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8/14/2013Coptic-owned properties and homes attacked on al-Gomhorreya Street in Assiut, Assiut8/14/2013ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000AssiutAssiutEgyptCoptic Stores and homes were attacked by unknown assailants on Al-Gomhorreya Street in Assiut, Assiut.
8/14/2013Coptic homes and stores attacked on al-Qutla Street in Assiut, Assiut8/14/2013ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000AssiutAssiutEgyptCoptic homes were attacked by unknown assailants on al-Qutla Street in Assiut, Assiut.
8/14/2013Twenty Coptic Stores in Minya Burned by Assailants8/14/2013ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000MinyaMinyaEgyptApproximately twenty stores were targeted in Minya, either burning or looting.
8/14/2013Church-Owned Dahabeya Nile Boat Attacked and Burned in Minya8/14/2013ChristianUnknownArson/BurningPersonal Property2000MinyaMinyaEgyptAssailants lit the church-owned Dahabeya Boat in Minya on fire. Two men were killed, one Copt - Bishoy Mikhail, and one Muslim - Ihab Ali Ahmed as they were hiding in the bathroom from the angry mob.
8/14/2013Assailants Burn the Restaurant of the Mermaid Boat in Minya8/14/2013ChristianUnknownArson/BurningPersonal Property0000MinyaMinyaEgyptAssailants burned the restaurant of the Mermaid Boat
8/14/2013Funeral Home of the Deir Mawas Diocese Burned in Minya8/14/2013ChristianUnknownArson/BurningPersonal Property0000Deir MawasMinyaEgyptFuneral Home of the Deir Mawas Diocese Burned
8/14/2013House of Priest Samuel Aziz (Priest of Anba Mousa Church) Burned in Minya8/14/2013ChristianUnknownArson/BurningPersonal Property0000Minya MinyaEgyptHouse of Priest Samuel Aziz (Priest of Anba Mousa Church) Burned
8/14/2013Priest Samuel Luka's Car Attacked in Minya8/14/2013ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000MalawiMinyaEgyptPastor Samuel Luka's car (Priest of the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph Church) was attacked on August 14, 2013 in Minya.
8/14/2013Christian-owned Homes, Stores, and Pharmacies Attacked and Looted in Minya8/14/2013ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property1000MalawiMinyaEgyptSeveral Christian-owned homes, stores, and pharmacies were attacked and looted in Malawi, Minya.
8/14/2013Coptic homes and stores in Qusiyyah, Assiut Attacked8/14/2013ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000QusiyyahAssiutEgyptAfter an attack on the Qusiyyah Diocese, the assailants to homes, a pharmacy and some stores owned by Copts, which were also looted.
8/14/2013Coptic-owned Shops, Pharmacy, and Hotel Burned8/14/2013ChristianUnknownArson/BurningLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0300LuxorLuxorEgyptThree buildings were burned down on Karnak Temple Street: 1. a department store called "Santa Clause"; 2. the Horus Hotel, and a third building nearby. There was also a burnt down police car. There were no police or army personell present. There were roumers that the men who attacked the buildings were not from Luxor, but from a nearby town "coming in to create meyhem." Three people were allegedly injured during the attacks.
8/14/2013Coptic Stores and Homes in Sohag Looted and Burned8/14/2013ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyArson/BurningPersonal Property0000SohagSohagEgyptOne estimate provided to Youm7 is that there were 8 homes, 17 stores, and 23 minibuses that were attacked
8/14/2013Funeral Home Belonging to the Virgin Mary and Father Abram Church Attacked and Burned8/14/2013ChristianUnknownArson/BurningPersonal Property0000SohagSohagEgyptFuneral Home Belonging to the Virgin Mary and Father Abram Church Attacked and Burned
8/17/2013Christian Homes in Maghagha, Minya Attacked8/17/2013ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000MaghaghaMinyaEgyptCoptic homes were allegedly attacked with weapons in Maghagha, Minya.
8/17/2013Christian Homes in Delga, Minya Attacked, Including Father Angelos8/17/2013ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000Deir MawasMinyaEgyptSeveral christian homes were attacked in Delga, Minya
9/2/2013Coptic Homes Looted in Beni Suef9/2/2013ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000al-WastaBeni SuefEgypt"Rami Ramzi, a Coptic activist in the city of al-Wasta in Beni Suef, stated that a group of unidentified men stormed Coptic businessman Essam Magdi Nassif’s house, as well as his brother’s house, looting both."
9/14/2013Two Copts killed after refusing to pay jizya9/14/2013ChristianUnknownProtection MoneyPersonal Property2000Sahel SelimAssiutEgyptEmad Lotfy Demian (Egyptian Democratic Party) and his cousin Medhat Sedki Demian were shot by a thug after Emad refused to pay him a royalty (and what some sources refer to as "jizya").
9/30/2013Bishop Makarios Targeted by Gunmen in Minya9/30/2013ChristianUnknownShootingPersonal Property0000Abu QurqasMinyaEgyptBishop Makarios, General Bishop of Minya, was targeted by gunmen while he was driving his car. Bishop Makarios was conducting a visit to give his condolences to the family of a deceased in a village inside Abu Qurqas. The shooters continued to shoot at him even as he drove away. He was eventually able to avoid what he labelled to be a "terrorist attack" when he arrived at the Diocese of Minya.
3/24/2014Two Schools Burned in Minya3/24/2014ChristianUnknownArson/BurningPersonal Property0000MinyaMinyaEgyptMaspero Youth Union report that two Coptic schools were burned in Minya after the court sentenced 529 Egyptians to death on Monday. Allegedly the defendants were charged with attacking 'personal property,' which is believed to include Coptic homes, churches, and schools.
3/28/2014Gunmen Attack Coptic-owned Electric Supply Store3/28/2014ChristianUnknownShootingPersonal Property0200Ain ShamsCairoEgyptSeveral gunmen opened fire on a Coptic-owned electric supply store in the al-Matariyyah area of Cairo. Although unrelated to the shooting, the attack was widely believed to be part of an effort to incite attacks on Copts in southern Cairo. Two brothers suffered serious injuries, but despite their shop being gutted by bullet fire, they were not killed. No arrests were made in the killing. All information taken directly from Morning Star News.
9/27/2014Two Bombs Explode Outside of Amir Tadros Church in Minya9/27/2014ChristianUnknownBombingPersonal Property0000MinyaMinyaEgyptTwo bombs exploded outside of the Minya police station, a Coptic secondary school, and the Amir Tadros Church
11/15/2014Coptic-Owned Pharmacy Attacked and Pharmacist's Father Killed11/15/2014ChristianUnknownShootingPersonal Property1000TahtaSohagEgyptAssailants attacked a pharmacy in Tahta, Sohag, belonging to Dr. Robert Gamal, and killed his father who had been at the pharmacy. The pharmacist Dr. Robert Gamal was subject to a kidnapping attempt last month.
11/28/20145 Coptic-Owned Stores Burned in Minya11/28/2014ChristianUnknownArson/BurningPersonal Property0000MalawiMinyaEgyptFive Coptic-owned stores were burned down and targeted by unknown assailants in Malawi, Minya.
12/19/2014Sign ripped off of school newly-named after Christian martyr12/19/2014ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000ZagazigSharqiyaEgyptThe sign was ripped off of a school newly-named after Christian martyr Kirollos Fadel in Sharqiya.
12/30/2014Sound bomb explodes outsie of Nazla Church12/30/2014ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000Yousif al-SadeekFayoumEgyptA sound bomb has exploded outside of Al-Nazla Church in Fayoum, injuring one man in the process.
12/31/2014Bomb defused outside of Tadros Church in Fayoum12/31/2014ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000FayoumFayoumEgyptA bomb was defused outside of Tadros Church in Dasiya Village in Fayoum.
1/8/2015Fire in St. George Church in Qena1/8/2015ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000QousQenaEgyptThe St. George Church burned in Hegaza Village in Qena. The perpetrator of the attack has not yet been identified.
1/16/2015Bomb explodes near Mar Mina Church in Helwan1/16/2015ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000HelwanCairoEgyptA car bomb detonated in the area near the St. Mina Church in Helwan. Two cars parked nearby were damaged and some of the glass on the eastern side of the Church was also destroyed.
1/21/2015Car of St. George Church Pastor Burned by Unknown Assailant1/21/2015ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000al-WastaBeni SuefEgyptAn unknown assailant burned the car of a St. George Church Pastor in al-Wasta in Beni Suef. It is thought that the car was specifically targeted as a number of cars were parked nearby and were left unharmed.
2/25/2015Arab Contractors' Project Threatens to Demolish Wall of Anba Makayros Monastery in Fayoum2/25/2015ChristianArab ContractorsLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000FayoumFayoumEgyptA new project by the Arab Contractors to build a main road connecting a number of governorates threatens to demolish the wall of the Anba Makayros Monastery in Fayoum. Church officials are currently meeting with relevant government officials and representatives of the Arab Contractors to propose alternative plans in order to preserve the monastery. Over 50 monks and residents of the monastery have conducted a sit-in outside of the monastery to express their rejection of the plan and prevent the Arab Contractors employees from the demolition.
3/2/2015Locals Prevent Coptic Church From Being Renovated in Samalout, Minya3/2/2015ChristianLocalsPrevention of RenovationPersonal Property0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptCoptic homes were attacked and stones were thrown at them after they went to the police station to file a complaint of harassment in the village. After obtaining a permit to expand and renovate a church in Samalout, Minya in 2004. Some local Muslim extremists in the village prevented the building and renovation and the Christians reported it to security. Security forces asked that the Copts resort to "reconciliation meetings," which they refused at first. Eventually, some Copts went to visit senior families in the village and were presented with conditions that required Muslim supervision at certain stages of the renovation, and required that the Church be only one level with no minarets. Further, the conditions expected the Pastor and Christian villagers to sign an endorsement not to try to obtain permits to restore the church in case of any damage and also that the conditions will be registered at the Real Estate Department in order to make it legal obligation and valid for life of the current or future church leaders. On March 5, 2015, protests by Muslim villagers were held in protest against the renovation of the Church. The Diocese in Samalout has halted renovation to prevent from escalation of the situation.
3/27/2015Protesters Surround Virgin Church in Al-Aour, Minya and Torch Car3/27/2015ChristianResidents of al-AourMobbingLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0700SamaloutMinyaEgyptProtesters demonstrating to reject plans for the construction of a Church to honor the Egyptian Christians killed in Libya surrounded the Virgin Church in Al-Aour, Minya and torched a neighboring car. The protesters also partook in aggressive chants and attempted to violently storm the home of one of the victims' family members.
3/28/2015Homemade Bomb Found Near Diocese of Samalout3/28/2015ChristianUnknownBombingPersonal Property0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptA homemade bomb has been found near the Diocese of Samalout in Minya. The bomb squad was able to defuse the bomb before it exploded.
3/31/2015Bomb Defused outside of Catholic Church in Assiut3/31/2015ChristianUnknownBombingPersonal Property0000AssiutAssiutEgyptA homemade bomb planted by unknown assailants was defused by the bomb squad outside of the First Catholic Church in Assiut.
4/4/2015Minya Security Forces Attack Building Affiliated with Maghagha Diocese in Mayana4/4/2015ChristianSecurity ForcesLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000MaghaghaMinyaEgyptMinya security forces have allegedly attacked the St. Joseph the Righteous building affiliated with the Maghagha Diocese in Mayana Village in Minya. Security forces allege that the building was constructed without a permit. Forces also confiscated the contents of the building, including even Holy books.
4/10/2015Muslim Militants from al-Nasriah village in Minya Attack Coptic Homes4/10/2015ChristianUnknownBlasphemyLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000Beni MazarMinyaEgyptA group of Muslim extemists from al-Nasriah village in Bani Mazar, Minya attacked a number of houses owned by Copts in the village, also throwing stones at Copts after Friday prayers following the arrest of Gad Youssef Yunan and the five Coptic minors who had been accused of insulting Islam. Muslims from the village protested on Thursday, April 9th. Some Copts refused to leave their homes to avoid any clashes between the two sides, especially after news spread that a number of Muslims came from neighboring villages. A number of security forces led by General Hisham Nasr arrived to the village and secured Copts while leaving the church.
4/28/2015Home of ISIS Victim Attacked by Unknown Assailants in Minya4/28/2015ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptThe home of Coptic victim of ISIS (Samuel Alham) in al-Aour village in Minya was attacked by unknown assailants with molotov cocktails, leading to a significant fire in his home, threatening the lives of Alham's family members.
5/4/2015Storage of Coptic Farmer Burned Down and Plants Destroyed in Beheira5/4/2015ChristianNeighborsArson/BurningPersonal Property0000Kafr al-DawarBeheiraEgyptThe storage facilities of Coptic farmer Atfy Gameel were burned down and his plans were destroyed on his farm in Kafr El-Dawwar in Beheira. Gameel accuses of set of two neighboring Muslim brothers who have caused problems for him and his farm over the last year. The police has refused to record Gameel's complaint, thus impeding his ability to press charges.
5/24/2015Coptic Homes Attacked with Molotov Cocktails in Beni Suef in Wake of New "Defamatory" Facebook Posts5/24/2015ChristianNeighborsBlasphemyClashesPersonal Property0000al-FashanBeni SuefEgyptCoptic homes in al-Fashan village in Beni Suef have been attacked with rocks and molotov cocktails, leading to a number of home fires and the destruction of at least one car. The attacks have occurred in the wake of allegations that Coptic resident Ayman Yusuf Tawfik has posted defamatory content to Islam on his personal Facebook page.
6/10/2015Coptic Storeowner's Clothing Store Set on Fire in Beni Suef6/10/2015ChristianAllegedly MBLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000al-FashanBeni SuefEgyptThe clothing store of Coptic storeowner Ibrahim Ishaq in al-Fashan village in Beni Suef has been set on fire by assailants. Ishaq blames members of the Muslim Brotherhood for the attack which he argues is in retaliation for his decision to report the whereabouts of some of their members to security forces. Ishaq has reported receiving threats before via Facebook.
6/14/2015Unknown Assailants Throw Molotov Cocktails at Coptic Home in Beni Suef6/14/2015ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000EhnasiyaBeni SuefEgyptThree individuals have attacked the home of Coptic resident Gameel Mansa with molotov cocktails in Mayana Village in Beni Suef, causing a small fire and some damage to the home.
7/8/2015Six Farms Destroyed in al-Galaa, Minya7/8/2015ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptSix farms have been destroyed belonging to six Christians in al-Galaa village in Samalout, Minya; men who have positively contributed to the building and construction of Virgin Mary Church.
7/26/2015Thugs Take Over 13-Acres of Land Belonging to Coptic Man in Beni Suef7/26/2015ChristianThugsForced TakingPersonal Property0000SamastaBeni SuefEgyptThugs have taken over 13 acres of land (worth LE 4 million) belonging to a Coptic man named Michel Gabrial Abdel-Shaheed in al-Shantour Village in Samasta, Beni Suef. Although complaints have been filed and the police has been informed, there has been no overt action to return the land to its owner.
7/26/2015Molotov Cocktails Thrown at Coptic Man's Home in Samalout7/26/2015ChristianUnknownBombingPersonal Property0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptMolotov cocktails have been thrown at the bedroom of Coptic man Gamal Farouk Faragallah, a farmer, in Samalout, Minya. The attack comes in response to Farag Allah's earlier submitted complaint about an assault that took place against him and his brother on 17 July 2015.
9/2/2015Two Bombs Explode at Christian-Owned Mall in Qena9/2/2015ChristianUnknownBombingPersonal Property0000QenaQenaEgyptTwo bombs exploded in front of a Coptic-owned shopping mall in Qena. Some damage was caused to residential flats surrounding the mall. The shopping mall is owned by Coptic man Anis Dimitri.
10/5/2015Clashes in a Minya Village Injure 10 Copts and Destroy Coptic Home10/5/2015ChristianMuslim ResidentsClashesLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property000SamaloutMinyaEgyptOn October 5, 2015, a dispute between secondary school students escalated into violent sectarian clashes in the Minya village of Kom ar-Rahib. At least ten Copts and an undetermined number of Muslims were injured, and an angry mob attacked and destroyed the home of a local Coptic man, Emad K. The police responded to the scene and closed off access to the town to prevent further clashes.
10/8/2015Three Acres of Land Belonging to Copts Destroyed Following AttacksChristianExtremistsLooting/Destruction of PropertyForced TakingPersonal Property0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptExtremists in al-Galaa attacked three acres of land belonging to two Copts: Gameel Monady Atallah and Farahat Abdo. The land was fully destroyed. These events followed an informal reconciliation session that was recently held in al-Galaa to discuss the refusal of students to return to their schools after being harassed and assaulted by Muslim students. The pieces of land were destroyed by extremists less than 12 hours after the reconciliation session had ended.
11/19/2015Sectarian Clashes and Killing after Land Seizure in Minya11/19/2015ChristianAbdel Moneim as-Saidi, Villagers ClashesForced TakingPersonal Property102MinyaMinyaEgyptClashes broke out in the village of Idmu, Minya after the seizure of a Coptic family's land (the Azizi family) and the demanding of an LE 100,000 royalty by Abdel Moneim as-Saidi, a local gang leader. During the clashes, a Muslim man, Abdel Moneim Awad, was killed. Villagers and the police have accused Victor Aziz, a 68 year-old Copt and the owner of the family's land, of carrying out the murder with help from his sons and his friend Samir Andrew. The Aziz family members insist that they had nothing to do with the murder and claim that they are only being accused so that their land can be taken away from them---as-Saidi had previously demanded that the family either pay royalties or give up the land.
8/21/2013Dispute Over Toys Escalates into Gun Battles and Riots8/22/2013ChristianVillagersArson/BurningClashesPersonal Property1400MinyaMinyaEgyptA village dispute began between two minors, Coptic Bushra Mokbel, and Muslim Hamdi Ragab, one claiming that the other ran over his foot with his motorbike. The fight escalated into sectarian violence on August 21, 2013 when eight Coptic homes were burned. Gun battles ensued in which at least four people were injured, and around eight Christian-owned houses and several businesses were burned and looted, causing several of the town's Christian residents to flee.
11/28/2013Rioting and Burning of Christian Homes after Interfaith Relationship Rumors11/30/2013ChristianVillagersArson/BurningLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property11000Deir MawasMinyaEgyptClashes broke out in al-Badraman village, Deir Mawas, Minya on November 28, 2013 after rumors of a relationship between a Christian man and a Muslim girl. One Muslim man died in the clashes. The next day, members of the angered Muslim community staged mass attacks on Christians, burning at least eighteen Christian homes, looting several shops, and attacking some Copts before the security forces took control of the town. Police have arrested one man, a 34 year-old local farmer, and charged him with setting most of the fires.
12/23/2013Clashes and Attacks on Christians in Beni Suef Village12/24/2013ChristianVillagersArson/BurningLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property000BibaBeni SuefEgyptClashes broke out on December 23, 2013, in Tarshoob, a village in Beni Suef, when Christians in the town began construction on a new house adjacent to the church that was to house a new town priest. A mob of local Muslims surrounded the church and prevented Christians from entering to pray; attacked and burned several Christian-owned shops, vehicles, and houses; and prevented the new priest from entering the town.
1/6/2014Mass Attacks on Copts After Rumors of Interfaith Romance1/9/2014ChristianVillagersClashesPersonal Property000Naga HammadiQenaEgyptViolent clashes and mass attacks on Christians broke out after rumors spread that a local Muslim girl was alone in the home of a Coptic man, Emad Okasha Shukri, and was possibly having an affair with him. A mob of hundreds of angry Muslims torched Shukri's home and shop before looting and burning several other Coptiic businesses in the town and attacking several Copts. Clashes broke out between mobs of stone- and molotov-throwing Muslims and Christians, and similar clashes occured the next day in the nearby village of Bahjurah as well, where several stores were also burned and looted and stones were thrown at the local church. Clashes also spread to the city of Nagaa Hamadi, where a Muslim gang of several hundred rampaged through the main market area armed with stones, sticks, and knives and attacked Coptic-owned businesses. A reconciliation meeting aimed at "calming tensions" appeared to do little to stop the violence although an increased police presence eventually calmed the situation.
2/21/2014Coptic family's store attacked2/21/2014ChristianWallimah FamilyLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property000Ain ShamsCairoEgyptOn February 21, 2014, a dispute between the Christian William and Muslim Wallimah families in Matariya resulted in a mob attack on the Williams' family store, which was looted and burned as Christians were attacked in the area.
11/10/2014Authorities Raid and Close "Atheist Cafe" in Downtown Cairo12/14/2014Non-ReligiousGovernmentGovernment ActionPersonal Property0001AbdeenCairoEgyptSecurity forces raided and closed what they described as the “atheists’ café” in the Abdeen neighborhood of downtown Cairo, describing it as a den for “Satan worshippers.” Although announced in December 2014, the raid occurred one month before on November 10. The coffee shop's property was confiscated. The cafe was closed because it had originally been licensed as an import/export and trade office. The owner was arrested ruing the raid; he was accused of running an unauthorized and unlicensed cafe. Drugs were also allegedly found in the cafe.
6/2/2014Mob Attacks and Burns Coptic Properties Before Blasphemy Trial6/3/2014ChristianVillage MobArson/BurningPersonal Property0100ArmantLuxorEgyptOn June 2, 2014, the day before the trial of Kirollos Ghattas, a local Coptic man accused of contempt of religion, a group of local Muslims on motorbikes threw molotovs at several Christian owned shops in the village of al-Mahameed al-Qibliyyah, which sparked mass sectarian violence in which a Muslim mob burned and looted several Christian shops and houses both in Mahameed al-Qibliyyah and the adjacent village of el-Mahameed el-Bahry. The violence occured the day after a reconciliation meeting meant to defuse tensions between Christian and Muslim residents of the village. Security forces established a state of emergency in both villages and eventually re-asserted control
7/24/2014Coptic Land Seized, Family Threatened With Death7/24/2014ChristianSalim FamilyForced TakingThreatPersonal Property0000KhankaQalyubiaEgyptLand belonging to the Jeremiah Kamil that land belonging to his family was seized by members of the Salim family. The family reported the seizure at the Khanka police station but allege that the police did not respond effectively. As of mid-August 2014, the Salims laid foundations for a house on the seized land. When Jermeiah Kamil attempted to go back to re-claim land, the Salims allegedly warned him: "If you come here again we'll put you in the groound, infidel! There's no place for Christians here!"
8/5/2014Attackers Burn Coptic Man's Car8/5/2014ChristianUnknownArson/BurningPersonal Property0000MinyaMinyaEgyptEbram Attef Fawzi's car was set on fire outside his house in Nazlet Ebeid on August 5, 2014. A report was filed with the local police.
8/7/2014Brotherhood Supporters Preventing Access to Coptic Shops in Minya8/7/2014ChristianMB SupportersDiscriminationPersonal Property0000MinyaMinyaEgyptOn August 7, 2014, an alleged group of Muslim Brotherhood supporters gathered in Balas Square in Minya city and prevented entry to Christian-owned shops while chanting slogans against Christians and the Pope.
8/8/2014Gunmen Seize Land in Wadi al-Natroun8/8/2014ChristianThugsForced TakingPersonal Property0000Wadi al-NatrounBeheiraEgyptOn August 8, 2014, unknown gunmen seized the land of a local Coptic farmer, Samy Gerges Aguib. Police intervened after Aguib presented them with various deeds and maps proving his ownership of the land.
8/11/2014Land Seized and Christians Attacked Following Rumor of Illegal Church Construction 8/11/2014ChristianVillagersForced TakingPersonal Property000MinyaMinyaEgyptA group of village Muslims reportedly attacked local Copts on August 11, 2014 in the village of Nazlet Faragallah in Minya after rumors of an illegal church construction. Emaat Saad Faragallah, a 37 year-old Coptic farmer in the village, began construction on a new house on his land, which local Muslims came to believe was secretly an illegal church. In response, they seized his land and reportedly attacked Copts in the village. A customary reconciliation session overseen by Minya security director Osama Metawy was held on August 14, 2014. Results had not been published.
8/14/2014Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Burn Christian Shop During Rabaa Anniversary March8/14/2014ChristianMB SupportersArson/BurningPersonal Property0000AswanAswanEgyptOn August 14, 2014, a march allegedly organized by Muslim Brotherhood supporters to commemorate the anniversary of the Rabaa Massacre descended into violence as marchers set fire to the Segal jewelry shop, a prominent Coptic-owned business on the Nile Corniche in Aswan. The marchers also burned a police car and the offices of the Aswan Medical Association. Police later arrested seventeen member of the Muslim Brotherhood.
6/2/2015Clashes in Kafr Darwish Over Alleged Insult to InsultChristianVillagersArson/BurningForced TakingPersonal Property000al-FashanBeni SuefEgyptAfter Ayman Yousef Marcos published images allegedly insulting the prophet on his Facebook page in early June, clashes broke out in Kafr Darwish. Several Coptic homes and businesses were burned and Copts were attacked. According to a new report on MCN, these attacks on Copts, as well as kidnappings and random assaults and arsons, have continued unabated for months with no intervention from the police despite the fact that the police know the names of the 37 individuals who are supposedly responsible for the violence.
9/25/2015Azhar Threatens Bookshops to Stop Selling Book on Blasphemy9/25/2015Non-ReligiousAl-AzharBlasphemyThreatPersonal Property0000Qasr al-NilCairoEgyptRepresentatives from Azhar and the Ministry of Religious Endowments visited the Madbouli Bookstore, a famous store in Talaat Harb Square on September 25, 2015. They threatened the owners with a blasphemy charge if they did not stop selling the book "Blasphemy in Egypt" by Hamdi Assioui and Magdy Khalil, which examines blasphemy in Egypt from a legal and political standpoint and which Azhar deems "anti-Islam." Several other Cairo bookstores have recently been warned by Azhar to stop selling the book as well.
2/21/2016Dispute Over Land Leads to Proseuction and Reconciliation Session2/21/2016Christianal-Qadi Family ClashesPersonal Property0000DishnaQenaEgyptOn February 21, 2016, a dispute between a Christian (Ghabriel Suriel) and Muslim (al-Qadi) family arose out of the building of a wall around Suriel's land. Police intervention led to both families being referred to prosecution as well as the case being sent a reconciliation committee. Both families claim the land and when the Suriel's tried to build a wall around the land, members of the al-Qadi family prevented the workers. The police were called and both families were referred to prosecution. The police entrusted the reconciliation committee in the village to intervene and end the dispute.
11/8/2015Christian Homes Burned, Crops Destroyed in Beni Suef11/8/2015ChristianAhmed AdelLooting/Destruction of PropertyArson/BurningPersonal Property0000al-FashanBeni SuefEgyptClashes broke out in Kafr al-Darwish, in al-Fashan, Beni Suef on November 8, 2015. Twenty-five homes were attacked with molotov coctails leading to partial burning of homes and crops. Tensions were high in the village due to a Christian from the village (who resides in Jordan) who allegedly posted a picture on Facebook that was viewed as offensive to Islam, according to Muslim residents in the village. The attackers were Muslim residents in the village, known to the victims.
5/21/2016Violence in Minya Results in Injuries, Burned Homes, and Dragging of Coptic WomanMultipleVillagersArson/BurningAssaultPersonal Property0200Abu QurqasMinyaEgyptViolence erupted in al-Karam village of Abu Qurqas, Minya on May 21, 2016 after news surfaced of an alleged romance between a Muslim woman and a Coptic man. According to reports, hundreds of Muslims gathered outside of the Coptic man's home and set a fire, which then led to further violence that affected the homes of Muslims and Christians in the village. Two persons were injured in the violence and seven homes and a storage unit were burned. Three days after the incident, the Coptic man's mother (Soad Thabet) submitted an official complaint in which she described how she was stripped naked, dragged into the street, and beaten during the violence. Police ignored the initial complaint made by the mother, Souad Thabet, and initially dismissed it as a rumor, throwing her and her family out of the station; the Governor of Minya also reportedly denied the assault. UPDATE on January 15, 2017: The case against three men who stripped and dragged Soad Thabet has been thrown out for lack of evidence (court case no. 23668 of 2016); a second case against the men who burned homes is ongoing. Her son is also still being prosecuted for the alleged affair with his Muslim neighbor's wife, the rumor that led to the conflict in the first place. UPDATE on February 17, 2017: The case against three men who attack Soad Thabet was reopened after a successful appeal by Thabet's lawyers.
6/27/2016Four Coptic Homes Burned Amidst Rumors of Church Construction in Samalout6/30/2016ChristianVillagersArson/BurningMobbingPersonal Property00019SamaloutMinyaEgyptOn June 27, 2016, around 300 Muslim villagers gathered around the home of Coptic farmer Ayoub after rumors surfaced that he intended to turn his home into a church in Kom al-Lofi, Samalout. On June 30, three days later, similar rumors continued to surface, villagers again gathered, resulting in the burning of four Coptic homes. No injuries were reported. Security is reportedly present in the village. UPDATE: On July 7, 2016, 19 defendants had their detention renewed for 15 days.
7/15/2016Five Coptic Homes Burned Amidst Rumors of Church Construction in Minya7/15/2016ChristianVillagersArson/BurningMobbingPersonal Property0000MinyaMinyaEgyptOn July 15, 2016, extremists in the village of Abu Yaacoub in Minya attacked and burned the homes of at least five local Copts amidst false rumors of a church construction. The homes burned were those of Istamalik Youssef Istamalik, Youhanna Youssef Istamalik, Abdel Mallak Saleeb, Ibrahim Khalil, and Waheed Wadee Farag.
7/22/2016Homes of Copts in Beni Suef Attacked Amidst Rumors of Church Construction7/22/2016ChristianVillagersMobbingAssaultPersonal Property0000al-FashanBeni SuefEgyptAmidst rumors that a Coptic man intended to convert one level of his home into a church, villagers gathered after Friday prayers in Saft al-Kharsah in al-Fashan, Beni Suef to chant, mob, and attack a number of Coptic homes, among them the home under construction. After the attacks occurred, police reportedly cordoned off the area to secure the nearly 50 Coptic families living in the village. According to one source, at least seven Coptic homes were damaged in the incident.
8/18/2016Fields of Two Copts in al-Karam Village in Abu Qurqas, Minya Set on Fire 8/18/2016ChristianUnknownArson/BurningPersonal Property0000Abu QurqasMinyaEgyptThe fields of two Copts (Wagih Qasid and Fadl Saad) were set on fire by unknown assailants in al-Karam village in Abu Qurqas, Minya. The fire lasted between approximately 1:30 am and 4:30 am, creating significant damage and destroying roses, hay, palm trees, and livestock among other things. Al-Karam witnessed violence earlier in May 2016 over an alleged romance between a Muslim woman and a Christian man; in that incident, various homes were burned and an elderly woman was beaten and dragged in the street. The two Copts whose land was damaged in the incident at hand were also affected by the May incident.
11/25/2016Fifteen Coptic Homes Attacked by Mob in SohagChristianNon-State ActorArson/BurningLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0028Dar al-SalamSohagEgyptOn November 25, 2016, a mob attacked and burned a number of Christian homes in Naghamish Village in Sohag over a rumor that a community guest house was turned into a church. Fifteen homes were damaged in the attack and several injured. Fourteen of those who had been arrested were referred to prosecution over charges of inciting riots and forming a mob. Senior officials from the province came to participate in reconciliation dialogues in addition to members of parliament, community elders (representatives of well-known local families), and Coptic and Muslim clerics.
1/30/2017Christian Supermarket Owner Killed in Arish1/30/2017ChristianNon-State ActorShootingPersonal Property1000ArishNorth SinaiEgyptOn January 30, 2017, a Christian supermarket owner was attacked and shot dead in his own store by three masked gunmen. His killers reportedly fled to the olive orchards south of the city.
2/1/2017Several Christian Houses Robbed In SohagChristianNon-State ActorLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000GirgaSohagEgyptSeveral houses, all owned by Christians, have been robbed in a village in Sohag. Security cameras at one of those houses showed a man named Hani Saber breaking into the house. The police have allegedly not taken any action yet despite the victims' reports.
2/6/2017Copts Of Kom al-Lofi, Samalout Denied Electricity ChristianState ActorGovernment ActionPersonal Property0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptOn February 6, 2017, Copts in the village of Kom al-Lofi in Minya announced that they would protest gainst the city's refusal to connect their restored houses to electricity. Several houses, owned by Christians, were burnt during a sectarian strife in June 2016 (ID 442 in Eshhad Database). After restoring the houses, the city of Samalout refused requests to connect them to electricity.
3/1/2017Four Coptic Owned Factories Burned in Alexandria3/1/2017ChristianNon-State ActorArson/BurningPersonal Property0000AmiriyaAlexandriaEgyptIn February 2017, four Coptic owned factories were burnt down in Alexandria. Security cameras caught two people breaking into one of the factories right before it was burnt last week.
4/13/2017Christians Attacked and Their Homes Burned Down For Praying in a House in Kom al-Lofi, Minya4/14/2017ChristianNon-State ActorAssaultArson/BurningPersonal Property04015SamaloutMinyaEgyptOn April 13, 2017, sectarian clashes broke out in the village of Kom al-Lofi in Samalout, Minya. The village's christians were reported to have been permitted to pray in a house in the village; due to the house's size, many worshippers stood outside of the house. Several Muslim neighbors were allegedly aggravated by this and attacked by threw rocks at them. Reports say that the clashes left four christians wounded and four houses burnt. UPDATE: As reported in an NPR piece on June 14, 2017, at least two men are being detained under suspicion of having burned four of the seven homes, with the seven homes being an increase from the four that were previously reported.
8/14/2014Thirteen Coptic Villages Lose Electricty8/14/2014ChristianNon-State ActorLooting/Destruction of PropertyPersonal Property0000SamaloutMinyaEgyptOn August 14, 2014, power was cut off to thirteen mostly Coptic villages in Samalout, Minya after an alleged terrorist attack on a power substation in Dafash. A spokesman for the electricity utility said that "two Muslim Brotherhood terrorists targeted an electricity tower" while another blamed "unknown terrorist elements."