAllEgyptThe Freedom and Justice Party Facebook account shared an article which implies that the Egyptian Church is complicit and behind a recent government decision to stop the broadcasting of Taraweh prayers on external loudspeakers.
6/22/15School Principal Refuses to Register any Christian Students6/22/15ChristianSchool PrincipalDiscriminationIndividual0000GeheinahSohagEgyptThe principal of Geheinah School in Sohag has publicly and unapologetically announced that he refuses to enroll any Christian students into his school at the preschool and primary school levels. UPDATE on June 23, 2015: At least 18 students have had their papers rejected at the school.
6/24/15Unknown Individuals Hack Church Facebook Page and Post Inciting Material6/24/15ChristianUnknownIncitementAll0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptUnknown individuals have hacked the Facebook page of the St. George Church in Atsa in Samalout, Minya and posted inciting material.
6/24/15Coptic Teenager Kidnapped in Beni Suef6/24/15ChristianFour YouthAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010SemsataBeni SuefEgypt17-year-old Mariam Maher has been kidnapped from Badhal Village in Beni Suef by 4 young men in a car. One witness to the incident, who initially insisted on riding the car with the men who claimed they were taking Maher to the Police Station, was beaten up and forcibly removed from the car. Despite knowledge suggesting the identity of the kidnappers, Maher remains kidnapped.
6/25/15Alexandria Coptic Hospital Church Unable to Complete Construction6/25/15ChristianGovernmentPrevention of RenovationHouse of Worship0000Moharram BeikAlexandriaEgyptDespite approval granted in 2002, the Church of the Virgin Mary at the Coptic Hospital in Alexandria has been unable to complete construction and expansion. When construction was attempted at a prior time, security forces intervened and prevented the process. Despite the submission of a complaint to the Governor of Alexandria three months ago, the government has not taken any action to uphold the right to complete construction.
6/26/15Car Bomb Detonated at the Diocese of John the Baptist Church in Qusiyyah, Assiut6/26/15ChristianUnknownBombingHouse of Worship0000QusiyyahAssiutEgyptA car bomb has detonated near the Diocese of John the Baptist Church in Qusiyyah, Assiut. The bomb was placed under Joseph Amin's car, license plate number, 31097. No further details have been published about the incident. No reported casualties or arrests have been made at present.
6/27/15Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Supports Azhari Campaign to Combat Shi'a Expansion6/27/15Shi'aAzharIncitementIndividual0000AllAllEgyptThe Grand Imam of al-Azhar expressed his support for an Azhar campaign that seeks to combat what it refers to as "Shi'a Expansion" in Egypt. The campaign aims to counter the establishment of what are allegedly proselytizing associations and activities.
6/28/15Christian Soldier Reported Dead under Suspicious Circumstances OngoingChristianUnknownShootingIndividual1000QusiyyahAssiutEgyptChristian soldier, Bahaa Gamal Mikhail was reported dead under suspicious circumstances on June 29th, 2015, with official Military statements contesting that Bahaa committed suicide. Yet, highlighting numerous inconsistences in the Military’s official explanation, Bahaa’s friends and relatives, as well as Coptic activists, maintain that Bahaa was murdered and have requested an official criminal investigation.
7/2/15Extremists Gather Around Minya Church to Protest Alleged Informal Place of Worship7/2/15ChristianExtremistsMobbingHouse of Worship0000Abu QurqasMinyaEgyptExtremists have gathered around the Church of the Virgin, St. George, and Mother Sarah in the Arab Asmant village in Abu Qurqas in Minya. They allege that a Coptic man has informally converted his home into a place of worship.
7/4/15Quranists Subject to Thirteen Hour Investigation in Sharqiya7/4/15QuranistGovernmentCriminal InvestigationIndividual0000ZagazigSharqiyaEgyptFour individuals, reportedly Quranists, were detained by State Security and made to undergo 13 hours of questioning in Sharqiya.
7/5/15Coptic Policeman Transferred to Reserves in Preparation for Removal Without CauseongoingChristianGovernmentBlasphemyLegal ActionIndividual0000LuxorLuxorEgyptCoptic policeman Khalil Malak Khalil has been transferred to the reserves in preparation for his potential removal without cause. When Khalil, who is stationed at the Luxor Airport, asked the Ministry of Interior about the removal order, he was told that he was being transferred after accusations (that arose during the Morsi regime) that he posted defamatory posts about Islam on his Facebook page, leading to the refusal of some police officers to work alongside him. Although the prosecution cleared him of any defamation charges while he was working at the Department of Personnel Affairs at the Luxor Police Station, he was transferred to Qena for alleged security reasons. He was eventually transferred back to Luxor just months before his removal order. UPDATE on August 2: Although a memorandum requesting the cancellation of his removal has been submitted, it is unclear whether it will be of any success.
7/8/15Six Farms Destroyed in al-Galaa, Minya7/8/15ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptSix farms have been destroyed belonging to six Christians in al-Galaa village in Samalout, Minya; men who have positively contributed to the building and construction of Virgin Mary Church.
7/11/15Three Christians Detained While Passing Out Dates, Accused of "Proselytizing", Now Dropped7/11/15ChristianGovernmentBlasphemyCriminal InvestigationIndividual0000MontazaAlexandriaEgyptOn Friday July 10, Fawzi Osama, a 16-year-old Christian, was detained by a journalist, Mahmoud Abdel Halim Mousa, who took him to the Sidi Bishr Police Station after confiscating his national identification card. Fawzi had been passing out dates to fasting Muslims on the occasion of Ramadan. Fawzi then called two of his friends (Stephen Botros and one other) who arrived at the station to help Fawzi (the two others had not been involved in passing out the dates) and were subsequently arrested and detained. They were kept until Monday July 13 at 1 am when they were each released on bail of LE 10,000. All three boys (ages 24, 22, and 16) were charged with: 1) contempt of religion, and 2) using modern methods to proselytize. Attached to this report is an Arabic testimony of Stephen who describes the timeline of the events including treatment of the journalist. Allegedly the journalist threatened Fawzi saying "I won’t let you go. The police will deal with you and I will deal with you and your family”. According to Ishak Ibrahim, a researcher with EIPR, there have been 15 similar “blasphemy cases” since January 2015. UPDATE Februrary 24, 2016: A family member has announced that the case against Fawzi, Stephen, and Shady has been dropped.
7/13/15Extremists Stop Church Service and Demand Church Demolition in Minya7/13/15ChristianExtremistsMobbingHouse of Worship0000Abu QurqasMinyaEgyptExtremists have gathered around a church in Arab Asmant village of Abu Qurqas in Minya, bringing the church prayer and service to a halt. They are demanding the demolition of the church and that Christians no longer be allowed to engage in their religious services.
7/14/15Unidentified Assailant Attacks a Nun in Beni Suef7/14/15ChristianUnknownAssaultLooting/Destruction of PropertyIndividual0100BebaBeni SuefEgyptAn unidentified assailant attacked a nun in Beba, Beni Suef with a knife, beating her head into a wall and on the ground. The nun needed seven stiches following the attack. She prevented him from entering a house that belonged to the Diocese. No arrest has been made yet following the police report that was filed.
7/16/15Coptic Man Transfered from Ministry of Interior Job for Alleged "Proselytizing"7/16/15ChristianGovernmentDiscriminationIndividual0000DowntownCairoEgyptA Coptic employee of the Ministry of Interior's Civil Status Department has been transferred to a position outside of the Ministry amidst rumors that he was allegedly proselytizing.
7/17/15Coptic Man and His Brother Beaten and Threatened with Arson in Minya7/17/15ChristianNeighborsAssaultIndividual0200SamaloutMinyaEgyptGamal Farouk Faragallah, a Coptic man, and his brother were attacked by their neighbors while irrigating their land in Samalout, Minya. Faragallah and his brother sustained injuries to the head and eye. According to the men, the incident can be traced back to an incident in which one neighbor attempted to force the men's elderly mother to forcibly sell their home. When the men refused, the neighbor forced them to pay royalties and threatened to burn down the home.
7/18/15ISIS Reports Kidnap of Three Christians in Libya, Among Them One Egyptian7/18/15ChristianISISAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0030DernaDernaLibyaWilayit Barqa of the Islamic State has reported the alleged kidnap of three Christian men in Derna, Libya: an Egyptian (Bekhit Nageh Efrank Ebeid), a Nigerian (Adeola Ibrahim), and a Ghanaian (Sekyere Kofi Frimpong).
7/21/15Unidentified Assailants Attacked a Church in Alexandria with Molotov Cocktails and IEDs7/21/15ChristianUnknownMobbingHouse of Worship0000al-Montaza AlexandriaEgyptUnidentified assailants attacked al-Abaa (Fathers) Church in eastern of Alexandria on using IEDs and Molotov cocktails. While the incident did not cause casualties, the security booth outside the church was destroyed. The church's surveillance cameras were not working.
7/22/15Catholic school in Alexandria fire bombed by unknown assailants 7/22/15ChristianUnknown BombingEducational Institution0000al-AttarinAlexandriaEgypt Unidentified assailants threw Molotov cocktails at the Catholic Savenzan de Paul Languages School in Miami area of Alexandria.
7/22/15Alexandria Church Faces Challenges to Obtain New License7/22/15ChristianGovernmentDemolitionHouse of Worship0000Hadrah BahriAlexandriaEgyptDespite receiving presidential approval in 1975, the Faith Church for Evangelical Copts continues to face difficulty in gaining construction authorization from the city after an order of demolition was issued in 2010 when a non-confirming apartment building was constructed next door. While numerous construction requests have been submitted more recently to the Governor of Alexandria, they have been left unaddressed.
7/24/15Deactivated Bomb Found in front of Assiut Bible Society of Egypt7/24/15ChristianUnkownBombingHouse of Worship0000AssiutAssiutEgyptA deactivated bomb was found in front of Assiut's Bible Society (Dar Al-Kitab Al-Moqaddas). It is unknown who planted the bomb, but security forces believe that because it was not active, it was placed to scare worshippers.
7/26/15Thugs Take Over 13-Acres of Land Belonging to Coptic Man in Beni Suef7/26/15ChristianThugsForced TakingPersonal Property0000SamastaBeni SuefEgyptThugs have taken over 13 acres of land (worth LE 4 million) belonging to a Coptic man named Michel Gabrial Abdel-Shaheed in al-Shantour Village in Samasta, Beni Suef. Although complaints have been filed and the police has been informed, there has been no overt action to return the land to its owner.
7/26/15Molotov Cocktails Thrown at Coptic Man's Home in Samalout7/26/15ChristianUnknownBombingPersonal Property0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptMolotov cocktails have been thrown at the bedroom of Coptic man Gamal Farouk Faragallah, a farmer, in Samalout, Minya. The attack comes in response to Farag Allah's earlier submitted complaint about an assault that took place against him and his brother on 17 July 2015.
7/29/15Catholic Church Worker Disappears in Malawi7/29/15ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010MalawiMinyaEgypt70 year old Hanna Faheem Shehata has disappeared in murky circumstances from Malawi, Minya. Hanna works for the Catholic Church in Malawi. His family has not received any calls about his disappearance at present.
7/30/15Coptic Christian Kidnapped and Held Ransom in Assiut7/30/15ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010Sahel SelimAssiutEgyptCoptic Wael Abdel Aziz has been kidnapped in Assiut. His kidnappers have demanded 2 million pounds ransom. The kidnapping took place outside the village of Buwayt.
8/5/15Coptic Doctor Receives Two Death Threats Demanding PaymentongoingChristianUnknownThreatIndividual0000Abu TigAssiutEgyptCoptic doctor Alaa Atef has received at least two death threats over the phone demanding that he pay LE 100,000 to protect himself. He recorded the phone call and informed police accordingly.
8/7/1517 Year Old Coptic Woman Reported Kidnapped from SamaloutongoingChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010SamaloutMinyaEgyptMary Magdy Atiyya (age 17) has been reported kidnapped from al-Hilmiyya Village in Samalout, Minya. Atiyya's disappearance is thought to have occurred after the repeated kidnap attempts committed by high school student Mostafa Ahmed Gamal Farghaly. Atiyya was kidnapped three days after her engagement; the family reports that she did not have any conflicts with her fiancee and loved him very much. The family received a call from an unknown number this week; when they answered, Atiyya informed them that she had been kidnapped.
8/7/15Four Coptic Men Kidnapped from Samalout, Minya8/8/15ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0040SamaloutMinyaEgyptFour Coptic men have been kidnapped from Al-Qamadir Village in Samalout, Minya. The men are: Sefeen Ibrahim Ayad (age 33), Gerges Ibrahim Ayad (age 39), Morqos Samir Grees, and Hany Beshry Qalada (age 40). The Ayad brothers and Qalada jointly own an insect extermination company; Grees is the company's driver. After the men were called to do an extermination job, the father of Morqos received a call that the men had been kidnapped. The kidnappers initially demanded a ransom of LE 500,000, which they then dropped down to LE 100,000. UPDATE on August 8, 2015: Security forces have succeeded in freeing the four kidnapped men without the payment of ransom.
8/8/15Coptic Woman in her Thirties Disappears under Murky Circumstances8/8/15ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010QousQenaEgyptA Coptic woman in her thirties disappeared under murky circumstances. Her husband had been away seeking medical help for their sick child; when he returned home, he did not find his wife despite several attemps to search. Her husband reports no marital discord. The police have been notified.
8/9/15Arrest of Church Custodian Reportedly Handing Out Bibles Outside of Mall8/9/15ChristianPoliceBlasphemyDetention/ArrestIndividual0001October 6 CityGizaEgyptA church custodian, Medhat Ishaq, was detained for four days after being arrested on August 9, 2015 by security forces outside of the Mall of Arabia in October 6 City while allegedly in possession of nine copies of the Bible. Security forces accused Ishaq of standing outside of the mall and proselytizing. The man, who is from Beni Ebeid in Minya, is facing accusations of "the exploitation of religion for the purposes of inciting sectarian strife and harming national unity." UPDATE on August 10, 2015: prosecution extended Ishaq’s detention for another 15 days and added a new charge of "defamation of religion." UPDATE on August 24, 2015: The 6th of October Misdemeanor Court extended Ishaq’s pretrial detention for another 15 day. UPDATE on September 7, 2015: Misdemeanor Court ordered his release on bail of 300 Egyptian pounds.
8/16/15Despite Attempts by Coptic Families to Build School, Government Rejects RequestongoingChristianGovernmentGovernment ActionPrevention of RenovationEducational Institution0000al-FashanBeni SuefEgyptBecause there is reportedly no elementary or middle schools in Ezbet Dos, Absog village in Beni Suef, students must travel at least 1.001 km to attend a school. Because the majority of Ezbet Dos's residents are Coptic, they are harassed by students at the school. Students reportedly hit students who say they are Coptic, allowing Muslim students to remain unharmed. In light of continued harassment, the families of Ezbet Dos and the Church together raised enough money to buy a 1900-meter piece of land upon which to construct a school. After submitting the necessary requests and documentation to the relevant government ministries however, the request was denied. The government stated that it rejected the request because the land was zoned for agricultural uses only. Ezbet Dos's families consider this reason to be pretense because of the fact that many schools in the area are built on agricultural land.
8/19/15Coptic Doctor Faces Reportedly Discriminatory Treatment at Damanhour Teaching Hospital8/19/15ChristianHospitalDiscriminationLegal ActionIndividual0000DamanhourBeheiraEgyptDr. Michael Iskander Mikhail (age 27) is reportedly undergoing discriminatory treatment while at the Psychological and Neurological Department of the Damanhour Teaching Hospital. It is reported that his grade was arbitrarily dropped from 100 to 80% under the pretense that he "complains too much." The incident reportedly dates back to a time when the mother of the doctor took a friend to the hospital and while at the hospital, heard another doctor insulting the President and the state and discussing politics while on the job; this led to a verbal altercation, thereafter, the other doctor reportedly pulled the mother by the hair and beat her. Although the mother tried to submit a complaint to the hospital and the police, the police only investigated complaints by the hospital which she reports were made up. Thereafter, the hospital took disciplinary action against her son as a doctor.
8/13/15Clashes between a Christian and Muslim family in Minya8/13/15ChristianCoptic OrthodoxClashesIndividual0206MaghaghaMinyaEgyptClashes between a Muslim and a Christian family in Maghagha, Minya erupted over an intermarriage conflict that was later broken up by security forces. Two were injured and six were arrested in the event.
11/10/14Court Sentences Karim al-Banna to Three Years in Prison for AtheismongoingNon-ReligiousGovernmentJudicial VerdictIndividual0001BeheiraBeheiraEgyptKarim Ashraf Mohamed al-Banna was arrested in November 2014 with a group of other people at a cafe in Cairo for announcing on Facebook that he was an atheist. An Egyptian minor offenses court sentenced him to three years in prison. His appeal was scheduled for March 9, 2015, with a bail set at 1,000 (some sources says 3,000) Egyptian pounds. In March, the sentence was confirmed and al-Banna is currently in hiding despite the fact that his family has allegedly encouraged him to face the judicial process.
5/31/14Luxor Copt Detained Over Allegations of Insulting Islam9/1/14ChristianGovernmentBlasphemyDetention/ArrestIndividual0001LuxorLuxorEgypt30 year old Kirollos Shawky was detained pending allegations of defamation of Islam for content he allegedly posted on the Knights of the Cross Facebook page. The incident first began when Kirollos received threatening messages from his neighbors about alleged Facebook posts; a mob of 500 gathered around his house thereafter with Molotov cocktails. When he went to report the incident to the police, he was detained, charged, and ultimately sentenced to six years in prison by the Armant Misdemeanor Court on charges of insulting Islam and stirring up sectarian strife. Released on bail, Shawky has remained in hiding since; the appeal to his sentence was affirmed in September 2014.
8/27/15Security Forces Find Body of Hanged Copt in New Valley8/27/15ChristianUnknownKillingIndividual1000al-FarafraNew ValleyEgyptCoptic man Bishoy Kamal Lamee was found hanged on a tree branch in al-Farafra in the New Valley. No signs of attempted theft were present at the scene. Details of the incident and the issue of motive have not yet been made clear.
8/27/1522 Year Old Coptic Conscript Dead After Four Gunshots8/27/15ChristianUnknownShootingKillingIndividual1000Marsa MatruhMatruhEgypt22 year old Coptic conscript Bahaa Saeed Karam has died after being the victim of four gunshots in Marsa Matruh. His family has received the body and are awaiting the results of the forensic tests to learn more about the cause of death, motive, and details of the situation. The conscript's colleagues report conflicting circumstances around the death, once of which suggest that another conscript had sent him death threats.
9/2/15Two Bombs Explode at Christian-Owned Mall in Qena9/2/15ChristianUnknownBombingPersonal Property0000QenaQenaEgyptTwo bombs exploded in front of a Coptic-owned shopping mall in Qena. Some damage was caused to residential flats surrounding the mall. The shopping mall is owned by Coptic man Anis Dimitri.
7/27/15Coptic Student, Mariam Malak Zakry, Alleges Forged Exam Results ongoingChristianUnclear DiscriminationIndividual0000MinyaMinyaEgyptThe exams of Mariam Malak Zakry Tadros, 16, an "excellent student" who ranked first in her class in Minya’s Saft Al-Khomar secondary school last year, were forged for her secondary stage exam. A report has been filed with the police. UPDATE 9/30/2015: Prosecution finalizes investigation and refers case to Admin Court. Hearing will be on November 9, 2015.
9/7/15Salafi Daawa Launches Anti-Atheism Movement in EgyptongoingNon-ReligiousSalafi DaawaIncitementDiscriminationIndividual0000AllAllEgyptA group of Atheists launched a Facebook page in late August 2015, calling on the members to openly proclaim their personal beliefs. In response and sponsored by Salafi Daawa, the Fath Center for Research and Studies’ Department of Atheism launched a campaign against atheists. The campaign consists of videos on how one can confront and deal with atheism in Egypt.
9/23/15Land Dispute Escalates to Attacks on Copts in Alexandria VillageongoingChristianHowty TribeLooting/Destruction of PropertyForced TakingIndividual1Few00AmiriyaAlexandriaEgyptCoptic-owned homes and a church were attacked with rocks in Ola village in Amiriya, Alexandria. The dispute began in 2012 when members of the Heweita Bedouin tribe and took a piece of land that Hamdy Makanoty bought in 1995. After communal efforts to get his land back, Makanoty resorted to the law and won a court verdict ordering his land to be returned to him. A police force tried to enforce the verdict in 2014, however it withdrew after the aggressors gathered their allies from neighboring villages and attacked the forces with rocks. The forces returned on Sunday with a larger number and were also met with resistance from the aggressors. The police returned the attack with tear gas and rubber bullets which killed Mahmoud Eissa (on September 20, 2015), according to Ramy Qashwa, an activist based in Alexandria. The police force then withdrew. Two hours later, members of the tribe and others gathered from surrounding villages and claimed that Makanoty was responsible for Eissa's death and attacked any house that belonged to Makonty or any of his relatives. Theres Hanala, a relative of Makonty was injured. Makonty and his family have not returned home out of fear having received threats saying houses belonging to Makanoty and his family will be burned. Makanoty recieved another threat calling for his forced displacement from the village. Qashwa states that there was a complete lack of security presence as the situation remains tense on Monday and that another tribe, Al Maghawra, assisted in protecting Makanoty's houses during Eissa's funeral on Monday September 21, 2015. UPDATE on October 4, 2015: A reconciliation session on the issue resulted in a decision that Makonty not be able to demand the return of his land for 4 months, that he and his family not be allowed to attend the Mar Guirguis Church for 4 months, and that the Howty tribe not come anywhere near the land in question. Another reconciliation session is set to take place in 4 months. UPDATE on October 29, 2015: The lawyer representing the Makonty family reports that members of the Howty tribe and family continue to harass the Makonty family and that the police has failed to appropriately stem such harassment. UPDATE on November 19, 2015: A member of the Makonty family reports that the land continues to be in the hands of the Heweita tribe despite the fact that police had stated they would regrain the land by November 8, a deadline that was not met due to the heavy rains in Alexandria.
9/27/15Five Copts Injured in Attacks in Samalout, Minya9/27/15ChristianNeighborsAssaultIndividual0500SamaloutMinyaEgyptTwo separate incidents in al-Galaa and al-Amudiyyeen villages in Samalout, Minya have resulted in the injury of at least 5 Copts. The incidents involved one assault by Muslim neighbors on some Christians in alleged response to a church construction; another assault reportedly occurred after some Muslim residents attacked a Christian wedding. These incidents reportedly occurred on the heels of one report that a local Christian woman had been harassed by Muslim neighbors; the villages' Christian residents reported the incidents, asking the Mayor for help.
9/23/15Emad Samir, Previously Detained Copt, Assaulted in Prison 9/29/15ChristianPoliceAssaultDetention/ArrestIndividual0101SemsataBeni SuefEgyptOn September 23, 2015, Emad Samir, a Coptic resident of 6th of October City, returned to Samasta to visit his family. As he arrived in town, an altercation occurred over Samir's scooter and the bicycle of a local Muslim man, Muhammad Ibrahim. Ibrahim subsequently accused Samir of kidnapping their eight-year-old daughter - a charge Samir and his family deny - and Samir was arrested. UPDATE on October 12, 2015: Samir's detention was extended for another 15 days.
9/30/15Coptic Students in al-Galaa Refuse to Go to School after Repeated AssaultsongoingChristianStudentsAssaultThreatIndividual0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptFor the last five days, Coptic students in al-Galaa have refused to go to their schools after a fight occurred between a Muslim and Coptic student. When a school administrator intervened in the fight, he reportedly disproportionately harmed the Coptic student. A number of fights and assaults between Muslim and Coptic students took place thereafter. An informal reconciliation session was held to propose security measures to limit clashes including allowing the Coptic students to enter their classes without first attending the morning assembly and allowing the Coptic students to leave class 15 minutes early, but these ideas were rejected and police offered only to escort the students to the school. The parents of the Coptic students report that this measure has not been enough to ensure security.
10/5/15Clashes in a Minya Village Injure 10 Copts and Destroy Coptic Home10/5/15ChristianMuslim ResidentsClashesLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0At least 1000SamaloutMinyaEgyptOn October 5, 2015, a dispute between secondary school students escalated into violent sectarian clashes in the Minya village of Kom ar-Rahib. At least ten Copts and an undetermined number of Muslims were injured, and an angry mob attacked and destroyed the home of a local Coptic man, Emad K. The police responded to the scene and closed off access to the town to prevent further clashes.
10/10/15SAT-7 Studio Subjected to Search and Equipment Confiscation, Director Temporarily Detained10/11/15ChristianGovernmentPolice ActionLegal ActionInstitution0001CairoCairoEgyptOn October 10, officers from Egypt's Censorship Department came to the Cairo SAT-7 studio, a Christian satellite television network, with a search warrant and removed equipment, including cameras and computers used for editing. Farid Samir, the Office Director, was detained for 6 hours. Samir now faces four charges related to the operation of a satellite television channel without the necessary licences. On October 11, a preliminary hearing was held at the Prosecutors' Office; an upcoming hearing will determine whether the case will go to trial. The SAT-7 team states that its Cairo office is a program production facility and not a satellite broadcast center and thus, does not need the licenses claimed to be required by the Egyptian authorities. UPDATE: On January 28, 2016, the authorities in Egypt returned all confiscated equipment to the SAT-7 studio in Cairo, more than three months after its seizure by the country’s Censorship Police. The equipment was received back in good condition. SAT-7 still does not know why the Censorship Department removed all the equipment. Throughout the last three months, most of Sat-7's activities were halted due to limited resources - No live shows were running and relatively few programs recorded.
10/8/15Three Acres of Land Belonging to Copts Destroyed Following AttacksongoingChristianExtremistsLooting/Destruction of PropertyForced TakingPersonal Property0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptExtremists in al-Galaa attacked three acres of land belonging to two Copts: Gameel Monady Atallah and Farahat Abdo. The land was fully destroyed. These events followed an informal reconciliation session that was recently held in al-Galaa to discuss the refusal of students to return to their schools after being harassed and assaulted by Muslim students. The pieces of land were destroyed by extremists less than 12 hours after the reconciliation session had ended.
10/14/15Coptic Trader Kidnapped and Blackmailed in Minya10/14/15ChristianThugsAbduction/DisappearanceAttempted AttackIndividual0014MaghaghaMinyaEgyptForty-seven year old Gameel, a local Coptic trader, was reportedly kidnapped by a "group of thugs" on motorcycles and was taken to an unknown location. There, he was held captive, made to sign blank checks, and forced to have his picture taken while naked next to a woman as a means of blackmail. Two hours after the kidnap was reported, local security forces were able to detain four suspects in the attack (three men and one woman). Security forces also seized the mobile phone used to take the incriminating photo and the blank checks as evidence.
10/19/15Salafi Nour Party Supporters Verbally Harass Coptic Voters in Qena10/19/15ChristianSalafi Nour Party SupportersThreatAttempted AttackIndividual0000QenaQenaEgyptSupporters of the Salafi Nour Party reportedly verbally harassed and intimidated Coptic voters at the Sadat School polling station in Dishna, Qena in an attempt to prevent them from voting. Security eventually responded and removed the Salafi supporters from the polling station.
8/25/14Four Copts Kidnapped by Unknown Armed Men in LibyaongoingChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0040AllAllLibyaFour Copts originally from Abu Tig in Assiut (Gamal Matta Hakim, Raafat Matta Hakim, Romani Matta Hakim and Adel Sedqy Hakim) have been kidnapped by unknown assailants near the Libyan border. UPDATE on October 20, 2015: The brother of three of the kidnapped persons (also the cousin of the fourth) has reported that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has failed to follow-up on the case and refuses to respond to communication from the family members. The family members have attempted to request that the Ministry of Social Solidarity and/or the Governor of Assiut assist them with some temporary pension; they have not yet been successful.
10/19/15Five Year Old Copt Kidnapped, Released After Two Days and LE 45,000 Ransom10/21/15ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual001at least 2SamaloutMinyaEgyptA five year old Coptic boy named Qastour Ameer Behsry was kidnapped from his bedroom in Dafsh, Samalout, Minya by unknown persons. The kidnappers called the father early in the morning, waking him up, to inform him that his son had been kidnapped and that they demanded an LE 200,000 ransom. After submitting a report to the police and after almost two days of negotiations with the kidnappers, the boy was released after his father paid LE 45,000. UPDATE on October 25, 2015: Security forces have detained the kidnappers who were allegedly responsible for Qastour's disappearance; the LE 45,000 ransom was also found in their possession.
10/22/15Shi'a Shrine of Imam Hussein Closed in Cairo to Prevent Ashoura Observation10/25/15Shi'aGovernmentDiscriminationGovernment ActionIndividual0000CairoCairoEgyptThe mosque and the shrine of Imam Hussein at al-Hussein Mosque in Cairo, Egypt has been shut by authorities and the Ministry of Religious Endowments for three days (Thursday to Saturday) to prevent Shi'a worshippers from partaking in Ashoura observations. The ministry announced on its website that the move aims at preventing the “Shi’a untruths that occur on the Day of Ashoura”. The statement also added that the rituals that take place during these celebrations “have no roots in the Islamic doctrine”.
10/27/15Intimidation of Coptic Voters in Luxor10/27/15ChristianThugsThreatIndividual0000LuxorLuxorEgyptSecurity forces were brought in to secure the polling place at Salah al-Din School in central Luxor after a group of "thugs" brought in were reportedly intimidating Coptic voters.
10/28/15Copts Attacked and Prevented from Voting in Minya10/28/15ChristianThugs ThreatIndividual0000MatayMinyaEgyptGroups of thugs reportedly attacked Copts and prevented them from voting in the village of Abwan al-Zabadi, which is one-third Christian. Today's voting was a run-off election for the Beni Mazar and Matay constituency, which was being led by Coptic lawyer Ihab Ramzy. Reports did not name the party responsible for calling in the thugs other than calling it "an Islamist Party," and there are seven other candidates contesting the seat.
10/28/15Coptic Brothers Assaulted Outside Polling Place by Nour Members 10/28/15ChristianNour PartyAssaultIndividual0200AmiriyaAlexandriaEgyptAccording to elections observers, a mob of Nour Party members attacked two Coptic brothers, Ramon and Roger Rafaat Nathan, as they attempted to vote at their polling place at the Amiriya Secondary Business School.
10/30/15Vandals Attack the Church of Our Lady in Naga Hammadi, Five Copts Detained10/30/15ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyGovernment ActionHouse of Worship0000Naga HammadiQenaEgyptVandals attacked the Church of Our Lady in Rahmaniya, a village in Naga Hamadi. Security forces arrested five Coptic youth as suspects.
10/30/15Copt Kidnapped in Qena for Three Days, Tortured11/1/15ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceTortureIndividual0110QenaQenaEgyptCoptic man Fayez Fouad was kidnapped in Qena on his way home from a visit to the Mar Guirguis Monastery. He was held by his kidnappers for 3 days and severely tortured during this time. He was released only after the payment of an LE 50,000 ransom.
11/6/15Azhar Head Rejects Alleged Efforts to "Convert Sunni Youth to the Shi'a Sect"11/6/15Shi'aGovernmentDiscriminationIndividual0000CairoCairoEgyptThe Grand Imam of Al-Azhar rejected what he alleges to be efforts to convert Sunni youth to Shi'ism. In a weekly address that was broadcast on state television, he said "We have seen huge funds being paid to convert Sunni youth to the Shia sect, and that is what we reject."
11/12/15Unknown Assailants Fire Shots at Evangelical Church in al-Haram, Giza11/12/15ChristianUnknownShootingHouse of Worship0100al-HaramGizaEgyptThree unknown assailants on a motorcycle opened fire at the Evangelical Church in al-Haram, Giza, injuring one policeman who was guarding the church.
11/8/15Coptic Taxi Driver Held for Ransom11/8/15ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010DeiroutAssiutEgyptAgban Farag Mousa, a Coptic taxi driver, was kidnapped by an armed man who flagged down his taxi in Southern Minya province. The kidnapper, who was soon joined by two other men, had Mousa drive to the village of el-Howta just over the border in Assiut, where he was detained until a ransom of LE 37,000 was paid. He was then released but the kidnappers kept his car, saying that it would be returned in three days. After reporting the crime to the police, Mousa was reportedly threatened by his kidnappers.
11/10/15Coptic Candidate Accuses Rivals of Sectarian Smear Campaign 11/10/15ChristianRival Political CandidateDiscriminationIndividual0000Shubra el-KheimaQalyubiaEgyptJohn Talaat, a Coptic candidate for parliament in the Shubra and el Farag constituency, has released records accusing his rivals of a sectarian smear campaign against him. He claims that his rivals have been distributing campaign materials falsely attributed to him that use sectarian language to encourage Copts to vote and overwhelm Muslims.
11/19/15Coptic Student Kidnapped for Ransom in Beni Suef11/20/15ChristianNon-State ActorAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0014BibaBeni SuefEgyptYousef Shenouda Abdullah, a 15 year-old Coptic student, was kidnapped by armed assailants while riding his motorbike in the town of Tarshoob in Beni Suef. His family soon received a call from the assailants demanding an LE 100,000 ransom. Police were able to locate Abdullah the next day and staged a raid to free him within 24 hours of his kidnapping. Four Muslim men have been detained for the crime.
11/19/15Sectarian Clashes and Killing after Land Seizure in Minya11/19/15ChristianAbdel Moneim as-Saidi, Villagers ClashesForced TakingPersonal Property1Few02MinyaMinyaEgyptClashes broke out in the village of Idmu, Minya after the seizure of a Coptic family's land (the Azizi family) and the demanding of an LE 100,000 royalty by Abdel Moneim as-Saidi, a local gang leader. During the clashes, a Muslim man, Abdel Moneim Awad, was killed. Villagers and the police have accused Victor Aziz, a 68 year-old Copt and the owner of the family's land, of carrying out the murder with help from his sons and his friend Samir Andrew. The Aziz family members insist that they had nothing to do with the murder and claim that they are only being accused so that their land can be taken away from them---as-Saidi had previously demanded that the family either pay royalties or give up the land.
11/20/15Coptic Police Recruit Dies under Murky Circumstances11/20/15ChristianKillingIndividual1000CairoCairoEgyptBishoy Natay Bushra Kamil, a 21 year-old Coptic police recruit from Minya, was declared dead at his barracks in Cairo after allegedly taking his life. Upon being notified of his death, his family insisted that he would never take his life and that they suspected foul play. The family has called for an autopsy to determine the cause of death. According to Kamil's father, Bishoy had been in a dispute with a Muslim recruit who had insulted his religion, which led to the Muslim recruit beating him to death in his cell. His body reportedly showed severe bruising and signs of beating and torture. This is the most recent in a string of cases in recent years of Coptic police and military recruits dying in random circumstances.
11/8/15Convert to Christianity Killed by Family in Fayoum, Christian Family Displaced11/18/15ChristianFamily MembersKillingDisplacementIndividual1000FayoumFayoumEgyptThe uncle and cousins of Marwa A. Y, a formerly-Muslim woman, who had converted to Christianity and married a Coptic man from Tamiyyah, Fayoum, kidnapped Marwa and killed her. Three years prior, Marwa had run away with a Christian man, gotten married, converted, and lived in Alexandria. She returned to Tamiyyah for a short visit, during which her father was made aware of her visit; he kept her hidden at her brother's home for 10 days in Qalubiyah to protect her from the threats of death issued earlier by her uncle. Eventually, her uncle was made aware of her location and forced her youngest sister to kill her to "punish" her for her conversion. Marwa's father informed the police of the incident and reported the uncle and cousins who had fled from the city at the time of the report. As a result of a reconciliation session, the family of the Christian husband had been displaced from Tamiyyah in order to stem any possible sectarian clashes in reaction to the events. UPDATE on November 24, 2015: Security forces have stated that the Christian family in question has a deadline of ten days to sell its properties and land and to depart Tamiyyah. Security also imposed a curfew on Tamiyyah until the family departs. UPDATE on November 25, 2015: The Christian family has sold its property to its relatives, moved their furniture, and left Tamiyyah.
11/24/1517-year-old Coptic Girl Kidnapped in Beni Suef 11/24/15ChristianMohamed SAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010Biba Beni SuefEgyptMakram Hamik Gabriel reported to the Biba police station that his 17 year-old daughter, Demiana, was kidnapped by a local Muslim man named Mohamed S. in the village of Ezbet Wasif.
11/26/15Two Coptic Brothers Killed in Libya After Week-Long Kidnap11/26/15ChristianUnknownKillingAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual2020AllAllLibyaTwo Coptic brothers named Wasfy Bekheit Gad and Fahmy Bekheit Gad were killed after being kidnapped in Libya for over one week. They had been working in the construction field in Misrata. The details around their death have not yet been made available. Their bodies arrived in Egypt and a funeral prayer in their hometown in the Awlad Aly village in Sohag.
11/27/15Al-Azhar Grand Imam Warns Television Viewers About Attempts to Spread Shi'a Islam11/27/15Shi'aAzharDiscriminationGovernment ActionAll0000CairoCairoEgyptThe Grand Imam of al-Azhar has warned television viewers about attempts to spread Shia Islam during his weekly address. He reportedly stated that: “We don’t reject [Shiism] as a faith, but we object to the politically motivated propagation of this faith, in Sunni areas."
11/29/15Coptic Farmer Killed After Land Dispute in Minya11/29/15ChristianSalama & Mohamed S.KillingIndividual1002MinyaMinyaEgyptFifty-four year old Coptic farmer Shenouda Naguib Saad was allegedly killed by 45 year old Mohamed S and 43 year old Salama (two brothers) after a dispute over a piece of land in Beni Ahmed al-Sharqiyya in Minya. Saad was stabbed and his body was dumped by the brothers on a piece of land nearby. UPDATE on December 2, 2015: Police arrested two Coptic men, Samual Saad (the victim's cousin) and Gamal Awar on charges related to the killing, though they are innocent and the perpetrators, well known to police, fled. UPDATE on December 4, 2015: Police released the two Coptic men who were arrested in connection to the killing; the perpetrators of the attack have not yet been apprehended.
12/8/15Ten Year Old Antonious Kidnapped on His Way to School in Naga HammadiongoingChristianArmed gunmenAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010Naga HammadiQenaEgyptAntonious was on his way to school on December 8, the Rahmaniya Primary School. He was accompanied by his two brothers, one younger and one older brother. They were ten meters behind him when a car stopped in the middle of the road, two masked gunmen got out and grabbed Antonious and then they drove off. One of Antonious' brothers noted a different accent, leading them to believe that the men were from a different village. The family filed a police report in Naga Hammadi Police Station. UPDATE on December 13, 2015: After five days of being kidnapped, Antonious was left by his kidnappers in front of the local hospital.
12/6/1519 Year Old Coptic Female Reportedly Kidnapped in SohagongoingChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010al-MaraghahSohagEgyptA 19 year old Coptic female named Rasha Maurice Shehata al-Guindy has reportedly been kidnapped just one month before her wedding. She was reportedly kidnapped by three men while walking to church. There are rumors that a man by the name of al-Sayed Gamal Mohamed Arif may have been involved in her kidnap, but no information has been confirmed at present. Although a complaint has been submitted with the authorities, her finace reports that no action has been taken.
12/14/1570 Year Old Coptic Woman Found Stabbed to Death in Minya12/14/15ChristianUnknownKillingIndividual1000MinyaMinyaEgyptA 70 year old Coptic woman named Tahany Aziz Mikhail was found dead in her Minya home after being stabbed 14 times in the chest and neck. UPDATE on December 16, 2015: It was later determined that the wife of the son of the owner of the house that Mikhail resided in was responsible for her death. The perpetrator had planned the killing for a while and had previously attempted to force Mikhail to leave the home, which would be part of the inheritance of the perpetrator's husband.
12/12/1518 Year Old Copt Injured During Clashes Between Christians and Muslims in Minya12/12/15ChristianNon-State ActorShootingIndividual0100MinyaMinyaEgypt18 year old Milad Salah Sarofim was shot and severely injured during clashes between Muslims and Christians over agricultural land in Abu Kelani Village in Minya.
12/10/15Azhar Announces Competition to Submit Papers on Spread of Shiism in Sunni CommunitiesongoingShi'aAzharIncitementAll0000CairoCairoEgyptAl-Azhar has announced a competition for expat students to submit research papers on the spread of Shiism in Sunni communities. Papers are to address the reasons behind spreading Shiism in a Sunni society, the subsequent “dangers,” and the means to address such spreading.
12/11/15Church of the Virgin and the Two Saints Attacked by 14 and 15 Year Olds in Minya12/11/15ChristianMuslim ResidentsLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0Few00MinyaMinyaEgyptA number of 14 and 15 year old Muslim residents of Sawadah in Minya attacked the Church of the Virgin and the Two Saints after Friday prayers. The Church, which is formally licensed, was in the process of being built. The attackers injured some of the construction workers, damaged the construction materials, and cracked the marble.
12/14/1555 Year Old Copt Kidnapped in Assiut, Released Later on LE 300,000 Ransom12/18/15ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010AssiutAssiutEgyptA 55 year old Copt named Ishaq Mosaad Anas was kidnapped in Abnub, Assiut after unknown assailants attacked his car with gunshots. The kidnappers demanded ransom from the family and he was ultimately released after his son paid an LE 300,000 ransom.
12/18/15Coptic Man and Wife Injured After Assailants Attempt Harassment in Minya12/18/15ChristianYouth in the StreetAssaultIndividual0200SamaloutMinyaEgyptA Coptic man named Tharwat Gerges Shaker and his wife were injured in al-Galaa, Samalout in Minya when youth in the street harassed the wife and Shaker attempted to defend her. The youth's assault left Shaker with multiple fractures in his left arm and the wife with scars and bruises.
8/20/13One Copt Kidnapped from al-Saraqna Village in Assiut8/20/13ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010QusiyyahAssiutEgyptA Copt was kidnapped on August 19, 2013 in al-Saraqna village in Qusiyyah, Assiut. The kidnappers demanded half a million Egyptian pounds as ransom.
8/20/13Two Copts Shot Dead on their Way to Deir al-Moharraq, Assiut8/20/13ChristianUnknownShootingIndividual2000QusiyyahAssiutEgyptOn August 20, 2013, unknown gunmen shot and killed Mohsen Ernest, a prominent local Coptic philanthrophist, and his son-in-law while they were on their way to Deir al-Moharraq. Conflicting reports emerged following the attack: Reverend Luke Radi, pastor of the local church, St. John the Baptist Church, reported that the murders were targeted because Ernest was a prominent figure in the village and area while other locals reported that the incident might have been criminally motivated and not sectarian in nature.
8/21/13Dispute Over Toys Escalates into Gun Battles and Riots8/22/13ChristianVillagersArson/BurningClashesPersonal Property1400MinyaMinyaEgyptA village dispute began between two minors, Coptic Bushra Mokbel, and Muslim Hamdi Ragab, one claiming that the other ran over his foot with his motorbike. The fight escalated into sectarian violence on August 21, 2013 when eight Coptic homes were burned. Gun battles ensued in which at least four people were injured, and around eight Christian-owned houses and several businesses were burned and looted, causing several of the town's Christian residents to flee.
8/31/13Coptic Military Recruiter Dead Following Arrest8/31/13ChristianMilitaryKillingIndividual1001DamiettaDamiettaEgyptAbu al-Kheir Atta, a Coptic military police recruiter in Damietta, was arrested around August 27, 2013 after a conversation about religion with his senior officer in which he allegedly made remarks offensive to Islam. Atta was found dead of a gunshot wound in his cell after four days in prison. The official cause of death is reported as suicide, although the family and several human rights commentators are questioning this narrative.
9/4/13Coptic Doctor Kidnapped at Gunpoint9/4/13ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010BadariAssiutEgyptOn September 4, 2013, unknown gunmen kidnapped Milad Shawqy, a 45-year-old doctor, as he was driving home from work with two Muslim friends, an assistant and a pharmacist. The gunmen let the two Muslims go and took Shawqy. His family later received a call asking for a 500,000 EGP ransom in exchange for his release. The family fled a report with the local police station.
9/9/13Coptic accountant kidnapped at gunpoint in Minya9/9/13ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010MatayMinyaEgyptBishoy Moheb Yunan, a 26-year-old accountant, was kidnapped by a group of armed thugs on his way home from work and is being held for ransom, according to reports by the local police.
9/29/13Coptic-owned pharmacy attacked, owner held for ransom10/8/13ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceLooting/Destruction of PropertyIndividual0010SamaloutMinyaEgyptOn September 29, 2013, unknown men attacked the pharmacy of Basroum Samir and kidnapped him at gunpoint. A ransom was originally set at one million pounds but was negotiated down to 150,000 EGP.
9/29/1365 year old Coptic man kidnapped for ransom10/6/13ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceTortureIndividual0010MinyaMinyaEgyptOn September 29, 2013, Hani Sidhum, a 65 year-old pharmacist in Minya city, was kidnapped by unknown gunmen and taken to an unknown location in the desert. He was held there and tortured while his captors demanded a 300,000 EGP ransom, which was eventually paid after colleagues and family members collected money. This is the latest in a spate of kidnappings of Coptic doctors and pharmacists in Minya province
9/30/13Ahmadi Man Charged with Insulting Quran10/8/13AhmadiCourtsLegal ActionIndividual0001TimaSohagEgyptOn September 30, 2013, Mustafa Hussein, a secondary school teacher at the Manhiat Tahrir Secondary School in Tima, Sohag, was accused by a 6th grade student of insulting the Quran and spreading lies of Islam for discussing Ahmadiyya Islam, of which the teacher is a member, with his class. His case went to court and he was freed on all charges on October 8, 2013 by the Tima Misdemeanor Court
10/2/13Coptic Doctor Kidnapped and Held for RansomChristianThugsAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010Abu QurqasMinyaEgyptOn October 2, 2013, Kharoh Maged, a 38 year-old Coptic gynecologist, was kidnapped by "armed thugs" as he was driving home from work. The kidnappers demanded a 1 million pound ransom from his family.
10/2/13Coptic Teacher Kidnapped for Ransom10/10/13ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010MalawiMinyaEgyptOn October 2, 2013, Sobhi Habib Andrus, a 49 year-old Coptic teacher at the local primary school, was kidnapped by unknown armed gunmen on his way home from work. He was held for an unknown ransom that was eventually paid to secure his release
10/2/13Attempted Kidnapping of Coptic Doctor in Samalout10/2/13ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceAttempted AttackIndividual0010SamaloutMinyaEgyptOn October 2, 2013, Nadi Aziz avoided an attempted kidnapping as he was closing up his private clinic in the Ma'asra area of Samalout city. Aziz escaped kidnapping after stabbing one of the attackers and three others fled.
10/2/13Coptic Doctor Kidnapped and Held for RansomChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010Abu QurqasMinyaEgyptMaged Wilson was kidnapped on his way home from his clinic by unknown masked gunmen on October 2, 2013. A 500,000 EGP ransom was requested.
10/4/13Coptic Family Kidnapped in Minya10/7/15ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0050MatayMinyaEgyptA Coptic family (including two six-year-old children and one-eight-year old) driving home from a visit to St. Samuel's Monastery on October 4, 2013 was kidnapped at gunpoint in Minbal village. The family was held for 500,000 EGP ransom that was paid by relatives.
10/6/13Coptic Doctor Kidnapped and Held for Ransom in Minya10/12/13ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010SamaloutMinyaEgyptNabil Fayek Bushra, a Tiba doctor, was kidnapped on October 6, 2013 by unknown gunmen. Bushra was sold by his captors to a gang from the village of Delga in Deir Mawas, who originally charged a 200,000 EGP ransom. After the ransom was reduced to 80,000 EGP it was paid and Bushra was released.
11/16/13Attackers shoot at Heavenly Catherdral, Sharm al-Sheikh11/16/13ChristianUnknownShootingHouse of Worship0000Sharm al-SheikhSouth SinaiEgyptUnknown assailants shot repeatedly at the Heavenly Cathedral in Sharm al-Sheikh on November 16, 2013, according to reports from the Church's pastor. No one was injured but the church sustained minor damage.
11/28/13Rioting and Burning of Christian Homes after Interfaith Relationship Rumors11/30/13ChristianVillagersArson/BurningLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property11000Deir MawasMinyaEgyptClashes broke out in al-Badraman village, Deir Mawas, Minya on November 28, 2013 after rumors of a relationship between a Christian man and a Muslim girl. One Muslim man died in the clashes. The next day, members of the angered Muslim community staged mass attacks on Christians, burning at least eighteen Christian homes, looting several shops, and attacking some Copts before the security forces took control of the town. Police have arrested one man, a 34 year-old local farmer, and charged him with setting most of the fires.
11/28/13Communal Dispute Devolves into Mass Assaults on Copts11/30/13ChristianVillagersClashesAssaultIndividual42000MinyaMinyaEgyptClashes broke out between residents of al-Hawarata and Nazlet Farag on 28 November 2013 over a dispute of ownership over a piece of land. The resident of al-Hawarata was attemtping to build a house on a piece of land that the resident of Nazlet Farag claimed was his. The violence did not seemingly begin as sectarian in nature but Salafis and, allegedly, Muslim Brotherhood members, took advantage of the chaos to launch attacks on local Christians in al-Hawarata and the neighboring majority-Christian village of Nazlet Ebeid. Copts were attacked and shot on sight in the streets, with at least two being killed and twenty injured. Several Christian homes were set on fire. Two other men also died, both of whom were Muslims killed in the initial clashes.
12/23/13Clashes and Attacks on Christians in Beni Suef Village12/24/13ChristianVillagersArson/BurningLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0Few00BibaBeni SuefEgyptClashes broke out on December 23, 2013, in Tarshoob, a village in Beni Suef, when Christians in the town began construction on a new house adjacent to the church that was to house a new town priest. A mob of local Muslims surrounded the church and prevented Christians from entering to pray; attacked and burned several Christian-owned shops, vehicles, and houses; and prevented the new priest from entering the town.
12/24/13Gerges Safwat, Child Age Six Kidnapped for Ransom2/23/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010HurghadaRed SeaEgyptGerges Safwat Riziqi, a six year-old Coptic boy, was kidnapped by unknown attackers outside his house in the Dahar area of Hurghada city. He had been staying home alone while his father was at work and when the father came home, he found Gerges missing and received a call from his kidnappers demanding a one million EGP ransom. As he could not afford to pay, Gerges remained kidnapped for about two months, with the kidnappers moving him to a remote area near the village of Abu Hizam in Qena. Security forces eventually raided the compound in Abu Hizam and rescued the boy.
1/6/14Mass Attacks on Copts After Rumors of Interfaith Romance1/9/14ChristianVillagersClashesPersonal Property010+00Naga HammadiQenaEgyptViolent clashes and mass attacks on Christians broke out after rumors spread that a local Muslim girl was alone in the home of a Coptic man, Emad Okasha Shukri, and was possibly having an affair with him. A mob of hundreds of angry Muslims torched Shukri's home and shop before looting and burning several other Coptiic businesses in the town and attacking several Copts. Clashes broke out between mobs of stone- and molotov-throwing Muslims and Christians, and similar clashes occured the next day in the nearby village of Bahjurah as well, where several stores were also burned and looted and stones were thrown at the local church. Clashes also spread to the city of Nagaa Hamadi, where a Muslim gang of several hundred rampaged through the main market area armed with stones, sticks, and knives and attacked Coptic-owned businesses. A reconciliation meeting aimed at "calming tensions" appeared to do little to stop the violence although an increased police presence eventually calmed the situation.
1/10/14Clashes Kill Coptic Man after Alleged Harrasment1/11/14ChristianVillagersClashesShootingIndividual1Few00DeirutAssiutEgyptOn January 10, 2014, clashes broke out between Chrisitans and Muslims in the village of Masara after three Muslim men were accused of harrasing a Christian girl. Several cars were set on fire and amidst the fighting a 28 year-old Coptic man, Abram Awmi, was killed by a gunshot to the head.
1/28/14Gunmen Attack Church and Kill Policeman1/28/14ChristianIslamistsShootingHouse of Worship12026th of OctoberGizaEgyptUnknown gunmen opened fire on the Church of the Virgin Mary in 6th of October City on January 28, 2014. The conflict ended in a firefight with a group of policemen who were guarding the church, one of whom was killed and two of whom were injured. Two armed men were arrested in their car soon after by police and are prime suspects.,-Coptic-Orthodox-church-attacked.-One-dead.-30160.html
1/31/14Brotherhood Supporters Attempt to Kill Christian Teenager1/31/14ChristianIslamistsAssaultAttempted AttackIndividual0100Ain ShamsCairoEgyptOn January 31, 2014, a mob of Muslim Brotherhood supporters marched through the neighborhood and, upon discovering the 18 year-old Christian Fadi Makram walking home from his workshop they viciously beat him and dragged him through the street in an apparent attempt to kill him.
1/31/14Coptic Child Kidnapped for Ransom1/31/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010MalawiMinyaEgyptUnknown gunmen kidnapped Sabus Ayoub Hana, a 12 year-old Coptic boy, while he was riding a motor scooter with a friend near the Nile in his village on January 31, 2014. The kidnappers reportedly called the family and demanded a 500,000 Egyptian pound ransom. It is believed that the kidnappers were targeting a friend of Sabus who was with him, known to be the son of a wealthy Christian merchant.
2/21/14Coptic family's store attacked2/21/14ChristianWallimah FamilyLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0Few00Ain ShamsCairoEgyptOn February 21, 2014, a dispute between the Christian William and Muslim Wallimah families in Matariya resulted in a mob attack on the Williams' family store, which was looted and burned as Christians were attacked in the area.
12/28/15Priest Made to Sign Oath Not to Build Church Buildings on Church Land in al-Fashn12/28/15ChristianSheriff of al-FashanGovernment ActionPrevention of RenovationHouse of Worship0000al-FashanBeni SuefEgyptOn December 28, 2015, Priest Bernaba Fawzy Haleem of the St. George Church in Nazlet Hanna of al-Fashn in Beni Suef was called in by the Sheriff Amr Bek and made to sign an oath that no new church buildings would be constructed on the church's property. Although there is no case against the Priest or the Church, the Sheriff alleges that the orders to sign the oath come from State Security and the Ministry of Interior. The church has been placed under security.
1/10/16Body of Christian Found in Samalout1/10/16ChristianUnknownKillingIndividual1000SamaloutMinyaEgyptThe body of 48 year old Coptic man Adly Aziz Shakhloul was found in Samalout, Minya. He had sustained fatal injuries to his head after reportedly being hit with a piece of iron.
1/18/16Christian Disappears Under Mysterious Circumstances in MalawiongoingChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010MinyaMinyaEgyptA 28 year old Coptic man named Basem Khalaf Aziz disappeared under mysterious circumstances and has remained missing for at least two days in Malawi, Minya. His family has been unable to make contact with him during this time.
1/16/16A Hurghada Imam Warns Against Congratulating Christians During HolidaysongoingChristianImamIncitementIndividual0000HurghadaRed SeaEgyptWhile leading Friday prayers on January 15, 2016, a preacher confirmed that it is not permitted to greet or congratulate Christians during their religious holidays stressing that is impermissible to celebrate their holidays or traditions. He also criticized former Grand Mufti, Dr. Ali Gomaa, for comments he made about the Prophet Idris.
1/19/16Imam of Al-Khalil Mosque in Alexandria Incites Against CoptsongoingChristianImamIncitementIndividual0000AlexandriaAlexandriaEgyptThe imam of Al-Khalil Mosque in al-Montaza, Alexandria is reportedly using his pulpit to incite against Copts and encourage sectarian violence between Muslims and Christians. The imam reportedly refers to Copts as infidels. The mosque, which is described as Salafi and is reportedly not affiliated with the Ministry of Religious Endowments, is across the street from the St. Maximus Church in Alexandria; the area has previously witnessed sectarian violence.
1/22/16Homemade Bomb Found Outside of Virgin Church in Aswan1/22/16ChristianUnknownAttempted AttackBombingHouse of Worship0000AswanAswanEgyptA homemade bomb has been found outside of the Virgin Church in Aswan. It was located before it detonated.
1/26/16Ten Copts Arrested After Constructing Fence in Anticipation of Church Construction in Minya1/26/16ChristianGovernmentDetention/ArrestIndividual00010SamaloutMinyaEgypt10 Coptic men were arrested by security forces after they began constructing a fence on a piece of land that had been bought in anticipation of the construction or expansion of a church in Abu Hannas Village in Samalout, Minya. According to residents, the current 40-meter church in Abu Hannas is unable to accomodate the Coptic population and thus, a new piece of land was bought in anticipation of the expansion of the existing church or the construction of a new one. The church has not yet received a license. UPDATE on January 29, 2016: The 10 men were released after paying LE 100 bail each.
2/3/16Copts in Samalout Receive Death Threats After Filing Legal ComplaintsongoingChristianGamal Mohamed Tony Maabad & Family MembersThreatIndividual0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptCopts in Nazali Taha in Samalout, Minya are reporting that they received death threats from a local man named Gamal Mohamed Tony Maabad. Although Maabad is currently in detention, he has reportedly been sending messages saying: "A month, two months and I'll be out and I won't leave a single Christian in Nazali Taha." The incident began when two of Maabad's sons fired shots at four homes owned by Copts in Nazali Taha; thereafter, the victims filed legal complaints with the police. Maabad is threatening the victims in order to get them to change their statements to the police about these incidents.
2/1/1617 Year Old Copt Disappears from Samalout, Father Reports as KidnappingongoingChristianNazeeh Abdel-Dayem Mohamed Abdel-DayemAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010SamaloutMinyaEgyptA 17 year old Coptic girl named Sawsana Reda Thabet has disappeared under mysterious circumstances from Hasan Basha in Samalout, Minya. Her father reported her disappearance as a kidnapping and accused a Muslim man named Nazeeh Abdel-Dayem Mohamed Abdel-Dayem and his accomplice Angham Farrag Mohamed Farrag. The father has submitted a legal complaint but states that police have not taken any follow-up action. UPDATE on February 9, 2016: Sawsana has contacted her family and has returned home.
2/6/1625 Year Old Minya Coptic Housewife Disappears Under Unclear CircumstancesongoingChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010MinyaMinyaEgyptA 25 year old Coptic housewife named Samaria from Idmu in Minya has disappeared under unclear circumstances. Her husband resides in Cairo and Samaria was supposed to visit him; she never arrived. Her brother has filed a legal complaint with the police and accused a neighbor named Abdel Latif.
2/23/16Idku Court Affirms Three Year Sentence for Man Convicted of Blasphemy2/23/16Non-ReligiousJudiciaryBlasphemyLegal ActionIndividual0000BeheiraBeheiraEgyptThe Idku Misdemeanour Court has affirmed the three year prison sentence handed down to Mostafa Mostafa Mohamed Abdel-Nabi on blasphemy charges for November 2014 statements he shared on his Facebook account reportedly defaming religion and declaring his atheism. He has been sentenced upon first review in absentia in January 2016. Today's verdict affirms that finding.
6/23/13Four Shi'a Men, Among them Religious Leader Hassan Shehata, Lynched6/23/13Shi'aMobMobbingKillingIndividual4000GizaGizaEgyptOn June 23, 2013, a mob lynched four Shia men, including prominent religious leader Hassan Shehata, when they were performing a religious ritual in Shehata's home in Giza. A crowd threw petrol bombs on the house, which caught fire, and then dragged the bodies of the men in the streets. UPDATE: On June 13, 2015, the Giza Criminal court sentenced 23 defendants to 14 years in jail without parole over the deaths; eight defendants were acquitted. Nineteen of the 23 had been sentenced in absentia. UPDATE: On February 25, 2016, three of the men who had initially been sentenced in absentia and then found, were sentenced to 14 years in jail without parole over the deaths. UPDATE: On December 7, 2016, the Giza Criminal Court sentenced Ahmed Abdel-Aty (reported as Ahmed Al-Akhras in some sources) to 14 years in prison in a retrial in the same case.
11/10/14Authorities Raid and Close "Atheist Cafe" in Downtown Cairo12/14/14Non-ReligiousGovernmentGovernment ActionPersonal Property0001AbdeenCairoEgyptSecurity forces raided and closed what they described as the “atheists’ café” in the Abdeen neighborhood of downtown Cairo, describing it as a den for “Satan worshippers.” Although announced in December 2014, the raid occurred one month before on November 10. The coffee shop's property was confiscated. The cafe was closed because it had originally been licensed as an import/export and trade office. The owner was arrested ruing the raid; he was accused of running an unauthorized and unlicensed cafe. Drugs were also allegedly found in the cafe.
2/29/16Students Protest Coptic Teacher Promotion to School Director, TwiceongoingChristianStudentsDiscriminationIndividual0000Beni MazarMinyaEgyptMervat Sefein, a Coptic school teacher, was twice prevented from being instated in a promotion to school director due to student protests. The first incident occurred on February 8, 2016 when she was promoted at the Beni Mazar Secondary Girls' School but was prevented from taking the position by students protesting her appointment because she was Christian and requested that Gamal Abu-Bakr Muaz, the previous Muslim director, remain in his position. The Minya deputy to the Education Ministry, Ramadan Abdel-Hamid, granted the girls’ demands, upon which the students disbanded. Sefein, due for a promotion, was then appointed to be school director of the Boys' Technical School but on the first day of her appointment, on February 28, 2016, students also protested her appointment chanting that they did not want a Copt. The police were unable to disband the students. Abdel-Hamid alleges that this is not a sectarian act, claiming that staff, students, and parents opposed her appointment, some of them being also Christian.
11/11/15Widow of Coptic Police Officer Disappears in Mysterious Circumstances in MinyaongoingChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010SamaloutMinyaEgyptOn November 11, 2015, Hannah T. N, widow of a Coptic Christian police officer who died in Giza from an ambush attack, disappeared under mysterious circumstances from her home village, Hana Manor in Beni Ghani, Samalout, Minya.
2/24/14Coptic Girl Kidnapped, Forced to Convert5/4/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceForced ConversionIndividual0010UnknownMinyaEgyptA 17 year-old high school student, identified only by her initials was kidnapped on February 24, 2014 while returning from school. She was kidnapped by unknown gunmen and held for a 300,000 EGP ransom, which her family eventually negotiated down to 50,000 EGP. She was released in early May and reported that she had been physically and sexually assaulted and forced to convert to Islam. Little identifying information have been provided regarding her identity and home town.
4/15/14Mob Attacks on Evangelical Church Under Construction, Two Dead4/15/14ChristianVillagersAssaultHouse of Worship2300MalawiMinyaEgyptOn April 4, 2014, a dispute between a motrocryclist and a street vendor in front of the Evangelical Church in Malawi, which was under reconstruction after being burned to the ground last August, escalated to mob violence and led to a Muslim mob that attacked the church. The crowd threw stones and bricks and beat the Christian workers who were rebuilding the church. Two Christians were killed and at least three others were seriously injured.
4/23/14Unknown Attackers Fire on Copts and Kidnap Man for Ransom4/23/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceShootingIndividual0010TimaSohagEgyptA group of unknown assailants opened fire on a car of Coptic men in the village of al-Madmar in Tima, Sohag on April 23, 2014, taking Mina Amir Dos hostage and holding him for a 150,000 EGP ransom.
4/23/14Fliers Distributed Urging Attacks on Churches in Kom Ombo4/23/14ChristianUnknownIncitementHouse of Worship0000Kom OmboAswanEgyptUnknown agitators distributed fliers on April 23, 2014 in Kom Ombo, Aswan urging the destruction of local churches and attacks on Christians. Human rights advocates have called on the police to investigate the threats.
4/23/14Violent Clashes Targeting Copts after Dispute Over CanalongoingChristianVillagersClashesArson/BurningIndividual0300SamaloutMinyaEgyptClashes broke out on April 23, 2014, in the majority-Christian village of Abu Talat in Samalout, Minya, after local Muslims claimed that they owned the canal that runs past the edge of the village, and which is integral to the agricultural economy. Muslim mobs attacked Copts in the village with knives, rocks, and molotovs, injuring at least three, while at least one Coptic house was set on fire. Several reconciliation meetings were reportedlty held but did not successfully stop further attacks on Copts in the village. In early May 2014 Muslim militants gave Copts a 48-hour ultimatum to leave town.
4/25/14Coptic Woman Kidnapped Outside her Home in Luxor4/30/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0110LuxorLuxorEgyptSally Mounir Ayoub, a 25 year-old Coptic woman, was kidnapped just outside of her father's house in Nagaa el-Sayagh, Luxor early in the morning of April 25, 2014 as she was preparing to drive to church. She was held for five days before being returned to her family on April 30. Little information is provided on how or why she was taken or the conditions of her release.
4/25/14Coptic Family Assaulted by Militants, Four Injured4/25/14ChristianMB SupportersAssaultIndividual0400AssiutAssiutEgyptOn April 25, 2014, alleged local militant supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood reportedly stormed the store and home of Tariq Daniel, a prominent local realtor, ransacking his store and brutally beating him and his family while shouting anti-Christian and anti-Sisi slogans. Four family members were seriously injured and were taken to Assiut University Hospital in Assiut.
4/25/14Gunmen Kidnap Coptic Girl, Age Ten4/25/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010Deir MawasMinyaEgyptUnknown gunmen kidnapped ten year-old Shenouda Naim from her father's care in the village of Delga, in Deir Mawas, Minya on April 25, 2014.
4/25/14Bomb Blast at St. Moses Church in Minya4/25/14ChristianUnknownBombingHouse of Worship0000MinyaMinyaEgyptOn April 25, 2014, a small bomb exploded outside St. Moses Church in Minya, soon after a Muslim Brotherhood march had passed by. No one was injured in the explosion.
4/27/14Coptic Man Kidnapped for Ransom, Beaten by Police4/29/14ChristianUnknown, PoliceAbduction/DisappearancePolice ActionIndividual0110CairoCairoEgyptOn April 27, 2014, Karem Shehata Zachary and his wife were attacked by unknown assailants on motrobikes as they were walking to pay respects to Zachary's deceased aunt. Karem was taken hostage for a 20,000 EGP ransom but re-appeared two days later in the al-Marg police station with signs of a severe beating. His family accuses the police of colluding with the kidnappers, because after it was clear the family couldn't pay, the kidnappers accused Karem of stealing their motrobike and he was imprisoned for this offence and likely beaten by the police.
4/28/14Coptic Businessman Kidnapped in Assiut4/28/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0000QusiyyahAssiutEgyptUnknown gunmen kidnapped Mohsen Maurice Luke, a 40 year-old Coptic businessman, while he was drving to work at his factory on April 28, 2014 in Qusiyyah city, Assiut. He was released about a week later after the payment of a ransom to the kidnappers
4/29/14Two Christians Killed in Clashes Over Land Dispute4/29/14ChristianAbdul Sater FamilyClashesKillingIndividual2100ManfalutAssiutEgyptA dispute over a piece of land between Muslim Abdel Sater and Coptic Adily families escalated to violence in the village of Aziya, in Assiut on April 29, 2014. Two members of the Adly familywere killed and one other seriously injured as members of hte abdel Sater family attacked the home of the Adly's.
5/1/14Five "Secularists Without Borders" Assaulted in Cairo5/1/14Non-ReligiousPopulaceAssaultIndividual0400AbdeenCairoEgyptUnidentified attackers insultened, threatened, and beat five members of an atheist group 'Secularists Without Borders' as they were walking in the area of Talaat Harb Square in Cairo on May 1, 2014. The attackers threatened the men with death and beat them before bystanders intervened.
5/2/14Minya Trader Kidnapped and Held for Ransom5/2/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceThreatIndividual0010MaghaghaMinyaEgyptOn May 2, 2014, unknown gunmen kidnapped 30-year-old gold trader Mina Suleiman as she drove home to Minya from her shop in Tanbidi. Her car was also burned. She is being held for a 300,000 EGP ransom. The kidnapping comes after days of intimidation of Coptic gold traders in Tanbidi by local Salafists, who had also robbed several gold stores.
5/2/14Coptic Child Kidnapped for Large Ransom5/2/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010Naga HammadiQenaEgyptOn May 2, 2014, unknown assailants kidnapped Cyril Riziqi, a Coptic child in middle school, in the village of Bahgora in Qena and they demanded a ransom of one million pounds. The family of the kidnapped child negotiatied to lower the ransom.
5/5/14Coptic Pharmacist Kidnapped for Ransom5/5/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010TimaSohagEgyptOn May 5, 2014, unknown gunmen kidnapped Rafaat Wadia Yessa, a 55 year-old Coptic pharmacist, outside his home in Tima and are holding him for a 500,000 EGP ransom.
5/8/14Coptic Students Beaten and Sexually Assaulted in Attempted Blackmail5/8/14ChristianAbdullah Darwish MuhammadAssaultIndividual0200MalawiMinyaEgyptAbdullah Muhammad, a Muslim student at the local high school in Nazlet al-Barsha, reportedly beat, attacked, and sexually assaulted two Coptic students from the neighboring majority-Christian village of Deir al-Barsha on May 8, 2014. Muhammad filmed them naked and while being sexually assaulted in an apparent attempt to blackmail them or have them removed from the school for indecency and homosexuality. The incident is the latest in a long-running dispute between the two adjacent villages, one Muslim and one Christian.
5/10/14Minya Copt Arrested for Praying in His Home5/10/14ChristianPolicePolice ActionIndividual0001MaghaghaMinyaEgyptCoptic man Bebawi Habib Attia was arrested on May 10, 2014 by the local police for praying and holding Christian ceremonies in his home without a proper place of worship license.
6/2/14Mob Attacks and Burns Coptic Properties Before Blasphemy Trial6/3/14ChristianVillage MobArson/BurningPersonal Property0100ArmantLuxorEgyptOn June 2, 2014, the day before the trial of Kirollos Ghattas, a local Coptic man accused of contempt of religion, a group of local Muslims on motorbikes threw molotovs at several Christian owned shops in the village of al-Mahameed al-Qibliyyah, which sparked mass sectarian violence in which a Muslim mob burned and looted several Christian shops and houses both in Mahameed al-Qibliyyah and the adjacent village of el-Mahameed el-Bahry. The violence occured the day after a reconciliation meeting meant to defuse tensions between Christian and Muslim residents of the village. Security forces established a state of emergency in both villages and eventually re-asserted control
6/3/14Coptic Man Sentenced to Six Years for Contempt of Islam6/24/14ChristianCourtsBlasphemyJudicial VerdictIndividual0001ArmantLuxorEgyptOn June 3, 2014, the Armant Misdemeanor Court ruled in the case of Kirollos Ghattas, a Coptic man from the village of al-Mahameed al-Bahry who was accused of "contempt of Islam" for comments and images that he posted on his Facebook page. The lead-up to the trial was marked by sectarian attacks in his home village and the court ultimately ruled that he should continue to be detained, but witheld the final ruling until June 30. On that day, the court sentenced Ghattas to six years in prison.
6/13/14Bomb Defused Outside St. Mary's Church in Helwan6/13/14ChristianUnknownBombingAttempted AttackHouse of Worship0000HelwanCairoEgyptPolice defused a bomb in a car in front of the Virgin Mary Cathedral in Helwan, Cairo that was set to explode on June 13, 2014.
6/15/14Coptic Hospital Head Kidnapped for Ransom6/15/14ChristianMilitantsAbduction/DisappearanceShootingIndividual0010ArishNorth SinaiEgyptUnknown militants, possible connected to Wilayat Sinai, kidnapped Wadih Ramsis, a Coptic doctor and the owner and head of Ramses Hospital in Arish, North Sinai on June 15, 2014. The attackers opened fire on Ramses' car with automatic weapons before taking him captive and demanding a ransom of ten million Egytian pounds.
6/18/14Coptic Doctor Kidnapped for Ransom 6/18/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010TimaSohagEgyptOn June 18, 2014, unknown gunmen kidnapped Essam Fathi Beheiry, a 40 year-old Coptic doctor, at gunpoint outside Tima Central Hospital and demanded a 500,000 Egyptian pound ransom for his release. In response to the kidnapping, which is only the most recent of six kidnapped Coptic doctors in Tima since the Revolution, twenty-eight doctors - both Muslim and Christian - went on strike at the hospital demanding that police take steps to assure their security and catch kidnappers.
6/23/14Three Copts Kidnapped and Held for Ransom7/3/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0030DishnaQenaEgyptUnknown gunmen ambushed a car carrying three Coptic men, Gerges Salah Helmi, Sameh Fawzi, and his son Mina Fawzi, as they were travelling on the main Cairo-Aswan road in Dishna on June 23, 2014. The captors initially set a ransom of 350,000 EGP, although this was later negotiated down to 280,000 EGP, an amount that the families eventually paid to secure the victims' release on July 3, 2014.
7/20/14Medhat Gamil Kidnapped for Ransom in Tima, Sohag10/28/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010TimaSohagEgyptMedhat Gamil, a 33 year-old Coptic farmer, was kidnapped by three masked gunmen while working in his field outside the village of Mishta on July 20, 2014. He was held for ransom for several months before being freed in a police operation in October that arrested four men for his and a few other local kidnappings
7/20/14Coptic Man Falsely Accused of Child Rape, Exiled from Village7/23/14ChristianVillagers, CourtsLegal ActionDisplacementIndividual0001TodLuxorEgyptAfter moving into the overwhelmingly Muslim and Islamist village of Nagaa at-Tawil, Gaber Aziz Dreiss, a Coptic carprenter, was accused of raping a seven year-old Muslim girl. The case was taken to court and all forensic, medical, and witness evidnce suggested Dreiss was innocent, and he was acquitted on July 20, 2014. Despite this, he has faced continued harrasment from the Muslim community in the village and a reconciliation meeting on July 23, 2014 ordered that his house and property be confiscated, fined him 1,000 EGP, and exiled him from the village.
7/21/14Coptic Man Kidnapped and Likely Killed Despite Ransom8/11/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceKillingIndividual1000Deir MawasMinyaEgyptAtta Khalifa Atta, a 45 year-old Coptic bank manager, was kidnapped by three masked gunmen while returning home from work in the village of Beni Haram in southern Minya province. The captors initially demanded a ransom of 500,000 EGP, but after negotiations with Sheikh Alaa Hassanein, a local leader and former MP, the kidnappers lowered the ransom to 200,000 EGP. This ransom was eventually gathered and was delivered August 11, 2014 but despite this Atta was not released. Now, more than a year later, there has still been no sign of him and he is presumed dead, killed by his captors.حكاية-الأستاذ-إبراهيم
7/23/14Coptic Lawyer Kidnapped by Unknown Gunmen7/24/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010TahtaSohagEgyptDuring a power outage on July 23, 2014, unknown gunmen stormed the home of Zahran al-Dakhakhni, a prominent local Coptic lawyer, and took him hostage, demanding a ransom. Al-Dakhakhni was able to escape from his captors and return home the next day.
3/9/16Four Egyptian Christians Arrested in Libya for Alleged Proselytizing3/9/16ChristianLibyan AuthoritiesLegal ActionIndividual0004BenghaziAllLibyaFour Egyptian Christians have reportedly been arrested by Libyan authorities in Benghazi while possessing Christian books. They are reportedly wanted for alleged proselytizing.
12/14/15Security Forces Oppose Opening of Church Despite PromisesongoingChristianGovernmentPrevention of RenovationHouse of Worship0000Naga HammadiQenaEgyptThe Virgin Mary Church in Rahmaniya in Naga Hammadi, Qena has been closed by government order since 1970. Despite promises from the governor that the one-floor church would be opened again, the church has been not allowed to re-open.
7/24/14Coptic Land Seized, Family Threatened With Death7/24/14ChristianSalim FamilyForced TakingThreatPersonal Property0000KhankaQalyubiaEgyptLand belonging to the Jeremiah Kamil that land belonging to his family was seized by members of the Salim family. The family reported the seizure at the Khanka police station but allege that the police did not respond effectively. As of mid-August 2014, the Salims laid foundations for a house on the seized land. When Jermeiah Kamil attempted to go back to re-claim land, the Salims allegedly warned him: "If you come here again we'll put you in the groound, infidel! There's no place for Christians here!"
8/2/14Clashes After Muslim Mob Attacks Church Under Construction8/4/14ChristianVillagersClashesPrevention of RenovationHouse of Worship0Few08SamaloutMinyaEgyptOn August 2, 2014, sectarian clashes broke out in the village of Ezbet Yacoub in Minya, triggered by the alleged conversion of a house into a church (or possibly construction of a new church, according to other sources). The village, of roughly even populations of Muslims and Christians, has three mosques but only one church. When construction began on the Church of St. George, a mob of local Muslims threw stones and molotovs, alleging that it was illegal. The police reportedly forced Christian construction workers out into the street where they were beaten by the mob and clashes ensued between the two sides. Eight Christians and three Muslims were arrested (and later released) for the violence.
8/4/14Coptic Doctor Kidnapped for 2 Million EGP Ransom8/4/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010DeirutAssiutEgyptOn August 4, 2014, unknown gunmen ambushed and kidnapped Walid Milad Saeed, a 35 year-old Coptic doctor, as he was driving home from work to his home in the village of Kom Birha in Assiut. The captors have demanded a ransom of two million EGP
8/4/14Elderly Christian Man Beat at Police Station While Discussing Land Seizure8/4/14ChristianPoliceAssaultForced TakingIndividual1000Kafr al-DawarBeheiraEgyptOn August 4, 2014, Gamil Sharmoukh, an 80 year-old Coptic farmer from a local village, was invited to the Kafr al-Dawar police station along with his son Attef by Colonel Muhammad Teneihi, the chief investigator, to settle a land dispute with a neighboring Muslim family that had shut off the irrigation to Sharmoukh's land in an alleged attempt to force him off the property. According to Attef, after Gamil Sharmoukh expressed his anger at the police not intervening, Teneihi and other detectives beat him savagely, leaving him severely injured, and then forced him to sign an affadavit claiming he beat himself, also taking his cellphone and natioanl identification card.
8/5/14Attackers Burn Coptic Man's Car8/5/14ChristianUnknownArson/BurningPersonal Property0000MinyaMinyaEgyptEbram Attef Fawzi's car was set on fire outside his house in Nazlet Ebeid on August 5, 2014. A report was filed with the local police.
8/7/14Brotherhood Supporters Preventing Access to Coptic Shops in Minya8/7/14ChristianMB SupportersDiscriminationPersonal Property0000MinyaMinyaEgyptOn August 7, 2014, an alleged group of Muslim Brotherhood supporters gathered in Balas Square in Minya city and prevented entry to Christian-owned shops while chanting slogans against Christians and the Pope.
8/8/14Gunmen Seize Land in Wadi al-Natroun8/8/14ChristianThugsForced TakingPersonal Property0000Wadi al-NatrounBeheiraEgyptOn August 8, 2014, unknown gunmen seized the land of a local Coptic farmer, Samy Gerges Aguib. Police intervened after Aguib presented them with various deeds and maps proving his ownership of the land.
8/9/14Copt Falsely Accused of Molesting Muslim Girl is Arrested8/14/14ChristianSalafisPolice ActionAssaultIndividual1001Yousef al-SadiqFayoumEgyptOn August 9, 2014, Zaki Habib Zaki, a Coptic store owner, was falsely accused by local Muslims of molesting an 11 year-old Muslim girl who visited his store. He was beaten outside his shop and imprisoned for twenty days while Copts in the village received numerous threats as a result of the incident. After being postponed twice, a reconciliation meeting overseen by the local police detective was eventually held on August 23, 2014, which ruled that Zaki must pay a 50,000 EGP in compensation to the Muslim girl's family in order to be allowed to remain in the village. Following this, news emerged that charges were fabricated by Gamal Garhi, a Muslim Brotherhood businessman who lives in Cairo and has close connections to Sheikh Mohammad Hassan, a local Salafi leader in the village. Zaki was later released.
8/9/14Head of National Islamic Front Declares Christians Infidels8/9/14ChristianSheikh Muhammad FarhatIncitementIndividual0000AllAllEgyptSheikh Muhammad Farhat, a prominent Salafist leader and founder of the Egyptian National Islamic Front, declared that all Christians were "infidels" who were not worthy to be included in Islamic law. His comments came after other prominent religious leaders called for a re-writing of al-Azhar's curriculum to reduce extremism and anti-Christian bias. Farhat was not pleased with those suggestions
8/9/14Police Raid Church and Assault Bishop in Samalout8/9/14ChristianPolicePolice ActionAssaultIndividual1001SamaloutMinyaEgyptOn August 9, 2014, police forces raided a church in the Shaqrani area of Samalout city, alleging that it was operating without the proper licensing. They blockaded the entrance and prevented worshippers from entering. They arrested the pastor Stephen Shehata on charges of performing religious rituals in a private home. According to a statement released by the Archbishop of Samalout, David, Shehata was severely beaten and even threatened with death while in police custody.
8/9/14Clashes Injure Three Christians After Family Dispute8/9/14ChristianNeighbors ClashesIndividual0300MatayMinyaEgyptOn August 9, 2014, three Copts were injured when clashes broke out after a dispute between two neighboring families, the Christian Ghattas and Muslim Fayez families, both of whom were holding parties in their houses at the same time. Village Muslims came to the defense of the Fayezes and attacked the Ghattases, injuring three.
8/11/14Land Seized and Christians Attacked Following Rumor of Illegal Church Construction 8/11/14ChristianVillagersForced TakingPersonal Property0Few00MinyaMinyaEgyptA group of village Muslims reportedly attacked local Copts on August 11, 2014 in the village of Nazlet Faragallah in Minya after rumors of an illegal church construction. Emaat Saad Faragallah, a 37 year-old Coptic farmer in the village, began construction on a new house on his land, which local Muslims came to believe was secretly an illegal church. In response, they seized his land and reportedly attacked Copts in the village. A customary reconciliation session overseen by Minya security director Osama Metawy was held on August 14, 2014. Results had not been published.
8/13/14Christian Teenage Girl Disappears in Minya8/13/14ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010MaghaghaMinyaEgyptHanan Sobhi, a 17 year-old Coptic girl, was reported missing in the village of Sheikh Ziad, just south of Maghagha city. She reportedly left home to go to the store and never returned; no other reported information.
8/14/14Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Burn Christian Shop During Rabaa Anniversary March8/14/14ChristianMB SupportersArson/BurningPersonal Property0000AswanAswanEgyptOn August 14, 2014, a march allegedly organized by Muslim Brotherhood supporters to commemorate the anniversary of the Rabaa Massacre descended into violence as marchers set fire to the Segal jewelry shop, a prominent Coptic-owned business on the Nile Corniche in Aswan. The marchers also burned a police car and the offices of the Aswan Medical Association. Police later arrested seventeen member of the Muslim Brotherhood.
8/17/14Five Christians Injured in Attack Prompted by Parking Dispute8/17/14ChristianFathi familyAssaultIndividual0500SamaloutMinyaEgyptOn August 17, 2014, a dispute broke out between a Muslim and Christian family, the Fathi family and Nassif family, after a member of the Fathi (Muslim) family accused a member of the Nassif (Christian) of impeding the flow of traffic by parking a car too far into the road. A group of men from the Fathi family, accompanied by other village Muslims attacked the Nassif family, resulting in at least five injuries. Other Christiains in the village were reportedly harassed. The security forces moved in and were able to get the situation under control before further violence broke out.
8/19/14Muslim Gang Terrorizes Christian Village in Assiut8/19/14ChristianAbu Salam Ismail AbdullahProtection MoneyShootingIndividual0000QusiyyahAssiutEgyptA Muslim militant, Abu Salam Ismail Abdullah, and his gang have reportedly been terrorizing the majority-Christian village of al-Tatabiya. For several weeks he reportedly imposed a protection money tax on the Christian residents of the village and several times shot up the village with automatic weapons. Allegedly, The police know who he is but were hesitant to intervene because Abdullah's men were part of the police force; a police raid against him earlier in the year failed because he was tipped off.
8/20/14Possible Arson at Church in Shararah, Minya8/20/14ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000Abu QurqasMinyaEgyptA fire broke out in the early morning hours on August 20, 2014 at St. George's Church in the village of Shararah. The fire burned for several hours before the fire department, along with Christian and Muslim volunteers, were able to put it out. Church officials have publicly said they are "not blaming anyone" but the police are reportedly "interested" and the intensity of the fire in a brick building coupled with the proximity to the anniversary of Rabaa led police to believe it a possible arson attack.
8/21/14Local Council Prevents Reconstruction of Church Burned in 20138/21/14ChristianWasta CouncilPrevention of RenovationHouse of Worship0000WastaBeni SuefEgyptThe Wasta local council refused to give permission to local Christian leaders to renovate and rebuild the Church of the Archangel Michael and St. Anthony in the village of al-Diyabiya, which was burned in the aftermath of the Rabaa Massacre last year, despite the fact that local leaders have amassed all necessary permits for the reconstruction.
8/22/14Muslim Villagers Prevent Christians From Entering Church8/22/14ChristianVillagersDiscriminationHouse of Worship0000Kom OmboAswanEgyptOn August 22, 2014, a mob of local Muslims surrounded the Church of Our Lady in al-Aaliqat, which, as the only church in the area, serves residents of sixteen nearby villages as well, and prevented any Christians from other villages from entering the church. There were also reports that shots were fired at the church from a car.
8/23/14Clashes Erupt after Neighbors Dispute8/23/14ChristianVillagersClashesIndividual04022SamaloutMinyaEgyptClashes broke out between Muslim and Christian residents of the village of Shousha in Minya after a dispute broke out between a Muslim and Christian family over the latter throwing water out the window into their front yard. The dispute escalated leavingfour Christians injured. Security forces arrived to the scene after about two hours and arrested twenty-two people (15 Christians and 7 Muslims).
8/23/14Unknown Assailants Attack Christian Brothers, One Dead8/23/14ChristianUnknownKillingIndividual1100SamaloutMinyaEgyptOn August 23, 2014, unknown assailants attacked two Coptic brothers, Saad Kamil and Cyril Saad, as they were driving on the road to a neighboring village, apparently trying to rob them. When the brothers resisted, the attackers stabbed at them, killing Saad and wounding Cyril.
8/25/14Militants Attack Buses Carrying Copts Home From Church8/25/14ChristianSalafist MilitantsMobbingIndividual0400AmiriyaAlexandriaEgyptSalafist militants attacked a bus carrying a group of Coptic Christians as it was leaving the St. Lyons church in Basra village on August 25, 2014. Local Salafists had previously warned that they would not allow any outside Christians to visit the church, and the bus that was attacked was carrying a group from Beheira attending a wedding. The mob threw bricks and stones at the bus, which damaged windows and led to minor injuries of at least four people, including children.
8/26/14Gunmen kidnap Four Copts returning from LibyaongoingChristianMilitantsAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0040al-SalloumMatruhEgyptOn August 26, 2014, unknown gunmen stopped a minibus carrying four Coptic laborers from Abu Tig in Assiut back from Libya and took all four of them, who are members of the same family, hostage. The attack occured about a half a kilometer East of the border station.
8/30/14Two Copts Injured and Ten Arrested After Parking Dispute8/30/14ChristianVillagersClashesIndividual02010SamaloutMinyaEgyptClashes targeting Copts broke out on August 30, 2014, in Tiba after a parking dispute between a Coptic and a Muslim man escalated. At least two Copts, both of them women, were injured in the violence and police detained ten Copts for interrogation.
8/31/14Thugs Prevent Building of Coptic Services Center in Shubra8/31/14ChristianThugsPrevention of RenovationInstitution0000Shubra al-KheimaQalyubiaEgyptOn August 31, 2014, pastor Shaker Adel, the priest of St. Mark's church in Shubra, spoke out on the repeated prevention of the church's attempt to build a social services center on an empty plot of land that it purchased in 2002. He says that the church has obtained all the necessary permits from the government and has all the necessary maps and documents but that every time construction work begins on the building, "armed thugs arrive within two hours" and harass and assault the works, insisting that they are building an illegal church.
5/18/15Shi'a Leader Arrested for Promoting Shi'a IslamongoingShi'aPolice Detention/ArrestIndividual0001GizaGizaEgyptTaher al-Hashemy, a prominent Shi'a leader, was arrested at his home in Dokki by police on May 18, 2015. The police also confiscated several books that "promoted Shiism." He was held on charges of violating the principles of Azhar, printing illegal books, and seeking to spread Shi'ism. The arrest apparently came at the urging of Salafi leader Walid Ismail, who complained to the police about Hashemy spreading bias and directed the police to his apartment. Hashemy was released on 1,000 EGP bail and the case is still pending trial
6/2/15Clashes in Kafr Darwish Over Alleged Insult to InsultongoingChristianVillagersArson/BurningForced TakingPersonal Property0Few00al-FashanBeni SuefEgyptAfter Ayman Yousef Marcos published images allegedly insulting the prophet on his Facebook page in early June, clashes broke out in Kafr Darwish. Several Coptic homes and businesses were burned and Copts were attacked. According to a new report on MCN, these attacks on Copts, as well as kidnappings and random assaults and arsons, have continued unabated for months with no intervention from the police despite the fact that the police know the names of the 37 individuals who are supposedly responsible for the violence.
8/14/15Sectarian Clashes Erupt After Dispute in Minya8/14/15ChristianWajid FamilyClashesIndividual0900MaghaghaMinyaEgyptOn August 14, 2015, sectarian clashes broke out in the village of Gazirat Sharunah in Minya after a dispute between a member of the Coptic Rahib family and the Muslim Wajid family over a member of the Rahib family allegedly blocking a road on Wajid family land. At least nine people, including five Copts, were injured in the clashes as both sides attacked each other before security forces intervened and arrested six people. The next week, a reconciliation session attended by local officials was held, in which it was decided that all detainess would be released and peace was nominally restored.
9/25/15Azhar Threatens Bookshops to Stop Selling Book on Blasphemy9/25/15Non-ReligiousAl-AzharBlasphemyThreatPersonal Property0000Qasr al-NilCairoEgyptRepresentatives from Azhar and the Ministry of Religious Endowments visited the Madbouli Bookstore, a famous store in Talaat Harb Square on September 25, 2015. They threatened the owners with a blasphemy charge if they did not stop selling the book "Blasphemy in Egypt" by Hamdi Assioui and Magdy Khalil, which examines blasphemy in Egypt from a legal and political standpoint and which Azhar deems "anti-Islam." Several other Cairo bookstores have recently been warned by Azhar to stop selling the book as well.
12/26/15Salafist Call in Egypt Issues Fatwa Against Congratulating Christians on Religious Holidays12/26/15ChristianSheikh Sameh Abdel Hamid HamoudaIncitementIndividual0000AllAllEgyptSheikh Sameh Abdel Hamid Hamouda, a leader of the Salafist Call, issued a fatwa to prohibit congratulating Christians on their religious holidays, only allowing congratulations to be given during non religion events like marriage.
12/27/15Christian Jewelry Shop Robbed in Qena12/27/15ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyIndividual0100DishnaQenaEgyptAn armed gang robbed a jewelry shop in Abu Manaa Bahary village, Dishna, North of Qena, stealing 20,000 EGP and over 1 kilogram of gold. The Christian store owner was badly injured during the robbery.
2/3/16Ezbet al-Nakhl Police Refuse to File a Report on Christian Victim2/3/16ChristianTaxi & tok tok drivers/ police AssaultPolice ActionIndividual0100Ezbet al-NekhlCairoEgyptHany Abu Lila, a member of Maspero Union reported that he and his brother Gerges Abu Lila were attacked by tok tok drivers and a taxi driver on February 3, 2016 at the Ezbet al-Nakhl metro station but were unable to file a police report despite days of trying to get the police to cooperate. Hany alleges police lack of cooperation was due to hte fact that his brother's name was Gerges, a well known Christian name.
2/21/16Dispute Over Land Leads to Proseuction and Reconciliation Session2/21/16Christianal-Qadi Family ClashesPersonal Property0000DishnaQenaEgyptOn February 21, 2016, a dispute between a Christian (Ghabriel Suriel) and Muslim (al-Qadi) family arose out of the building of a wall around Suriel's land. Police intervention led to both families being referred to prosecution as well as the case being sent a reconciliation committee. Both families claim the land and when the Suriel's tried to build a wall around the land, members of the al-Qadi family prevented the workers. The police were called and both families were referred to prosecution. The police entrusted the reconciliation committee in the village to intervene and end the dispute.
1/22/16Police Report Filed Against Priest in Upper Egypt2/22/16ChristianAuthoritiesPrevention of RenovationHouse of Worship0000QousQenaEgyptA police report was filed against Pastor Daniel Tayeb because he prepared an iron tent above the building of a Catholic church, St. George's Church in Hegazah village, Qous, Qena. The pastor reported that the tents where Christians worshiped in the previous Christmas were burned. The church has not been allowed to renovate after receiving demolition and construction permits for the last 23 years. The church obtained official documents and approvals form the competent authorities, but the actual construction permit was rejected for security reasons. In 2005, the church obtained an administrative judgment in favor of the church, however, the decision hasn ot been implemented yet.
11/8/15Copt Kidnapped and Taxi Stolen After Paying Ransom11/8/15ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceThreatIndividual0010DeirutAssiutEgyptOn November 8, 2015, a Christian taxi driver, Agban Farag Moussa, in Minya was kidnapped while driving his car. He was taken to al-Hotah village in Dairut where he was held for a ransom of 37,000 EGP. Upon release, he went to the police to report the incident but was threatened by the kidnappers who called him after he filed the report.
11/8/15Christian Homes Burned, Crops Destroyed in Beni Suef11/8/15ChristianAhmed AdelLooting/Destruction of PropertyArson/BurningPersonal Property0000al-FashanBeni SuefEgyptClashes broke out in Kafr al-Darwish, in al-Fashan, Beni Suef on November 8, 2015. Twenty-five homes were attacked with molotov coctails leading to partial burning of homes and crops. Tensions were high in the village due to a Christian from the village (who resides in Jordan) who allegedly posted a picture on Facebook that was viewed as offensive to Islam, according to Muslim residents in the village. The attackers were Muslim residents in the village, known to the victims.
4/5/1613 Year Old Christian Boy Kidnapped from School in MinyaongoingChristianMuhammad K. K, Mustafa M. K, Hussein A.A, Waleed E. DAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010MatayMinyaEgyptUnknown assailants attacked the Manshat Minbal School in Matay, Minya on April 5, 2016, fired shots into the sky, and kidnapped 13 year old Christian student Antonious Nawar Habeeb Farag. The parents of other students have since refused to allow their children to go to school. UPDATE on April 17, 2016: Antonious was finally returned home after his family paid approximately 300,000 EGP to his kidnappers. UPDATE on April 25, 2016: Waleed E. D, 21; Muhammad K. K, 23; and Mustafa M. K, 38; from the village of Beni Zeid in Qoussiya, Assiut; as well as Hussein A.A, 30; from the village of Tawfiqiya in Samalout, Minya confessed to having kidnapped Antonius for ransom. Minya police said the ransom money was found with them and returned to the family.
4/20/16FJP Posts News Claiming that Pope is Sending Christians to Israel "in Defiance of Arabs and Muslims"4/20/16ChristianFJP WebsiteIncitementIndividual0000AllAllEgyptThe website of the Freedom and Justice Party has published a news article allegedly reporting that Pope Tawadros is sending 6,000 Christians to Israel "in defiance of Arabs and Muslims."
4/20/16Fire Reported At Mar Guirguis Coptic Catholic Church in Luxor, Conflicting Reports on Causes4/20/16ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000LuxorLuxorEgyptA fire was reported at the Mar Guirguis Coptic Catholic Church that caused significant damage; no injuries were reported. Although the fire was stopped, there were conflicting reports on the causes. Security forces initially denied any criminal involvement. Thereafter, a Facebook page of a group called the Popular Resistance Movement allegedly took responsibility for the attack and allegedly threatened future attacks. A security report denied the claims of this group, stating that security footage had not recorded any suspicious movements.
4/25/16Church of the Virgin in Al-Mamurah Attacked by Unknown Assailants4/25/16ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyHouse of Worship0000Al-MamurahAlexandriaEgyptThe Church of the Virgin in Al-Mamurah, Alexandria was attacked by unknown assailants. The assailants attacked the front of the church, particularly the banner featuring the name of the church and a marble cross. UPDATE on April 27, 2016: Police reported that they allegedly detained a man responsible for the attack.
4/19/16Coptic High School Student Disappeared in Helwan5/3/16ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010HelwanCairoEgyptCoptic high school student Sandy Essam Guirguis Shehata disappeared in Helwan after leaving her home to go buy clothes with her aunt for the upcoming Easter holiday. She never arrived to meet her aunt and when her family tried to get in touch with her, her mobile was turned off. Thereafter, her grandfather reported her as missing to the Helwan police station. In the time since her disappearance, her family and friends have continued to search for her. UPDATE on May 3, 2016: Police authorities found Sandy and returned her home.
5/12/16Prayer Hall Affiliated with the Church of the Virgin in Minya Attacked and Burned Down5/12/16ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000MinyaMinyaEgyptA prayer hall affiliated with the Church of the Virgin in the Ismailia al-Bahriya Village near Minya, Minya was attacked by unknown persons in the early hours of the morning and burned down. No one was injured in the attacks. The church had been operating in a temporary setting until permission had been issued by security officials to move into the physical church building that had been built in 2009. The building attacked was not the closed church itself, but a 180 meter tent (with a wood ceiling and walls) that had housed the prayer and services of the community for over one year. UPDATE on May 14, 2016: Authorities identified and detained the alleged perpetrators: a 24 year old driver named Mohamed and an 18 year old farmer named Ramadan. They allegedly committed the crime due to a history of conflict with the church guard.
5/13/1616 Year Old Coptic Girl Disappears in Beni Mazar, Minya5/27/16ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010Beni MazarMinyaEgyptA 16 year old Coptic girl named Mariam was reported missing from Beni Mazar, Minya after she failed to show up for a school exam. When the students reported her missing to the school, they were told that she never entered the exam. Her family was informed and then filed a missing persons report with the police station. UPDATE on May16, 2016: Mariam's cousin has told the media that despite the fact that the perpetrator (a driver named Ahmed from the village) has been identified, security forces have been unsuccessful in returning Mariam to her home. UPDATE on May 27, 2016: The family of Mariam has announced that her daughter has now been returned to her home; they provided no additional details about the incident.
5/21/16Violence in Minya Results in Injuries, Burned Homes, and Dragging of Coptic WomanongoingMultipleVillagersArson/BurningAssaultPersonal Property0200Abu QurqasMinyaEgyptViolence erupted in al-Karam village of Abu Qurqas, Minya on May 21, 2016 after news surfaced of an alleged romance between a Muslim woman and a Coptic man. According to reports, hundreds of Muslims gathered outside of the Coptic man's home and set a fire, which then led to further violence that affected the homes of Muslims and Christians in the village. Two persons were injured in the violence and seven homes and a storage unit were burned. Three days after the incident, the Coptic man's mother (Soad Thabet) submitted an official complaint in which she described how she was stripped naked, dragged into the street, and beaten during the violence. Police ignored the initial complaint made by the mother, Souad Thabet, and initially dismissed it as a rumor, throwing her and her family out of the station; the Governor of Minya also reportedly denied the assault. UPDATE on January 15, 2017: The case against three men who stripped and dragged Soad Thabet has been thrown out for lack of evidence (court case no. 23668 of 2016); a second case against the men who burned homes is ongoing. Her son is also still being prosecuted for the alleged affair with his Muslim neighbor's wife, the rumor that led to the conflict in the first place. UPDATE on February 17, 2017: The case against three men who attack Soad Thabet was reopened after a successful appeal by Thabet's lawyers.
6/3/1612 Year Old Coptic Boy Disappears in MinyaongoingChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010Deir MawasMinyaEgyptA 6th grader and 12 year old Coptic boy named Kirollos has disappeared since Friday, June 3, 2016 from Deir Mowas in Minya. His family has not received any phone calls or information about his disappearance.
6/9/16Coffeeshops Raided in Agouza to Enforce Ramadan Fast During the Day6/9/16MultipleState ActorDiscriminationLooting/Destruction of PropertyInstitution0000AgouzaGizaEgyptYasser Farag, government representative and vice president of the suburb of Azouga, Giza, launced a campaign on June 9, 2016 to raid coffee shops to enforce fasting during Ramadan. The raids confiscated 177 chairs, 50 tables, and 25 Shishas, in a number of cafes in KitKat, on al-Alamein Street. Police reports and other necessary procedures have been filed against the coffee shop owners.
5/19/16Minority Rights Activist, Mina Thabet, Detained and ChargedongoingChristianState ActorDetention/ArrestCriminal InvestigationIndividual0111East CairoCairoEgyptAt around 3 am on May 19, 2016, plainclothes policemen entered Mina's home without a warrant, beat him, blindfolded him, and took him to the al-Salam police station #1. Mina was forced to stand blindfolded against a wall for at least two hours and was beaten again. At around 10 am, the police transferred Mina from the al-Salam police station #1 to the Abbaseya prosecution in East Cairo where he was able to contact a lawyer for the first time. On May 21, 2016, Mina's detention was renewed for 15 days and then again on June 5, 2016 for another 15 days. Mina's lawyers filed for an appeal on June 8, 2016, but the request was denied. He is facing 10 charges, among them are inciting protests, belonging to a terrorist group, attempting to overthrow the President, and spreading false information. The prosecution claims that Mina's case is related to his criticisms of the government’s transfer of the Tiran and Sanafir Islands, although there is very little supporting this contention. UPDATE June 18, 2016: Mina was released on bail of 10,000 EGP. Prosecution appealed and the hearing is scheduled for June 20.
6/17/16Car of Amiriya Pastor Destroyed, Injuries Amidst Rumor of Church Construction6/17/16ChristianVillagersLooting/Destruction of PropertyMobbingIndividual0200AmiriyaAlexandriaEgyptOn June 17, 2016, following alleged rumors that a Coptic man intended to turn his home into a church, dozens of Muslim residents of al-Bayda Village in Amiriya assembled and chanted, "we don't want a church." The mob then moved towards the man's house after Friday prayers. During the mobbing incident, the mob threw rocks at various homes, the car of Pastor Karas Nasr was destroyed, and the owner of the house Naeem Aziz was injured along with his brother Mousa Naeem. Police reportedly arrested six Muslims and six Copts after the incident, though the Muslims were released shortly thereafter. The Copts remain in detention. UPDATE June 21, 2016: Naeem Aziz and his family have been refused entry to their home, having lived on the street for three days.
6/9/16Four Men Attempt to Intimidate Family in Minya Amidst Land Sale for Possible Church Construction6/10/16ChristianVillagersMobbingAttempted AttackIndividual0000DimshirMinyaEgyptFollowing news that Nassef Ramzi had sold a piece of land for a possible church construction in Ezbet al-Dahab in Dimshir, Minya surfaced, four individuals attempted to terrorize and intimidate Ramzi's family by banging on his door and windows in an attempt to scare the family get them to leave the village. Thereafter, these four persons were arrested following a complaint submitted by Ramzi. Police later learned that the men had reportedly gotten into an altercation with Ramzi at an earlier time and threats had been made with a pocket knife.
6/16/16Coptic Woman and Her Two Children Disappear Ongoing ChristianNon-State ActorAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0030MaghaghaMinyaEgyptOn June 16, 2016, in the village of Deir al-Gabnoor in Maghagha, Minya, a 35 year old Coptic woman named Samia disappeared, along with her 15 year old son Reza and 12 year old daugher Merna. Her husband Salah received a phone call demanding a ransom of half a million pounds, although no further calls were received following that.
6/30/16Coptic Priest of Saint George Church Killed After Being Gunned Down in Arish6/30/16ChristianISISShootingIndividual1000ArishNorth SinaiEgyptOn June 30, 2016, Priest Raphael Moussa of the St. George Church was shot dead on his way back from giving a sermon, marking the third anniversary of the June 30 deposal of President Morsi. Wilayat Sinai has claimed the attack in what is likely their first explicitly sectarian attack.
6/27/16Four Coptic Homes Burned Amidst Rumors of Church Construction in Samalout6/30/16ChristianVillagersArson/BurningMobbingPersonal Property00019SamaloutMinyaEgyptOn June 27, 2016, around 300 Muslim villagers gathered around the home of Coptic farmer Ayoub after rumors surfaced that he intended to turn his home into a church in Kom al-Lofi, Samalout. On June 30, three days later, similar rumors continued to surface, villagers again gathered, resulting in the burning of four Coptic homes. No injuries were reported. Security is reportedly present in the village. UPDATE: On July 7, 2016, 19 defendants had their detention renewed for 15 days.
7/9/13Two Gunmen Opened Fire on Saint Mina Church in Port Said7/9/13ChristianUnknownShootingHouse of Worship0101Port SaidPort SaidEgyptTwo masked gunmen opened fire on the Saint Mina Church in Port Said City, leaving at least one injured. One of the assailants has reportedly been detained, although no group has claimed responsibility for the attack.
8/4/13Shrine of Al-Sheikh Henied Damaged in Explosion8/4/13SunniUnknownBombingHouse of Worship0000North SinaiNorth SinaiEgyptOn August 4, 2013, the al-Sheikh Henied shrine located in the al-Maghara area of North Sinai was damaged in the blast of an explosive device. No casualties were reported and the bombing was one of two attacks on shrines in North Sinai, coordinated to occur simultaneously. No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks.
8/4/13Shrine of Al-Sheikh Salim Damaged in Explosion8/4/13SunniUnknownBombingHouse of Worship0000North SinaiNorth SinaiEgyptOn August 4, 2013, the al-Sheikh Salim shrine located in the Bir al-Abd town in North Sinai was damaged in the blast of an explosive device. No casualties were reported and the bombing was one of two attacks on shrines in North Sinai, coordinated to occur simultaneously. No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks.
8/25/13Armed Militants Opened Fire on a Church in al-Salaam, Arish8/25/13ChristianArmed Militants ShootingHouse of Worship0000ArishNorth SinaiEgyptOn August 25, 2013, as part of a series of attacks, armed assaliants attacked a church in the al-Salaam area of Arish, North Sinai. No casualties were reported and no group has claimed responsibility for the attack.
8/25/13Armed Militants Opened Fire on a Church in al-Musa'id, Arish8/25/13ChristianArmed Militants ShootingHouse of Worship0000ArishNorth SinaiEgyptOn August 25, 2013, as part of a series of attacks, armed assaliants attacked a church in the al-Musa'id area of Arish, North Sinai. No casualties were reported and no group has claimed responsibility for the attack.
7/5/16Coptic Pharmacist Found Dead in Tanta7/5/16ChristianUnknownStabbingIndividual1000TantaGharbiyaEgyptA 33-year-old Coptic pharmacist, Magdi Atiya Gabriel was found dead in Tanta, Gharbiya on July 5, 2016. Signs indicate that he died from nine stabbing wounds over his body and a cut around the neck. Authorities are now investigating the case. UPDATE: On July 6, 2016, two unemployed men were arrested by detectives from the first police departmen of Tanta. Reports also indicate that another suspect named Mohammed, thought to be involved in the incident, has fled to the Sohag governorate.
7/5/16Coptic Nun Killed on the Cairo-Alexandria Road7/5/16ChristianUnknownShootingIndividual1200CairoCairoEgyptOn July 5, 2016, a car with nuns on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road heading towards the Saint George Monastery was targeted by unknown assailants, leaving one nun dead. Two other nuns survived the attack, along with the driver and a doctor. The Ministry of Interior alleges that the car was caught in the crossfire of a revenge crime between unknown assailants and a man and his son.
7/15/16Five Coptic Homes Burned Amidst Rumors of Church Construction in Minya7/15/16ChristianVillagersArson/BurningMobbingPersonal Property0000MinyaMinyaEgyptOn July 15, 2016, extremists in the village of Abu Yaacoub in Minya attacked and burned the homes of at least five local Copts amidst false rumors of a church construction. The homes burned were those of Istamalik Youssef Istamalik, Youhanna Youssef Istamalik, Abdel Mallak Saleeb, Ibrahim Khalil, and Waheed Wadee Farag.
7/16/16Fire Ensues at Al-Malak Mikhail Church in Al-Madamoud, Luxor 7/16/16ChristianUnknownArson/BurningHouse of Worship0000LuxorLuxorEgyptA fire was reported at Al-Malak Mikhail Church in Al-Madamoud, Luxor on July 16, 2016. Significant damage was documented. At present, it is unclear what caused the fire.
7/17/16One Copt Killed, Three Injured in Fight in Minya7/17/16ChristianVillagersAssaultMobbingIndividual1300MinyaMinyaEgyptA 27 year old Coptic man named Fam Mary was killed and at least three others were injured after a fight ensued between a young Muslim and Christian boy in Tahna Al-Jabal in Minya, which escalated and ultimately involved two larger groups. Injuries ensued as result of clubs and knives reportedly used in the fight.,-wounds%E2%80%94in-Egypts-Minya.aspx
7/19/16Nine Injured After Fights Break Out in Edmu, Minya7/19/16MultipleVillagersAssaultClashesIndividual0900MinyaMinyaEgyptFights broke out in Edmu, Minya, resulting in the injury of 9 persons after a group of Muslim youth reportedly got into a verbal altercation with a group of Christian women who were doing dishes in a local pond. The youth jumped into the same pond that the women were doing dishes in to swim; thereafter, fights were said to have broken out after the husbands of the Christian women became involved.
7/22/16Homes of Copts in Beni Suef Attacked Amidst Rumors of Church Construction7/22/16ChristianVillagersMobbingAssaultPersonal Property0000al-FashanBeni SuefEgyptAmidst rumors that a Coptic man intended to convert one level of his home into a church, villagers gathered after Friday prayers in Saft al-Kharsah in al-Fashan, Beni Suef to chant, mob, and attack a number of Coptic homes, among them the home under construction. After the attacks occurred, police reportedly cordoned off the area to secure the nearly 50 Coptic families living in the village. According to one source, at least seven Coptic homes were damaged in the incident.
7/27/16Copts in Greater 15 May Region Receive Threats Regarding Church-Affiliated Services Building7/28/16ChristianLocal ExtremistsThreatInstitution000015 MayCairoEgyptThe Pastor of the Zarayib May Church in the Greater 15 May area issued a public SOS to authorities after mounting threats were made against them by extremists who expressed their intent to burn a church-affiliated services building and attack local Copts in the area. Since the SOS, security has reportedly arrested four individuals accused of inciting to violence and cordoned off the area.
8/1/16Security Foils Kidnap Attempt on Coptic Doctor in Minya8/1/16ChristianThree GunmenAbduction/DisappearanceAttempted AttackIndividual0000Deir MawasMinyaEgyptSecurity forces foiled a kidnap attempt on Coptic Dr. Shenouda by three gunmen in Deir Mawas, Minya. A policeman noticed the armed men about to carry out the attack and was able to fire shots in the air and halt the men from carrying out their intended plan. Police later learned that the armed men had planned the kidnap to get ransom money off of the doctor who runs two clinics. Two of the three gunmen have since been arrested.
8/7/16Five Coptic Families Forced to Leave Homes in Kom al-Lofi after Assailants Released from Prison8/7/16ChristianAssailantsMobbingThreatIndividual0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptFive Coptic families have been forced to leave their homes in Kom al-Lofi in Samalout, Minya after the assailants who were arrested for attacks that ensued following a church construction rumor last month were released from detention on LE 1,000 bail. After the assailants' relase, the assailants threw stones at the homes of the Coptic families in question, verbally harassed them, and shot celebratory gunfire marking their release, all of which led to the departure of the Coptic families. The families intend to protest their situation outside of the Presidential Palace in Cairo. Lawyers say the release of the assailants is improper as it occured before the 30-day period following the first appeal.
8/7/16Three Pastors Prevented from Carrying Out Religious Services by Security Forces in Ismailia8/7/16ChristianSecurity ForcesPolice ActionIndividual0000IsmailiaIsmailiaEgyptThree pastors were prevented by security forces from carrying out religious services at the Ismailia Evangelical Church despite the fact that the pastors showed their ID's and all necessary documentation. The security forces verbally harassed the pastors, physically assaulted them, and waved their weapons in their faces.
8/18/16Muslims of Kom al-Lofi Reject Construction of Church at Meeting with Security8/18/16ChristianVillagersDiscriminationHouse of Worship0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptAt a meeting with security officials in Kom al-Lofi, Minya, Muslim residents of Kom al-Lofi rejected a proposal by Christians to construct another church in the area. Kom al-Lofi has witnessed attacks on the Christian community over rumors of alleged church construction in recent months.
8/18/16Fields of Two Copts in al-Karam Village in Abu Qurqas, Minya Set on Fire 8/18/16ChristianUnknownArson/BurningPersonal Property0000Abu QurqasMinyaEgyptThe fields of two Copts (Wagih Qasid and Fadl Saad) were set on fire by unknown assailants in al-Karam village in Abu Qurqas, Minya. The fire lasted between approximately 1:30 am and 4:30 am, creating significant damage and destroying roses, hay, palm trees, and livestock among other things. Al-Karam witnessed violence earlier in May 2016 over an alleged romance between a Muslim woman and a Christian man; in that incident, various homes were burned and an elderly woman was beaten and dragged in the street. The two Copts whose land was damaged in the incident at hand were also affected by the May incident.
8/24/16Nineteen Year Old Attacks Police Sergeant Guarding St. Fatima Church in Heliopolis8/24/16MultipleAhmed Helal al-EtrebyAssaultAttempted AttackIndividual0100CairoCairoEgyptA nineteen year old assailant by the name of Ahmed Helal al-Etreby attacked a police sergeant by the name of Ashraf Ahmed Mahmoud al-Garf who was guarding the St. Fatima Catholic Church in al-Nozha, Heliopolis in Cairo. The police sergeant sustained a wound to the ear. Security forces shot the assailant dead after he instigated the attack.
9/13/16Verbal Traffic Altercation Between Muslim and Christian in Minya Escalates to Fight9/13/16ChristianVillagersAssaultAttempted AttackIndividual02037MinyaMinyaEgyptA verbal traffic altercation between a Muslim and a Christian man in Ezbet Assem in Damshir, Minya escalated into a rock-throwing incident and a fight that eventually led to two persons being injured, the burning of a dwelling, and damage to a vehicle. Twenty Muslims and 17 Christians were initially taken into custody and authorities are now investigating the case further and questioning 16 persons.
10/3/16Four Christians Kidnapped for Ransom in Manfalut, Minya10/3/16ChristianUnknownAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0040ManfalutMinyaEgyptFour Christians, including a nine year-old boy, were allegedly kidnapped on October 3, 2016 by unknown aggressors; a 500,000 EGP ransom was requested. The perpetrators threatened to kill the victims if the police were involved. Despite the threat, one family member went to the Directorate of Security in Assiut and met with Assistant Director of Security who advised him to pay the ransom due to lack of guarantee that the perpetrators could be identified. A second call by the perpetrators led to an alleged negotiation of the ransom money down to 200,000 EGP. UPDATE on October 4, 2016: The four were released after their families paid the perpetrators 150,000 EGP.
10/12/16Man in Sharqiya Sentenced to Two Years on Blasphemy Charges for Spreading Shia Teachings10/12/16Shi'aJudicial VerdictIndividual0000Kafr SaqrSharqiyaEgyptMohamed Abu Shashiah, the manager of a nursery in al-Moanasa Village in Kafr Saqr, Sharqiya, was accused of teaching the children at the nursery Shia beliefs. After a case was filed by the villagers and litigated before court, he was sentenced to two years on blasphemy charges for allegedly "insulting the Prophet's companions" and "spreading Shia lies to children."
11/5/16Teacher & Daughter Who Converted to Shiism Forcibly Displaced from Home, Threatened in Damietta11/7/16Shi'aVillagersDisplacementThreatIndividual0000Kafr SaadDamiettaEgyptAfter news that a teacher and her daughter had converted to Shiism surfaced in Ezba Talata of Kafr Saad in Damietta, Salafi neighbors surrounded the house of the teacher, violently threatened her, and forced her to leave so as to prevent Shi'a thought from spreading locally. This incident occurred after the Salafi neighbors had attempted to convince the woman to convert back to being Sunni in various dialogue sessions. A relative of the Shi'a teacher had told the Salafi men prior to this that she had "returned to her senses," but the Salafi men demanded that she publicly announce this and that she pray with the Sunni women, both of which she refused to do. Thereafter, the Salafi neighbors reportedly violently threatened her, telling her not to return and that if she did, that they would do to her the same thing that was done to Hassan Shehata (a Shi'a man who was brutally murdered in 2013).
11/25/16Fifteen Coptic Homes Attacked by Mob in SohagOngoingChristianNon-State ActorArson/BurningLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0Several028Dar al-SalamSohagEgyptOn November 25, 2016, a mob attacked and burned a number of Christian homes in Naghamish Village in Sohag over a rumor that a community guest house was turned into a church. Fifteen homes were damaged in the attack and several injured. Fourteen of those who had been arrested were referred to prosecution over charges of inciting riots and forming a mob. Senior officials from the province came to participate in reconciliation dialogues in addition to members of parliament, community elders (representatives of well-known local families), and Coptic and Muslim clerics.
11/13/16Two Coptic Teens Seriously Injured in Conflict in Minya11/14/16ChristianNon-State ActorAssaultIndividual0500SamaloutMinyaEgyptA fight took place in the village of Saft al-Laban, Minya on November 14, 2016. Five Coptic teenagers were injured, among them two (Labib Samy, 17-year-old and Romany Attef, 17-year-old) who were seriously injured with deep wounds to their heads. The fight began on Sunday between Muslim and Christian students at their local high school. On Monday, Samy and Attef were attacked again on their way home from private lessons. Police sent secruity to the village to prevent further escalation.
11/17/16Coptic Man Stripped and Dragged Through the Streets of Delga11/19/16ChristianNon-State ActorAssaultIndividual0102Deir MawasMinyaEgyptOn November 17, 2016, Talaat Beshay Gad al-Rab was stripped of his clothes and dragged through the streets in Delga, Minya due to an alleged relationship between his son, Shenouda, and a Muslim girl. Police forces arrested some of the family members who attack Talaat as well as Talaat's son. On November 19, Father Youssef Ayoub, pastor of the Catholic Church in Delga, announced that Talaat had accepted and signed a reconciliation agreement with the girls familiy members agreeing not to pursue legal action against them.
9/14/14Al-Azhar Scholar, Ahmed Karima, Suspended From Council and Criminally Investigated for Visiting Iran9/17/14SunniState ActorGovernment ActionIndividual0000CairoCairoEgyptSheikh Dr. Ahmed Karima, a professor of Islamic Law at Cairo’s Al-Azhar University was investigated by his peers and later by court for attending a Shia Seminary on Islamic Jurisdiction held in Iran in September 2014. He also was temporarily suspended from the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs at Al-Azhar.
10/14/16Wilayat Sinai Beheads Sufi Cleric for Witchcraft11/19/16SufiNon-State ActorBeheadingKillingIndividual2000ArishNorth SinaiEgyptOn November 18, 2016, Wilayat Sinai claimed the beheading of two individuals whom it mistakenly identified as priests. The individuals were blind Sufi Sheikh Suleiman Abu Heraz from the al-Sawarka, who was kidnapped in October and reportedly a hundred years old. Members of Wilayat Sinai accused Sheikh Heraz of witchcraft. The second individual was Sheikh Said Abdel-Fattah, a top Religious Endowment cleric kidnapped in October.
12/11/16Twenty-Nine Killed In Bombing at Chapel Near St. Mark's Cathedral12/11/16ChristianUnknownBombingHouse of Worship294900CairoCairoEgyptOn December 11, 2016, a bomb attack on St. Peter & St. Paul Coptic Orthodox Church, a church near St. Mark's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, the seat of Pope, killed at least 25 and injured 49 (Egyptian state media reports 35 injured). President Sisi called for three days of mourning and opened an investigation into the attack. UPDATE on December 12, 2016: Authorities identify suicide bomber as Mahmoud Shafik Mohamed Mostafa. No independent claims for the attack have been made yet. UPDATE on January 7, 2017: Official number of dead rises to 28. UPDATE on February 2, 2017: Prosecutor General of Egypt opens investigations with Yasser Borhami, a salafi activist and one of the founders of the Salafist Call, for inciting the bombing of St. Paul Church by his extremist fatwas. Update on April 28, 2017: Number of dead listed as 29.
12/5/16Mofeed Fawzy Accused of Insulting Sheikh Shaarawi and Inciting HatredOngoingChristianState ActorLegal ActionIndividual0000CairoCairoEgyptOn December 5, 2016, several attorneys accused Egyptian Christian journalist and TV presenter Mofeed Fawzy for insulting the late popular Islamic figure Sheikh Shaarawi. Fawzy is to be interrogated by state security prosecution for criticizing Shaarawi on air, saying he is one of the early promoters of extremism in Egypt.
1/3/17Alcohol Store Owner Slaughtered In Alexandria1/3/17ChristianNon-State ActorBeheadingIndividual1001AlexandriaAlexandriaEgyptOn January 3, 2017, Yousef Lamaei, a Christian liquor store owner was killed by a beared man, now believed to be Adel Soliman. The incident took place in front of Lamaei`s store in Alexandria and was caught by the store`s security cameras. The murderer was reported to have been shouting "Allahu Akbar" while committing his crime. Adel Soliman, the main suspect, confessed that he warned Lamaei to stop selling alocohol, procured the knife to kill him, and watched the store for two hours before killing Lamaei. The trial is set for February. UPDATE on March 9, 2017: Adel Soliman was convicted for the murder of Yousef Lamaei and sentenced to death. Grand Mufti approved the death sentence. Soliman has the opportunity still to appeal the verdict.
1/6/17A Christian Couple Killed In Their Bed1/6/17ChristianNon-State ActorBeheadingIndividual2000TalaMenoufiaEgyptOn January 6, 2017, a 60 year-old christian man, called Gamal Sami, and his 48 year-old wife, Nadia, were found slaughtered in their bedroom in Menoufia. Neighbours say that Sami`s cell phone store had been robbed earlier but he refused to report to the police for fear of the criminals` reaction. Family members do not believe the motivation was robbery as Nadia's jewelry was untouched; police allege it was a theft crime. Some reports indicate that the couple`s cell phones and money were not found after the crime. U
1/17/17Christian Man Found Killed in His Own Apartment in Cairo1/17/17ChristianNon-State ActorStabbingIndividual1000CairoCairoEgyptOn January 17, 2017, a Christian man was found killed in his own apartment in Masr al-Qadima. The body was stabbed several times on different spots. Motivations for the crime are still unknown. UPDATE on January 19, 2017: A couple was detained for suspicion of killing the 37 year-old man..
10/1/16Four Sufi Clerics Kidnapped by ISIS in Rafah, North Sinai10/1/16SufiNon-State ActorAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0040RafahNorth SinaiEgyptIn early October 2016, four Sufi clerics were reportedly kidnapped on October 6, 2016 by ISIS in the Naga Shabana village in the Egyptian Rafah in North Sinai. The four had been allegedly known for speaking out against ISIS.
10/4/16Guard for the Good Shepherd Church in Suez Shot Dead10/4/16ChristianNon-State ActorShootingIndividual1000SuezSuezEgyptOn October 4, 2016, a sentry was shot in the head guarding the Good Shepherd Church in Suez. The Suez Security Directorate has claimed that relatives killed the victim in a familial dispute.
1/13/17Christian Doctor Found Killed In Assiut1/13/17ChristianNon-State ActorStabbingIndividual1000AssiutAssiutEgyptOn Friday, January 13, 2017, a Christian surgeon named Bassam Safwat Zaki was found killed in his apartment in the upper Egyptian city of Assiut. Initial findings suggest that he was stabbed in the neck, back and chest. The victim`s cell phone was found in the apartment, according to his brother who was the first one to find out about the crime. Some reports indicate that a knife was next to his body when he was found.
12/27/16A Threatening Message To Christians Painted On A Church Floor12/27/17ChristianNon-State ActorThreatHouse of Worship0001DamiettaDamiettaEgyptOn Tuesday, December 27, 2016, a threatening message was found painted on the floor of Virgin Mary church in Dumyat city. The message was in Arabic and said “"You Will Die Christians!". A young man was caught by surveillance cameras while climbing the church`s fence at three in the morning of the same day. Investigations later indicated that the message was painted by a 22 year-old son of one of the church`s priests named John. Reports say that John confessed that he did it. According to the reports, he said that he had done it to motivate the government to increase security measures on the church after the bombing of the cathedral in Cairo. John is currently facing charges of “inciting sectarian strife and disturbing public security.” He was later released on a bail of 5 thousand EGP.
1/30/17Christian Supermarket Owner Killed in Arish1/30/17ChristianNon-State ActorShootingPersonal Property1000ArishNorth SinaiEgyptOn January 30, 2017, a Christian supermarket owner was attacked and shot dead in his own store by three masked gunmen. His killers reportedly fled to the olive orchards south of the city.
2/1/17Several Christian Houses Robbed In SohagongoingChristianNon-State ActorLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000GirgaSohagEgyptSeveral houses, all owned by Christians, have been robbed in a village in Sohag. Security cameras at one of those houses showed a man named Hani Saber breaking into the house. The police have allegedly not taken any action yet despite the victims' reports.
1/28/17An 18-Year-Old Christian Girl Disappeared in EsnaongoingChristianNon-State ActorAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010EsnaLuxorEgyptOn January 26, 2016, an 18 year-old Coptic girl, Hanan Adly Girgis disappeared in Esna. A mob gathered to protest in front of the village's police station but the security forces managed to break it up. Reports say that the girl`s phone, national ID, and her birth certificate were not found either. UPDATE on February 22, 2017: Hanan's family accuse police of complicity with the disappearance of Hanan. Hanan's brothers filed a police report accusing a 27-year-old neighbour, Mohamed Ahmed Nubi Soliman, of kidnapping Hanan. Prosecution questioned Mohamed who admited he had a connection but he was released due to lack of physical evidence. UPDATE on March 8, 2017: Hanan's brother Rezeiky reportedly heard from the Civil Status Authority at the Esna Police Station that Hanan was provided a new national identification card by national security services.
1/31/17Police Stops Restoration Of The Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church In Minya For Being Unlicensed1/31/17ChristianState ActorPrevention of RenovationHouse of Worship0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptThe police forces stopped the restoration of the Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church in Minya for being unlicensed.
2/2/17Jewelry Store Owner Killed In His Store2/2/17ChristianNon-State ActorBeheadingIndividual1003al- AlameinMatruhEgyptOn Februaty 2, 2017, three men attacked a jewelry store, killing its Christian owner, Ashraf and stealing 5 KG of gold in al-Alamein. One of the attackers was allegedly arrested while he was trying to escape from the city. UPDATE on February 6, 2017: The other two attackers were arrested within the following 48 hours and the three confessed that they had committed the crime. Prosecution detained them for four days.
2/6/17Copts Of Kom al-Lofi, Samalout Denied Electricity ongoing ChristianState ActorGovernment ActionPersonal Property0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptOn February 6, 2017, Copts in the village of Kom al-Lofi in Minya announced that they would protest gainst the city's refusal to connect their restored houses to electricity. Several houses, owned by Christians, were burnt during a sectarian strife in June 2016 (ID 442 in Eshhad Database). After restoring the houses, the city of Samalout refused requests to connect them to electricity.
2/10/17Christian Housewife Disappeared In Samalout, Minya ongoing ChristianNon-State ActorAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0020SamaloutMinyaEgyptOn February 10, 2017, a 23 year-old Christian housewife called Marcel disappeared with her two year-old son, Kirollos, in Minya. Reports say that they left the house to attend the prayers at the local church in the morning but they were not seen afterwards.
2/4/17A Christian Teenager Sentenced To Fifteen Years In Prisonongoing ChristianState ActorJudicial VerdictDisplacementIndividual0001Shibin al-QanaterQalyubiaEgyptA Christian teenager, Fady Said Khalil, was sentenced to fifteen years in prison for allegedly raping an 8 year-old Muslim boy. The convict`s father said that forensic report proved his son innocent but the other family obtained false witnesses. The family had to leave the village but there are contradicting reports on the reasons behind it. The family has accused their neighbors, the police and the town`s MP, Mahmoud Badr, of forcing them to leave their house. Other reports suggest that they had to leave after their lease had expired.
2/12/17Coptic Veternarian Shot Outside his Clinic in Arish, North Sinai2/12/17ChristianNon-State ActorShootingIndividual1000Arish North SinaiEgyptOn February 12, 2017, a Christian veterinarian was shot in Arish by masked gunmen in a crowded market in broad daylight. The victim was forced to stop his car by a group of masked gunmen who shot him afterwards.
2/16/17Christian Teacher Gunned Down in Arish, North Sinai2/16/17ChristianNon-State ActorShootingIndividual1000Arish North SinaiEgyptOn February 16, 2017, gunmen shot a Christian teacher (and shoe store owner) at the Thursday market in Arish.
2/22/17Christian Shot in the Head in Arish, Days After Being Kidnapped2/22/17ChristianNon-State ActorShootingAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual1010Arish North SinaiEgyptOn February 22, 2017, Coptic Christian Said Hakim (his son was found with him, burned alive- record no. 491), age 65, was found shot in the head, days after he had been kidnapped by unknown militants.
2/22/17Christian Burned Alive in Arish, Days After Being Kidnapped2/22/17ChristianNon-State ActorBurning AliveAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual1010Arish North SinaiEgyptOn February 22, 2017, Coptic Christian Medhat Said Hakim (his father was found with him, shot in the head - record no. 40), age 45, was found burned alive, days after he had been kidnapped by unknown militants.
2/12/17Coptic Christian Adel Shawky Shot Dead in Arish2/12/17ChristianNon-State ActorShootingIndividual1000Arish North SinaiEgyptOn February 12, 2017, Adel Shawky, a Coptic Christian in Arish, North Sinai was found killed.
2/23/17Christian Plumber Killed in His House in Arish 2/23/17ChristianNon-State ActorShootingArson/BurningIndividual1000Arish North SinaiEgyptOn February 23, 2017, a group of masked men attacked the house of a 50 year-old Christian plumber, Kamel Abu Romani. They shot Kamel dead and set his house on fire.
2/19/17Islamic State in Egypt Vows to Wipe Out Christians in Egypt2/19/17ChristianNon-State ActorThreatAll0000AllAllEgyptOn February,19, 2017, the Islamic State in Egypt released a video vowing to wipe out all Christians in Egypt. The video showed a conglomeration of news clips, purportedly showing Christian leaders criticizing Islam and Judge Emil Habashi Malika Abdel Messieh, a Christian, sentencing 14 alleged jihadists to death for forming terrorist group Tawhid wal-Jihad, attacking police and military forces and killing two police officers, a military officer, three soldiers and a civilian in Sinai in 2012. The video further alleges that Christians are in control of the economy, judiciary, and the media, and threatens to invade Cairo to liberate the city and release Islamist prisoners.
2/20/17Christian Teacher Accused of Blasphemy2/20/17ChristianState ActorBlasphemyIndividual0001MalawiMinyaEgyptOn February 20, 2017, a Christian teacher was accused of blasphemy after allegedly calling Quran verses “shit.” The teacher`s class was after a religion class in which verses from the Quran were written on the board and the teacher, reportedly, said “erase this shit”. The students, who are third graders, reported to the school principle. Minya governor opened investigations with the teacher and reported the issue to the security agencies.
3/1/17Four Coptic Owned Factories Burned in Alexandria3/1/17ChristianNon-State ActorArson/BurningPersonal Property0000AmiriyaAlexandriaEgyptIn February 2017, four Coptic owned factories were burnt down in Alexandria. Security cameras caught two people breaking into one of the factories right before it was burnt last week.
3/5/17Coptic Christians Prevented from Worship at St. Mina Church in Abu Qurqas, Minya3/5/17ChristianState ActorPolice ActionHouse of Worship0000Abu QurqasMinyaEgyptOn March 5, 2017, police prevented Christians from worshiping at the St. Mina church in Nazlet al-Nakhl in Abu Qurqas in Minya stating that it was unlicensed, citing to security concerns. Bishop Makarious encouraged families to worship in private homes to avoid a confrontation given the circumstances.
3/24/17Mob Attacks Christian Houses In a Luxor Villageongoing ChristianNon-State ActorMobbingIndividual0015al-DabiyaLuxorEgyptOn March 24, 2017, a mob of villagers in Luxor surrounded and attacked Coptic houses. They claim that a minor Christian girl, named Amira Girgis, had converted to Islam and married a Muslim and her family is hiding her. The girl's family was reported to have left the village ten days earlier due to threats they received from a Muslim man who wanted to marry their daughter. Security forces were reported to have asked the Coptic families to bring the girl back to the village to sit with the village’s imams and leaders.
3/29/17Bomb Discovered and Dismantled at St. George's Cathedral in TantaongoingChristianNon-State ActorBombingAttempted AttackHouse of Worship0000TantaGharbiyaEgyptOn March 29, 2017, bomb disposal technicians dismantled an explosive device (IED) at St. George's Cathedral in Tanta and in early April a second device was found and rendered inert.
4/9/1729 Dead in Bombing at St. George's Cathedral in Tanta, Claimed by ISIS4/9/17ChristianNon-State ActorBombingHouse of Worship297800TantaGharbiyaEgyptOn April 9, 2017, a bomb detonated at the St. George's Cathedral in Tanta, Gharbiya. The blast killed 29 and wounded 71 others. Bomb disposal technicians notably dismantled an explosive device (IED) at the same church on March 29, and a few days ago a second device was found and rendered inert. The blast was claimed by ISIS.
4/9/1718 Killed in Bombing at St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, Claimed by ISIS4/9/17ChristianNon-State ActorBombingHouse of Worship183500AlexandriaAlexandriaEgyptOn April 9, 2017 a bomb detonated in front of St. Mark's Cathedral in Alexandria killing 18 and wounding 35. The blast was claimed by ISIS.
4/12/17Bomb Discovered and Dismantled at Church in Shubra4/12/17ChristianNon-State ActorBombingAttempted AttackHouse of Worship0000CairoCairoEgyptOn April 12, 2017, a bomb was found and dismantled in Virgin Mary Church in Shubra in Cairo. The bomb was found in a black bag in the church.
4/13/17Christians Attacked and Their Homes Burned Down For Praying in a House in Kom al-Lofi, Minya4/14/17ChristianNon-State ActorAssaultArson/BurningPersonal Property04015SamaloutMinyaEgyptOn April 13, 2017, sectarian clashes broke out in the village of Kom al-Lofi in Samalout, Minya. The village's christians were reported to have been permitted to pray in a house in the village; due to the house's size, many worshippers stood outside of the house. Several Muslim neighbors were allegedly aggravated by this and attacked by threw rocks at them. Reports say that the clashes left four christians wounded and four houses burnt. UPDATE: As reported in an NPR piece on June 14, 2017, at least two men are being detained under suspicion of having burned four of the seven homes, with the seven homes being an increase from the four that were previously reported.
4/14/1715 Year Old, Jamal Allam Beshay, Found Killed While Returning From Private Lessons in Beni SuefongoingChristianNon-State ActorStabbingIndividual10015EhnasiyaBeni SuefEgyptOn April 14, 2017, Jamal Allam Beshay was returning to his village, al-Nawira, after completing private lessons in Quai Village in Beni Suef. He was found with significant wounds on his neck (described as a slaughtering by local media) as well as fractured skull. Police arrested 15 suspects but the perpetrator remains unidentified.
4/19/17Checkpoint Leading to St. Catherine's Monastery in South Sinai Attacked by ISIS4/19/17ChristianNon-State ActorShootingAll2200St. CatherineSouth SinaiEgyptOn April 19, 2017, a checkpoint near St. Catherine's Monastery in South Sinai was attacked by an alleged member of the Islamic State. Given the checkpoint's location, the monastery's historical and religious significance, as well as ISIS claiming the attack shortly after the Palm Sunday bombings, this attack is being included in Eshhad's database.
4/21/17Coptic Man Attacked by Neighbor For Being an InfidelOngoingChristianNon-State ActorAttempted AttackStabbingIndividual0001CairoCairoEgyptOn April 21, 2017, a Coptic man named Micheal Eid reported that he was attacked by his neighbour who attempted to murder him with a knife for being an "infidel."
5/5/17Islamic State Warns Egypt's Muslims to Avoid Christian GatheringsOngoingChristianNon-State ActorThreatAll0000AllAllEgyptOn May 5, 2017, the Islamic State in Egypt warned the country's Muslims to avoid being around Christian gatherings as well as buildings that belong to the church, the government, the police, or military.
5/6/17Christian Barber Killed Upon Returning to Arish 5/6/17ChristianNon-State ActorShootingIndividual1000ArishNorth SinaiEgyptOn May 6, 2017, a Coptic barber, Nabil Saber was shot dead in his shop in Arish. Saber had fled the city to Ismailia with hundreds of other Copts last February due to the targeting of Copts by the Islamic State. He reportedly went back to Arish to finish some school paperwork for his son and was killed while he was at his barber shop.
5/11/17Sheikh Salem Abdel Galil Suspended for Inflammatory Comments Against Christians and JewsOngoingMultipleState ActorBlasphemyAll0000AllAllEgyptOn May 10, 2017, Sheikh Salem Abdel Galil (former deputy minister of the Ministry of Endowments) made inflammatory remarks about Christians and Jews during a popular television show “Al-Muslimoon Yatasaaloon” (Muslims are Asking), which is aired on al-Mehwar channel. Galil accused Christians and Jews of being corrupt due to their disbelief in the Prophet Mohamed and he criticized Muslim religious clerics who describe Christians and Jews as believers of deceiving Christians. Following his remarks, the Ministry of Endowment suspended him and publiclly announced that Galil resigned and is further banned from preaching until he corrects his former statements and commits to not being prejudiced. Al-Mehwar announced the suspension of his contract and the CEO of Semouha Sports Club cancelled an upcoming talk that was hosting Galil. Naguib Gabriel, a Coptic attorney filed a case with the misdemeanor court accusing Galil of blasphemy against Christians, threatening national unity, undermining social peace, and inciting to kill Christians. The first hearing will be held on June 24.
2/24/14Seven Egyptian Christians Killed Near Benghazi2/24/14ChristianNon-State ActorShootingIndividual7000BenghaziBenghaziLibyaOn February 24, 2017, the bodies of seven Egyptian Christians were found on a beach near Benghazi, Libya having been shot in the head and chest.
5/20/17Blasphemy Case Filed Against Reverend Makary YounanOngoingChristianState ActorBlasphemyIndividual0000CairoCairoEgyptOn May 20, 2017, attorney Samir Sabry filed a blasphemy case against Reverend Makary Younan of St. Mark's church in Azbakeya, Cairo. The case was filed due to statements that Reverend Makary made regarding Christians. Allegedly, Reverend Makary said that Christians are the original Egyptians and that Islam spread by the sword. UPDATE on June 26, 2017: According to Samir Sabry's official representative, the case against Reverend Makary was dropped and no longer pending before investigation or court.
5/26/17Bus Heading to St. Samuel's Monastery Attacked in Minya by ISIS, 28 Dead5/26/17ChristianNon-State ActorShootingIndividual282500MaghaghaMinyaEgyptOn May 26, 2017, gunmen opened fire on a bus carrying Christian worshippers, primarily Sunday School children, to the Monastery of Anba Samuel the Confessor in Maghagha, Minya. At least 28 have been reported killed so far and 25 wounded according to the Ministry of Interior, a majority of them children. The gunmen arrived in three four-wheel drive vehicles and opened fire using automatic weapons on two buses and a truck.
6/12/17Coptic Girl Hospitalized After Being Attacked For How She Dressed During Ramadan6/12/17ChristianNon-State ActorAssaultIndividual0100al-ManialCairoEgyptOn June 12, 2017, a christian girl was allegedly assaulted by a Muslim male and his mother due to the girls clothing. He reportedly told her “God, I am fasting,” to which she responded “What issue is it of yours?” She is said to be under observation in al-Salam International Hospital in Cairo with a lacerated spleen and numerous bruises.
6/14/17Monastery of St. Demiana in Belqas Burns Down6/14/17ChristianNon-State ActorArson/BurningHouse of Worship0500BelqasDaqahliyaEgyptOn June 14, 2017, a fire engulfed the Monastery of St. Demiana in Belqas, a town in Daqahliya. Security forces allegedly reported to the scene after one and a half hours, causing the monastery to burn down entirely. Three Christians and two Muslims were injured, all in critical condition after villagers attempted to put it out themselves. Artifacts and icons from the early Coptic era were lost in the fire. Security forces claim to have confirmed the source of the fire to be a lit lamp in the Monastery; nuns in the convent dispute this finding, stating that all lamps are put out daily and are not found in the area in which the fire began.
5/16/17Reported Disappearance of Nermin Mamdouh in Beni SuefOngoingChristianNon-State ActorAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010Beni SuefBeni SuefEgyptOn May 17, 2017, a christian girl, Nermin Mamdouh, (sister of Emad Mamdouh who was killed in an exchange of fire with terrorists in Sinai one year ago), disappeared under “mysterious circumstances” while walking to the Diocese of the Virgin Mary in Beni Suef. After reporting to the police, the case remains under investigation.
6/15/17Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb of al-Azhar Condemns Shia Fatwas as Betrayals of Traditional Islamic Jurisprudence6/15/17Shi'aState ActorIncitementAll0000AllAllEgyptOn June 17, 2017, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb of al-Azhar rejected all fatwas permitting “pleasure marriages,” saying that Shia imams, in allowing for such marriages, have allowed for doctrines which are not sunnah and have departed from the orthodox Islamic beliefs for having “betrayed the jurisprudence of the Sunnis.”
6/27/17Copts and Muslims in Bani Hassan al-Ashraf Clash With Firearms6/27/17MultipleNon-State ActorClashesIndividual0009MinyaMinyaEgyptOn June 27, 2017, a number of Copts and Muslims in the village of Bani Hassan al-Shorouk in Abu Qirqas, Minya, reportedly clashed with firearms, although no casualties or injuries were reported. 9 individuals in total have been arrested thus far.
6/27/17Beheaded Body of Young Coptic Man Found on Railway in Minya6/27/17ChristianNon-State ActorBeheadingIndividual1000MalawiMinyaEgyptOn June 27, 2017, the body of a young Christian man, Michael Labib, was found beheaded near the railroad tracks of the village of Malawi in the Minya governorate. Police reports and statements from the ongoing investigation by security officials claim that no criminal actions was involved and maintain that it was an accident.
6/27/17Christian Salesman in Shubra al-Kheima Attacked by Militants, Arm Cut to the Bone After Refusing to Renounce Faith6/27/17ChristianNon-State ActorForced ConversionAssaultIndividual0100Shubra al-KheimaQalyubiaEgyptOn June 27, 2017, a Christian travelling-salesman was accosted by militants who pulled his car over. The militants allegedly demanded he renounce his Christian faith. When he refused, the militants drew a knife and cut the man's arm to the bone before fleeing. His family and nearby witnesses delivered him to the Nasser Institute Hospital where he underwent major operations.
8/27/15Egyptian Authorities Detained and Questioned Two Shia After Returning From Ahlul Bayt World Assembly in Iran8/27/15Shi'aState ActorDetention/ArrestIndividual0002CairoCairoEgyptOn August 27, 2015, Egyptian authorities detained and arrested Shia Doctor Rasim al-Nafees and Sayyed Tahir al-Hashemi after returning from the 6th Ahlul Bayt World Assembly hosted in Iran. They were in custody for several hours. Dr. Nafees's belongings were confiscated, and Hashemi's passport was revoked.
6/5/17Suzan Ashraf Rawy Disappears in Ezbet al-Nekhl, Qalubiya, Feared DeadongoingChristianNon-State ActorAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010Ezbet al-NekhlQalyubiaEgyptOn June 5, 2017, Suzan Ashraf Rawy disappeared on her way to The Virgin and Pope Kyrillos Church where she works in al-Khosous, Cairo. UPDATE on June 8, 2017: Suzan's father claimed that a ransom call was made for 250,000 EGP and he believes her to now be dead.
6/26/17Christian and Muslim Students in the Village of Kom al-Lofi Have Clashed Following Their Exams6/26/17ChristianNon-State ActorClashesIndividual0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptOn June 14, 2017, fights broke out between Christian and Muslim students after their exams.
6/14/17Mother of Boy Accused of Setting Fire to Christian Homes Says That Churches Are "Religiously Unclean" and That Christians Should Pray Elsewhere6/14/17ChristianNon-State ActorIncitementHouse of Worship0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptOn June 14, 2017, NPR reported that the mother of an imprisoned boy accused of setting fire to Christian homes in the Upper Egyptian village of Kom al-Lofi openly maintained that Christian churches are "haram" (religiously unclean) during an interview. In regards to the Muslim community's repudiation of local Christian concern with the lack of available houses of worship, the woman also contended that Christians, as the minority, should simply worship elsewhere.
2/8/17Egypt's Mufti Calls On the Authorities To Fight Ahmadism2/8/17AhmadiState ActorDiscriminationIncitementIndividual0000CairoCairoEgyptOn February 8, 2017, the Egyptian Mufti, Shawki Allam issued a fatwa, in response to a question from the prosecution regarding adhering to the Ahmadi faith. The fatwa called Ahmadism “a destructive movement and a colonial plot.” The Mufti called on the state authorities to use the needed strictness against promoters of Ahmadism because it, according to him, threatens the social stability and disturbs the public safety.
3/29/17Christian Woman Attacked In Her Apartment in Cairo3/29/17ChristianNon-State ActorAttempted AttackBeheadingIndividual0100CairoCairoEgyptOn March 29, 2017, a christian woman claimed that she had been attacked by her neigbour who attempted, what she believed, was an attempt to slaughter her after he broke into her house.
3/28/17ISIS Forms Religious Police Units and Beheads Two For ‘Sorcery’3/28/17SufiNon-State ActorBeheadingIndividual2000ArishNorth SinaiEgyptOn March 28, 2017, Wilayat Sinai published a new video of the beheading two elderly men. The men were condemned for “apostasy, sorcery, claiming the ability to tell the future, and leading people to polytheism,” crimes that were read from a verdict from a Sharia court. The video also showed the militants without masks and reveals an alleged formation of a religious police unit that they called “Hasbah in northern Sinai." The Islamic State uses the terms sorcerers and heretics to refer to adherents of Sufism.
10/19/14Shi’a Lawyer and Family Arrested, Accused of Blasphemy For Converting on TV to Shi'a Islam11/10/14Shi'aState ActorDetention/ArrestIndividual0005Dyarb NegmSharqiyaEgyptOn 20 October, 2014, an Egyptian Shi’a lawyer, Rabea Mohamed Tantawy, his wife, and three daughters were arrested and investigated by police after some (or all) of them spoke on a Shi’a TV channel and converted to Shi'a Islam. Rabea claimed that he has faced 633 threats because of his conversion to Shi'ism. They were held for fifteen days pending investigation. Shi'a books and materials were found in his home.
7/2/17Christian Doctor Found Dead in His Clinic in Tala, Menoufia7/2/17ChristianNon-State ActorStabbingIndividual1000TalaMenoufiaEgyptOn July 2, 2017, Christian urologist, Albert Fekry, was found dead in his clinic in Tala, Menoufia, Egypt with stabs to his neck.
7/2/17Coptic Jeweler Found Dead in His Apartment in Minya7/2/17ChristianNon-State ActorShootingIndividual1000MinyaMinyaEgyptOn July 2, 2017, Christian jeweler, Gerges Boshra, was found shot in his apartment.
5/24/17Coptic Contractor Found Dead at Work in Giza5/24/17ChristianNon-State ActorStabbingIndividual1000Atfih VillageGizaEgyptOn May 24, 2017, a Coptic building contractor, Magdy Zekry Abdel Malak, was found dead in his work accommodation. Two of his co-workers said they found him with a gash to his neck. No money was taken from him. Police have made no arrests yet.
11/19/15A Shi'a Detained and Tortured Before and After His Visit to Iraq5/9/16Shi'aState ActorDetention/ArrestTortureIndividual0001AlexandriaAlexandriaEgyptOn November 19, 2015, an egyptian Shi'a's home in Sidi Bishr, Alexandria was raided, and he was subject to physical assault and damaging of properties. He was then taken to Alexandria's Homeland Security for four days where he was interrogated and tortured. This occured only days after he received a visa to visit Shiite holy sites in Iraq. Upon returning to Egypt from his trip to Iraq, he was detained in the Cairo airport and sent to Alexandria's Homeland Security headquarters where he was further interrogated, tortured, and recruited to inform security about Egyptian Shias. He was finally released on May 9, 2016.
7/1/14Security Forces Guarding Baptist Church Withdrawn8/4/14ChristianPolicePolice ActionHouse of Worship0000Abu QurqasMinyaEgyptZakaria Mikhail, the reverend of the local Baptist Church in Mentot, complained to the local police station that the security forces guarding his church - which have been a feature of nearly every church in Egypt since the Rabaa events - had been withdrawn without any warning. They were restored in mid-July but were then withdrawn again in early August, just before the Rabaa anniversary. When Mikhail complained to the police again, he was turned away.
7/6/17Nadra Jaber, Coptic Woman Killed in Her Home7/6/17ChristianNon-State ActorKillingLooting/Destruction of PropertyIndividual1000Ezbet al-NekhlQalyubiaEgyptOn July 6, 2017, a Coptic woman, Nadra Jaber, was found slain in her home. Her hair was chopped off and Christian icons were destroyed and thrown to the ground.
8/14/14Thirteen Coptic Villages Lose Electricty8/14/14ChristianNon-State ActorLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptOn August 14, 2014, power was cut off to thirteen mostly Coptic villages in Samalout, Minya after an alleged terrorist attack on a power substation in Dafash. A spokesman for the electricity utility said that "two Muslim Brotherhood terrorists targeted an electricity tower" while another blamed "unknown terrorist elements."
6/28/17Missing 16-year-old Coptic Girl, Marlayn MedhatOngoingChristianNon-State ActorAbduction/DisappearanceIndividual0010Abu QurqasMinyaEgyptOn June 28, 2017, a 16-year old Coptic girl went missing. Her parents accuse Taha Mohamed Saled Zeidan and Jaber Mohamed Saleh Zeidan for taking her to Ezbet Abu Khalifah and then disappearing when they heard that the police were coming. On July 8, 2017, a video emerged of Marlayn declaring that she has willingly converted to Islam and that she was not kidnapped nor bribed, but rather that the people she is staying with are helping her find Islam.
7/2/16Daughter of Priest, Age 15, Stabbed in Sohag7/2/16ChristianNon-State ActorStabbingIndividual0100GergaSohagEgyptOn July 2, 2016, Father Angaelos Murad's 15-year-old daughter, Lucia, was attacked by Muhammad T. E, a 44-year-old employee in the Finance Ministry, as she crossed the street in front of the Sohag Diocese. Although a group of men were able to intervene and save her, Muhammad managed to stab her in the neck and shoulder. Following the incident, Muhammad's family submitted his medical records to the Sohag prosecution to reveal that he has been in and out of numerous mental hospitals and is not mentally stable.
2/5/16Ministry of Endowment Criticizes Shi'a Presence in Sayyida Zaynab Mosque2/5/16Shi'aState ActorDiscriminationIndividual0000CairoCairoEgyptSheikh Ahmad al-Moti'y, an official in the Ministry of Endowment criticized Shi'a presence in El-Sayeda Zainab mosque during the Moulid celebration, claiming that Shi'a Muslims had have tried to enter the mosque as a group, Egyptian Sunnis would have attacked them.
7/15/17Man Attacks Two Saints Church Security Guard With Razor Blade7/15/17ChristianNon-State ActorStabbingHouse of Worship0100MontazaAlexandriaEgyptOn July 15, 2017, a man attacked a security guard with a razor blade at the Two Saints Church in Alexandria after he was asked to see his national ID. The suspect has been detained, and might be facing terrorism charges.
7/22/17Two Detained For Spreading Bahá’í ThoughtOngoingBahá’íState ActorDetention/ArrestIndividual0002LuxorLuxorEgyptOn July 22, 2017 two men were arrested for allegedly spreading terror while preaching Bahá’í thought. The two men are Ahmed M.M., a teacher who goes by Karam al-Mahdi, and his paid assistant Eissa G.A. Villagers have reported that the two men along with others were armed and threatened physical violence against anyone who disagreed with them.
7/19/17Coptic Military Conscript, Joseph Reza Helmy, Beat to Death7/19/17ChristianState ActorKillingTortureIndividual1000CairoCairoEgyptOn July 19, 2017, the family of Joseph Reza Helmy, a military conscript, were informed that their son was found dead. Joseph's body was covered in severe injuries indicating that he suffered from brutal violence and torture. Some accounts claim that he was killed due to his religious identity, identifiable by a tattoo of Mary on his arm. On July 24, 2017, the prosecution in East Cairo completed its investigation concluding that Joseph had been beaten by three policeman. After collecting evidence and taking statements from witnesses, prosecution referred the accused to military prosecution.
7/19/17Coptic Christian Tortured and Killed in Police Custody7/19/17ChristianState ActorTortureKillingIndividual1000CairoCairoEgyptOn July 19, 2017, Gamal Aweida was arrested for a case of fraud related to his work. He was taken to the Manshiyet Nasser Police Station. Fifteen hours later, his family was informed that he was dead. Although the police claim he committed suicide, his bodies show signs of torture.
8/19/17Security Forces Preventing Copts From Praying in Unlicensed Church8/19/17ChristianState ActorPolice ActionClashesHouse of Worship0000Abu QurqasMinyaEgyptOn August 19, 2017, fights broke out when Coptic Christians gathered in a private home to worship under the guidance of a priest in Ezbet al-Forn, Minya. Prosecutors in Abu Qurqas ordered the seizure of the house pending a review by administrative authorities on whether or not to transfer a license and turn it into a church.
11/24/17235 Killed at Sufi Mosque Bombing in Bir al-Abd, North Sinai11/24/17SufiNon-State ActorBombingShootingHouse of Worship23510900Bir al-AbdNorth SinaiEgyptOn November 24, 2017, unidentified militants detonated a bomb inside the al-Rawda mosque and shot at worshipers as they fled. Until now, at least 235 people were killed, including 15 to 25 children, and 109 wounded. The attackers also opened fire on ambulances as they arrived at the scene. The president vowed to respond with brute force in a televised address and called for three days of national mourning. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack yet. According to some sources, militants instructed Rawda villagers to stop performing Sufi rituals near the mosque one week prior to the attack. Despite complying with the demands, an attack was nonetheless expected and the road adjacent to the building was closed as a precautionary measure."