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8/14/2013Bible Society in Assiut Burned8/14/2013ChristianUnknownArson/BurningInstitution0000AssiutAssiutEgyptThe Bible Society on al-Gomhorreya Street in Cairo was attacked and burned,-schools,-institutions,-shops-torched-by-the-Muslim-Brotherhood-in-the-last-three-days-28764.html
8/14/2013The Library of the Bible Society in Cairo Burned8/14/2013ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyInstitution0000AbdeenCairoEgyptThe Bible Society on al-Gomhorreya Street in downtown, Cairo was attacked and burned.
8/14/2013Young Mens Christian Association in Minya Attacked Twice Fully Destroying the Property8/14/2013ChristianUnknownArson/BurningInstitution0000MinyaMinyaEgyptThe YMCA in Minya was attacked twice. First, three men approached the YMCA the first time and shattered the glass. The second time a man on a motorcycle drove by and threw a molotov cocktail at the entry of the center and a several men shot a machine gun at the Copts in the YMCA. The Copts ran to a neighboring house and the attackers poured gasoline all over the floor in the Center and lit it on fire. Prior to burning it, the attackers looted the Center stealing 250 chairs, television sets, a cupboard, and two network receivers. Total losses are estimated at 3 million Egyptian pounds.
8/14/2013Offices of the Evangelical Foundation & Oum al-Nour Attacked and Burned in Minya8/14/2013ChristianUnknownArson/BurningInstitution0000MinyaMinyaEgyptAssailants attacked and burned the offices of the Evangelical Foundation.,-schools,-institutions,-shops-torched-by-the-Muslim-Brotherhood-in-the-last-three-days-28764.html
8/14/2013Soldiers of Christ Orphanage Attacked and Burned in Minya8/14/2013ChristianUnknownArson/BurningInstitution0000Minya MinyaEgyptAssailants burned the Soldiers of Christ Orphanage in Minya City.
8/14/2013Jesuit Association Attacked and Burned in Minya8/14/2013ChristianUnknownArson/BurningInstitution0000Minya MinyaEgyptAssailants burned the Jesuit Association Center in Minya City.
8/14/2013Orthodox Orphanage Attacked and Burned in Minya8/14/2013ChristianUnknownArson/BurningInstitution0000MinyaMinyaEgyptOrthodox orphanage was attached and burned
8/14/2013Friends of the Bible (Coptic NGO) Attacked and Burned8/14/2013ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyInstitution0000FayoumFayoumEgyptThe Coptic NGO, Friends of the Bible, was attacked and burned.
8/14/2013Jesuit Theatre Attacked in Minya8/14/2013ChristianUnknownLooting/Destruction of PropertyInstitution0000Minya MinyaEgyptThe Jesuit Theatre Attacked
8/14/2013Bible Society in Minya Burned8/14/2013ChristianUnknownArson/BurningInstitution0000MinyaMinyaEgyptBible Society in Minya Burned
4/30/2015Sharqiya Preschool Shut for Shi'a Teachings4/30/2015Shi'aGovernmentGovernment ActionInstitution0000Kafr SaqrSharqiyaEgyptA preschool in Sangaha in Kafr Saqr, Sharqiyya has been shut by the authorities for allegedly teaching Shi'a religious principles. The legal registration status of the preschool is still being contested.
5/6/2015Egypt's Ministry of Social Solidarity to Investigate Alleged Shi'a NGOs5/6/2015Shi'aMinistry of Social SolidarityCriminal InvestigationInstitution0000AllAllEgyptThe Ministry of Solidarity decided to form a committee to investigate the validity of some NGO’s who allegedly perform Shi'a practices. The head of the central administration of the NGO’s within the ministry, Khaled Sultan, told Youm7 that the committee had been formed upon a decree from Minister Ghada Waly, and if there is any NGO that preforms or promotes Shi'a Islam, either the board or the whole NGO will be dissolved upon consultation with the NGO's Federation.
5/6/2015Complaint Filed to Close Shi'a Channels in Egypt5/6/2015Shi'aMinistry of Social SolidarityCriminal InvestigationInstitution0000AllAllEgyptThe Coalition of the Companions and Family of the Prophet, announced that a complaint had been filed to the General Prosecutor requesting that approximately twenty-two Shi'a channels on satellite tv, NileSat be closed.
10/10/2015SAT-7 Studio Subjected to Search and Equipment Confiscation, Director Temporarily Detained10/11/2015ChristianGovernmentPolice ActionLegal ActionInstitution0001CairoCairoEgyptOn October 10, officers from Egypt's Censorship Department came to the Cairo SAT-7 studio, a Christian satellite television network, with a search warrant and removed equipment, including cameras and computers used for editing. Farid Samir, the Office Director, was detained for 6 hours. Samir now faces four charges related to the operation of a satellite television channel without the necessary licences. On October 11, a preliminary hearing was held at the Prosecutors' Office; an upcoming hearing will determine whether the case will go to trial. The SAT-7 team states that its Cairo office is a program production facility and not a satellite broadcast center and thus, does not need the licenses claimed to be required by the Egyptian authorities. UPDATE: On January 28, 2016, the authorities in Egypt returned all confiscated equipment to the SAT-7 studio in Cairo, more than three months after its seizure by the country’s Censorship Police. The equipment was received back in good condition. SAT-7 still does not know why the Censorship Department removed all the equipment. Throughout the last three months, most of Sat-7's activities were halted due to limited resources - No live shows were running and relatively few programs recorded.
8/31/2014Thugs Prevent Building of Coptic Services Center in Shubra8/31/2014ChristianThugsPrevention of RenovationInstitution0000Shubra al-KheimaQalyubiaEgyptOn August 31, 2014, pastor Shaker Adel, the priest of St. Mark's church in Shubra, spoke out on the repeated prevention of the church's attempt to build a social services center on an empty plot of land that it purchased in 2002. He says that the church has obtained all the necessary permits from the government and has all the necessary maps and documents but that every time construction work begins on the building, "armed thugs arrive within two hours" and harass and assault the works, insisting that they are building an illegal church.
6/9/2016Coffeeshops Raided in Agouza to Enforce Ramadan Fast During the Day6/9/2016MultipleState ActorDiscriminationLooting/Destruction of PropertyInstitution0000AgouzaGizaEgyptYasser Farag, government representative and vice president of the suburb of Azouga, Giza, launced a campaign on June 9, 2016 to raid coffee shops to enforce fasting during Ramadan. The raids confiscated 177 chairs, 50 tables, and 25 Shishas, in a number of cafes in KitKat, on al-Alamein Street. Police reports and other necessary procedures have been filed against the coffee shop owners.
7/27/2016Copts in Greater 15 May Region Receive Threats Regarding Church-Affiliated Services Building7/28/2016ChristianLocal ExtremistsThreatInstitution000015 MayCairoEgyptThe Pastor of the Zarayib May Church in the Greater 15 May area issued a public SOS to authorities after mounting threats were made against them by extremists who expressed their intent to burn a church-affiliated services building and attack local Copts in the area. Since the SOS, security has reportedly arrested four individuals accused of inciting to violence and cordoned off the area.